Published: 2019-03-30

Improve Efficiency of Extreme Learning Machine based on Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization Method

Yuwen Pan Zhan Wen, Yahui Chen, Wenzao Li

Pages No. 24491-24501

Abstract 622  | PDF 145  DOI

A New Approach to Autogeneration of Finite Element Meshes Over Curved Domains with Boundary Defined by Polar Equations

H.T. Rathod, Bharath Rathod, K. Sugantha Devi, K.V. Vijayakumar

Pages No. 24502-24574

Abstract 517  | PDF 95 

Framework For Lossless Data Compression Using Python

Manas Malik

Pages No. 24575-24585

Abstract 935  | PDF 909  DOI