Jamming is one of the most dangerous Pre-arranged disturbance attacks in wireless medium. This attack with wireless
transmission is used as a launch pad for rising Denial-of-Service attacks on wireless networks. Usually, electronic jamming has
been reportable as AN external threat model. We tend to take into account a sophisticated soul WHO is conscious of network
secrets and also the implementation details of network protocols at any layer within the network stack. The soul uses his internal
information for launching jam attacks within which specific messages of “high importance” are targeted. To diminish such forms
of attacks, we tend to develop 3 schemes that forestall classification of transmitted packets in real time. Our schemes suppose the
joint thought of crypto graphical mechanisms with PHY-layer attributes. However during this technique it doesn't prevent the
important time packet classification. So, we tend to propose swarm based mostly defense technique for electronic jamming attacks
in wireless sensing element networks. Swarm intelligence algorithmic program is capable to regulate amendment in topology and
traffic. In channel hoping technique, the transmitter and receiver alter the channels so as to remain far away from the transmitter.