Published: 2017-11-01

A Review: Fingernail Images for Disease Detection

Rajivkumar Mente, S. V. Marulkar

Pages No. 22830-22835

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Abstract 278  | PDF 836 

Location Values -Based Services Based On Geo-Document on User Search Recommendation

K. VaraPrasad, Dr Jammi Ashok

Pages No. 22844-22847

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Abstract 178  | PDF 95 

Review Paper on Text mining and Sentimental analysis

Jyoti Sharma, Gurvinder Singh, Ankur Sharma

Pages No. 22854-22857

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Abstract 209  | PDF 132 

Microservices Maturity Model

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, Tirumala Khandrika

Pages No. 22861-22864

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Abstract 254  | PDF 1276 

Water Level Monitoring and Controlling Using Bluetooth in Agriculture

S. Muthukumaran, M.Dinesh kumar, V.Panneer Selvam

Pages No. 22865-22868

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Abstract 284  | PDF 364 

Database Management System Using Index efiltering In Information Retrival System

B. Jhansi Rani, B. Krishna

Pages No. 23059-23063

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Abstract 174  | PDF 84 

A Customized Ranking Procedure for Selecting Federated Cloud Provider

D. Maria Manuel Vianny, M. Aramudhan

Pages No. 23077-23082

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Abstract 148  | PDF 78 

Big Data Analysis: A Review

Chaitanya Singh, Md. Arsh Saifi

Pages No. 23083-23088

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Abstract 283  | PDF 141 

Growth Rates in Algorithm Complexity: the Missing Link

Dana Vrajitoru

Pages No. 23089-23094

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Abstract 215  | PDF 107 

A New Blind Equalization Algorithm for Improving the Channel Equalized Performance

Mohammad .S. T. Badran

Pages No. 23095-23101

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Abstract 271  | PDF 74 

A Brief Review On The Application Of Polynomial Splines To Quadrature In One And Two Dimensions

H.T. Rathod, K.V. Vijayakuma, A.S. Hariprasa, H. Y. Shrivalli

Pages No. 23107-23191

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Abstract 324  | PDF 88 

REAL: Multi-Label Learning with Relevant Feature for Each Label

Jianjun Yan, Rui Guo

Pages No. 23194-23198

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Abstract 183  | PDF 104 

Containerized Microservices architecture

M.V.L.N. Venugopal

Pages No. 23199-23208

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Abstract 600  | PDF 918 

Designing Ideal Task Partitioning Scheduling Model In Distributed Computing Scenario

Maninderjit Singh Khanna, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani

Pages No. 23219-23223

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Abstract 252  | PDF 93 

Wavelet Packet and Deep Forest based Objective Auscultation in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jianjun Yan, Rui Guo, Yiqin Wang

Pages No. 23233-23235

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Abstract 215  | PDF 117 

IOT based control of DC traction motor

Akanksha ,, Shubham Kathuria

Pages No. 23236-23239

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Abstract 174  | PDF 715 

Buried Target Parameter Characterization for Handheld Ground Penetrating Radar

Suki Dauda Sule

Pages No. 23240-23242

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Abstract 135  | PDF 100 

A relationship between happiness and life expectancy in breast cancer

Fatemeh Soudagary, Aref Naseri, Sariyeh Moghtader Arbatsofla

Pages No. 23229-23232

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Abstract 154  | PDF 86