Published: 2017-11-01

A Review: Fingernail Images for Disease Detection

Rajivkumar Mente, S. V. Marulkar

Pages No. 22830-22835

Abstract 455  | PDF 1111 

Magnetic Engine Magnetic head to head collision repulsive piston engine (MHCRPE)

Ravi kumar S N

Pages No. 22836-22843

Abstract 502  | PDF 214 

Location Values -Based Services Based On Geo-Document on User Search Recommendation

K. VaraPrasad, Dr Jammi Ashok

Pages No. 22844-22847

Abstract 332  | PDF 121 

Measurement of Colour Shade Variation & Colour Strength for Uniform Colour using LAB Space Model for Computer Generated Images

Suhas R. Desai, Vishal Patil

Pages No. 22848-22853

Abstract 356  | PDF 97 

Review Paper on Text mining and Sentimental analysis

Jyoti Sharma, Gurvinder Singh, Ankur Sharma

Pages No. 22854-22857

Abstract 341  | PDF 157 

Parallelization of Least Significant Bit Algorithm for Image Steganography in GPU using CUDA

Sabareesh K, Divya M

Pages No. 22858-22860

Abstract 329  | PDF 243 

Microservices Maturity Model

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, Tirumala Khandrika

Pages No. 22861-22864

Abstract 385  | PDF 1650 

Water Level Monitoring and Controlling Using Bluetooth in Agriculture

S. Muthukumaran, M.Dinesh kumar, V.Panneer Selvam

Pages No. 22865-22868

Abstract 474  | PDF 488 

Finite element solution of Poisson Equation over Polygonal Domains using a novel auto mesh generation technique and an explicit integration scheme for nine node linear convex quadrilateral of Lagrange family.

H. T. Rathod, Md.Shafiqul. islsm, H. Y. Shrivalli, Bharath Rathod, K. Sugantha Dev

Pages No. 22869-23058

Abstract 514  | PDF 107 

Database Management System Using Index efiltering In Information Retrival System

B. Jhansi Rani, B. Krishna

Pages No. 23059-23063

Abstract 351  | PDF 115 

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems Based Clustering Approach For Wireless Sensor Networks

Vishalatchi Selvara

Pages No. 23064-23071

Abstract 341  | PDF 267 

Research and implementation of Docker performance service in distributed platform

Liu Lijuan

Pages No. 23072-23076

Abstract 377  | PDF 559 

A Customized Ranking Procedure for Selecting Federated Cloud Provider

D. Maria Manuel Vianny, M. Aramudhan

Pages No. 23077-23082

Abstract 302  | PDF 113 

Big Data Analysis: A Review

Chaitanya Singh, Md. Arsh Saifi

Pages No. 23083-23088

Abstract 457  | PDF 168 

Growth Rates in Algorithm Complexity: the Missing Link

Dana Vrajitoru

Pages No. 23089-23094

Abstract 370  | PDF 194 

A New Blind Equalization Algorithm for Improving the Channel Equalized Performance

Mohammad .S. T. Badran

Pages No. 23095-23101

Abstract 472  | PDF 128 

Identifying Wastages and Calculating SMV through Work Sampling Study in Sewing Section

Faruk Ahmed

Pages No. 23102-23106

Abstract 509  | PDF 836 

A Brief Review On The Application Of Polynomial Splines To Quadrature In One And Two Dimensions

H.T. Rathod, K.V. Vijayakuma, A.S. Hariprasa, H. Y. Shrivalli

Pages No. 23107-23191

Abstract 594  | PDF 118 

REAL: Multi-Label Learning with Relevant Feature for Each Label

Jianjun Yan, Rui Guo

Pages No. 23194-23198

Abstract 337  | PDF 134 

Containerized Microservices architecture

M.V.L.N. Venugopal

Pages No. 23199-23208

Abstract 939  | PDF 1165 

Investigating The Relationship Linking Self Management Of Learning And M-Learning (SAAS Model) Adoption In Higher Learning Institutions: A Case Of Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi.

Zihisire Muke Patient, Dr. Collins Oduor Ondiek, Dr. Bonface Ngari Ireri

Pages No. 23209-23218

Abstract 387  | PDF 112 

Designing Ideal Task Partitioning Scheduling Model In Distributed Computing Scenario

Maninderjit Singh Khanna, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani

Pages No. 23219-23223

Abstract 431  | PDF 136 

Data-Level Parallel Approaches for the H.264/AVC: A Review from the Encoder and the Decoder Perspectives

Mohammed Faiz Aboalmaaly

Pages No. 23224-23228

Abstract 297  | PDF 105 

Wavelet Packet and Deep Forest based Objective Auscultation in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jianjun Yan, Rui Guo, Yiqin Wang

Pages No. 23233-23235

Abstract 367  | PDF 148 

IOT based control of DC traction motor

Akanksha ,, Shubham Kathuria

Pages No. 23236-23239

Abstract 344  | PDF 941 

Buried Target Parameter Characterization for Handheld Ground Penetrating Radar

Suki Dauda Sule

Pages No. 23240-23242

Abstract 283  | PDF 121 

A relationship between happiness and life expectancy in breast cancer

Fatemeh Soudagary, Aref Naseri, Sariyeh Moghtader Arbatsofla

Pages No. 23229-23232

Abstract 267  | PDF 110