Published: 2018-01-06

Fire Fighting Robot

Kirti Kadam, Aayushi Bidkar, Vaishnavi Pimpale, Dhanashree Doke, Rachana Patil

Pages No. 23383-23485

Abstract 2779  | PDF 4201 

Review On: Detection of Spam Comments Using NLP Algorithm

Miss Rohini D.Warkar, Mr.I.R. Shaikh

Pages No. 23386-23489

Abstract 758  | PDF 861 

Finit element solution of Poisson Equation over Polygonal Domains using a novel auto mesh generation technique and an explicit integration scheme for linear convex quadrilaterals of cubic order Serendipity and Lagrange families

H. T. Rathod, Md.Shafiqul Islam, Bharath Rathod, K. Sugantha Devi

Pages No. 23329-23482

Abstract 643  | PDF 316 

Review on EM-CURE Algorithm for Detection DDOS Attack

Miss Priyanka P. Narode, Prof I.R. Shaikh

Pages No. 23386-23489

Abstract 687  | PDF 412 

Minimizing of current harmonics for electrical power system station by controlled current source

Dr. Jaber Ghaib Talib

Pages No. 23395-23498

Abstract 426  | PDF 200 

A Constructive System Forgetting as part of Case-Based Reasoning

Abdulmajid H. Mohamed, Ilham Salem Ben-salem, Hanan Ettaher Dagez

Pages No. 23399-23504

Abstract 615  | PDF 176 

The Odd Generalized Exponential Type-I Generalised Half Logistic Distribution: Properties and Application

M. Vijaya Lakshmi, G.V. S. R. Anjaneyulu

Pages No. 23505-23516

Abstract 625  | PDF 283 

Data Mining techniques for prediction of Type-2 Diabetes

Shital Chattar, Varsha Deshmukh, Smita Khade, Deepa Abin, Dr. Rajeswari

Pages No. 23517-23520

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