Published: 2018-01-05

Intelligent hybrid detection and mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in SDN

Douglas Omuro Makori, Seckin Ari

Pages No. 22243-22249

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Abstract 171  | PDF 176 

Ranking Radically Association Among Users On Web Forum

Ms. Ghule Kiran Bharat , Prof. R. L. Paikrao (HOD)

Pages No. 22250-22254

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Abstract 97  | PDF 80 

Socio-economic Determinants of Age at First Marriage of Rural Women: A Statistical Analysis

Shamima Aktar,, Samiran Mondal, Md. Akram Hossain, Md. Harun Rashid

Pages No. 22255-22260

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Abstract 92  | PDF 205 

Review of Selection Methods in Genetic Algorithms

Nisha Saini

Pages No. 22261-22263

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Abstract 127  | PDF 2095 

Optimum Step for multistep prediction blind equalizer

Mohammad .S. T. Badran

Pages No. 22264-22275

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Abstract 56  | PDF 82 

Cloud System for Software Testing

AsmaaYaseen Hamo, Hasan Isam AlNuri

Pages No. 22288-22293

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Abstract 94  | PDF 89 

Socio and Demographic Determinants of Neonatal Mortality in Bangladesh

Md. Maniruzzaman , Md. Jahanur Rahman , S.K Bhattacharjee ,, Sayedur Rahman, Aminul Hoque, Ayub Ali

Pages No. 22294-22301

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A Study of Visualizing Social Network Data.

Bugga Bharath kumar, Perika Kalanwesh, D.Hima Bindu

Pages No. 22302-22307

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Abstract 113  | PDF 83 

Review of Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment

Anju ,

Pages No. 22308-22311

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Abstract 55  | PDF 396 

Big Data Mining approach to E-governance: Mining Census data for enhanced citizen centric policy making

Smita Khot, Pranav Ghildiyal, Prasanna Dubey, Mitali Patil, Pooja Matere

Pages No. 22312-22314

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Abstract 117  | PDF 90 

Emerging Technology of Rule Based Expert System for Crimes against Women Laws in Indian judicial system

Prof. J.S. Jadhav, Dr. K.M. Nalawade, Dr. M.M. Bapat

Pages No. 22315-22319

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Abstract 81  | PDF 126 

Assessment of Public Awareness and Interest on Establishment of EGovernment in Nigeria

Abdullahi Yusuf Egwoh ,, Emmanuel Amano Onibere ,, Philip Oshiokhaimhele Odion

Pages No. 22320-22328

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Abstract 76  | PDF 64