Blind equalizers may be implemented with linear prediction error filters (LPEF) but the delay (D) cannot be controlled with onestep predictors to minimize the mean square error (MSE). Consequently, multi-step prediction error filters (MSPEF) has been suggested as a solution to the problem. In this paper, a blind equalizer composed of the Godard algorithm (CMA) cascaded with MSPEF is proposed (CMA_MSPEF), and we extract the optimum value of step for multi-step prediction blind equalizer. Simulation results show comparable improvements of the proposed equalizer relative to the LPEF or the MSPEF equalizers with optimum step.


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Issue: Vol 6 No 12 (2017)
Page No.: 22264-22275
Section: Articles

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Badran, M. .S. T. (2017). Optimum Step for multistep prediction blind equalizer. International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science, 6(12), 22264-22275. Retrieved from http://ijecs.in/index.php/ijecs/article/view/2563

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