Published: 2018-01-02

An Approach to Implement Map Reduce with NoSQL Databases

Ashutosh Singh Chauhan, Anjali Kedawat, Pooja Parnami
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Abstract 102  | PDF 147 

Real-Time GPS/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System

Mohammed Baqer M. Kamel
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Abstract 744  | PDF 81 

Impact of Cloud Based Services on Mental Health

Brijesh K. Upadhayay, Dr. Vaibhav Bansal
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Abstract 218  | PDF 53 

A Novel Approach For Medical Image Fusion Based On NSCT Theory

Yaduru Shilpa Pg Student , Dr. P. Abdul Khayum Professor
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Abstract 189  | PDF 85 

Forestalling Against Data Breaching

Gautam Chaturvedi , Shubha Chaturvedi , Minal Agarwal
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Abstract 219  | PDF 41 

Watermarking For Digital Content- A SURVEY

I.Kalaivani , R.R.Bhavani
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Abstract 224  | PDF 37 

Study of Cryptography and Steganography System

Md. Khalid Imam Rahmani, Mr.Amit Kumar Goyal, Manisha Mudgal
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Abstract 264  | PDF 34 

Macs of Traction

K.Sandee, K.Sathish Kumar m.Tech
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Abstract 232  | PDF 33 

A 16-Core Processor with Shared-Memory and Message-Passing Communications

Shaik Mahmed basha, G.Nageswararao,(phD)
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Abstract 346  | PDF 67 

Efficient Incremental Clustering of Documents based on Correlation

A.Devender, B.Srinivas, A.Ashok
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Abstract 255  | PDF 27 

Assessment Of Computer Managed Instruction For IMO State University, Nigeria

Ekwonwune Emmanuel Nwabueze, Ibebuogu Chinwe, Sam Ekeke Doris, Ayiam Chukwuma
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Abstract 96  | PDF 39 

Design of a Sun Tracker with Position Display

Anindita Sinha, Moushumi Das, Jayashree Singha
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Abstract 172  | PDF 201 

LTE-Advanced communication using in Femtocells Perspective

bhupendra Kumar, dr. Ganesh Prasad , madhuresh Kumar
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Abstract 361  | PDF 93 

Review Paper on Various Data Hiding Techniques

Ramandip singh, sukhmeet kaur
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Abstract 145  | PDF 42 

An Algorithmic approach to improve Network Performance for 1G-EPON

Dr. Vibhakar Shrimali, Dr. Sibaram Khara, Mr. Abhishek Gaur
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Abstract 93  | PDF 32 

Space Time Block Codes With Spatial Modulation

P.V.N.Lekhya (M.Tech) , D.R.Srinivas, M.S., (Ph.D)
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Abstract 149  | PDF 113 

Inter frame Video Duplication Forgery Detection: A Review

Harmanpreet Kaur, Manpreet Kaur
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Abstract 216  | PDF 31 

A Rational Approach on Model Based Slicing

Tamanna , Dr. Sukhvir Singh
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Abstract 127  | PDF 24 

A Review of Web Forum Crawling Techniques

Priyanka Bandagale, Dr.Lata Ragha, Atiya Kazi
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Abstract 269  | PDF 267 

Interactive Dustbin

Krutika Agrawal
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Abstract 328  | PDF 52 

Resourceful Power Aware Routing Protocol in MANET

Shakti Arora, Ayushi
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Abstract 122  | PDF 25 

Multidimensional Image Compression

M. S. Narayanan
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Abstract 76  | PDF 28 

FRDMS For Fuzzy Querying Based On GEFRED Model

Annu Rani , Sandeep Jaglan
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Abstract 366  | PDF 30 

Comparison of AOMDV With and Without Black Hole Attack

Ritika Sharma, Bhawna Singla
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Abstract 73  | PDF 141 

Public Sentiment Interpretation On Twitter - A Survey

R.Urega, Dr.M.Devapriya
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Abstract 127  | PDF 33 

A study on Task Scheduling Algorithms in Grids

W.Viyakulamary, T.Kokilavani
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Abstract 118  | PDF 27 

A Review on Energy Efficient Clustering Techniques in WSN

Amanjot kaur, Navreet Kaur, and Ap Diviya Bharti
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Abstract 81  | PDF 66 

Reconfigurable Modified Viterbi Decoder For A WiFi Receiver

Y.Radhika, G.Mukesh,M.Tech
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Abstract 73  | PDF 37 

Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System

Sk.Riyaz, K.Sathish Kumar M.Tech,
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Abstract 129  | PDF 42 

Implementation of Interface between AXI and DDR3 memory Controller for SoC

Onteru Sreenath, Syed kareemsaheb Associate Prof.
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Abstract 363  | PDF 104 

Handful Trends in the Banking Security

Deepa Malviya
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Abstract 147  | PDF 47 

A Review on HTTP Streaming Strategies in Media Streaming

Hina Rani, Er.khushboo Bansal
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Abstract 129  | PDF 66