Published: 2018-01-01

A Study on Semantic Web Mining And Web Crawler

S.Balan, Dr.P.Ponmuthuramaling,
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Abstract 114  | PDF 120 

Development of Inventory Database System Using Radio Frequency Identification

N. Ishak, N. A. Ali, A. S. Ja’afar , S. H. Husin N. M. Z. Hashim,
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Abstract 230  | PDF 72 

Achieving Anonymity and Traceability in Wireless Networks

R. Manasa, Annapurna, G.Sowmya,
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Abstract 107  | PDF 58 

Contrast Enhancement Image Fusion With Using Gaussian Filter

Mandeep Kaur, Navpreet Singh,
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Abstract 112  | PDF 18 

Energy-Efficient Strategies for Cooperative Multichannel MAC Protocols

P.V.Naga Lakshmi B.Sasmitha C.Rama Krishna,
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Abstract 119  | PDF 26 

Iris Segmentation and Recognization Using Log Gabor Filter and Curvelet Transform

K.Sathiyaraja, M.Dhineshkumar, N.Thiyagarajan,
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Abstract 312  | PDF 255 

Recommendation Diversity using Optimization Techniques and Ranking Method

S.Manimekalai, V.Kathiresan, P.Sumathi,, S.Manimekalai, V.Kathiresan, P.Sumathi,
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Abstract 109  | PDF 28 

Load Balancing Parallel Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

M.Selladevi, P.Krishnakumari,
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Abstract 106  | PDF 27 


1Rahul Ramakrishna, Rajeswari Seshadr,
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Abstract 208  | PDF 203 


Anu Rathi, Pulkit Narang, Sachin Kumar Rai, Mohita Aggarwal Meghna Kalra,
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Abstract 112  | PDF 127 

Network Coding as an Efficient Technique of Transmitting Data

Khundrakpam Johnson Singh, Usham Sanjota Chanu,
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Abstract 326  | PDF 35 

Graphical Password or Graphical User Authentication as Effective Password Provider

Khundrakpam Johnson Singh, Usham Sanjota Chanu,
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Abstract 233  | PDF 354 

Paradigm shift for Project Managers in Agile Projects

Vakalanka Sai Phani Chandu Bharani Manapragada
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Abstract 203  | PDF

Security Analysis Using Batch Verification Scheme

S.Alonshia, K.Ravikumar,
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Abstract 272  | PDF 23 

Software Product Development—an Approach Using Scrum

Vakalanka Sai Phani Chandu, Bharani Manapragada
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Abstract 331  | PDF 18 

Harmonics Compensation of HAPF with Adaptive Fuzzy Dividing Rule

Mr.Polisetti Sudheer, \ Dr.S.Satyanaraya,
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Abstract 103  | PDF 23 

A Survey on LSB Based Steganography Methods

M. Pavani, S. Naganjaneyulu, C. Nagaraju,
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Abstract 338  | PDF 73 

Leakage Power Reduction by Using Sleep Methods

Vinay Kumar Madasu, B Kedharnath,
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Abstract 319  | PDF 35 

Power Efficient, High Performance SRAM array in 90nm CMOS Process

Ajay Kumar Singh, Mah Meng Seong,
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Abstract 104  | PDF 49 

Sensitive Data Storage in Wireless Devices Using AES Algorithm

Anjali Patil, Rajeshwari Goudar,
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Abstract 322  | PDF 22 

User Access Control for Online Social Networks

Narayana Naidu Pachava, Sd. Akthar P. Babu,
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Abstract 89  | PDF 41 

Implementation of Saurp for Mobile Network

Krishna Sowmya Chinta, SD Afzal Ahmed P. Babu ,
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Abstract 103  | PDF 25