Published: 2018-01-02

Impacts of Television Serials on Tamil Rural Women: A Data Mining Case Study of Theni District

K. Sujitha, R. Shantha Mary Joshitta, B. Nivetha,
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A Novel Ber Analysis Approach For Different Modulation Schemes For Conventional And Wavelet Based Ofdm System

Rakesh Pathak (PG Scholar) k.Narender, Dr. B.R.Vikram Ph.D,
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Abstract 144  | PDF 32 

Increasing Coverage in Wireless Mesh Networks: Mobile mesh networks

F Mr. Basavantraya, Mr. Kiranbabu T S,
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Abstract 315  | PDF 37 

Cloud and Virtualization: Interdependency

Anu Gupta, Dr. R.B.Garg,
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Abstract 161  | PDF 32 

Web Based Spatial Query System for Decision Making

Alfisha Khan, Vinod M Bothale , K.Subba Reddy,
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Abstract 510  | PDF 101 

Secure Transmission of Data Using DNA Technology

Soumya V. , Vastrad,
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Abstract 396  | PDF 68 

Lung Cancer Identification Using CT Images

Sunanda Biradar Kavya Agalatakatti,, Sunanda Biradar Kavya Agalatakatti,
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Abstract 222  | PDF 124 

Wavelet based denoising of brain MRI images

Sujata Desai, Lubna.M.Kazi,
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Abstract 157  | PDF 50 

Cloud ‘As -a- Service

Anu Gupta,
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Abstract 146  | PDF 48 

Design of Wireless Variable Gesture Control For Mobile Devices

1Ch.Supriya, R.Prashanthi, M.Tech
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Abstract 159  | PDF 30 

Quality Of Experience In Remote Virtual Desktop Services

P.Lakshmi, S.Himabindu,
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Abstract 200  | PDF 48 

Kindiling And Perception Of Qr-Images Using Raspberry-PI

1P.V.Vinod Kumar, K.Dhanunjaya, M.Tech
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Abstract 211  | PDF 197 

Text Mining using Ontology based Similarity Measure

Atiya Kazi, D.T.Kurian,
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Abstract 204  | PDF 155 

Exploiting a Protocol at network frame to avoid packet failure

Ms.Jayashree Yadannavar, Ms.Chandrakala Patil
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Abstract 227  | PDF 28 

Minimizing Time Complexity based on Parallel Processing using RNS for Audio

Divya Jennifer Dsouza, Radhakrishna Dodmane,
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Abstract 169  | PDF 42 

AID for Narcolepsy People

S.Arunodhayan, S.Srivatsan, B.Sumathy,
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Abstract 157  | PDF 58 

Reactive Power Compensation In Distribution Systems Using SAPF

Mandeep Paposa, Mr. Shailendra Kumar Verma
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Abstract 209  | PDF 27 

Abnormality Detection in Kidney Ultrasound Imaging

Prema T. Akkasalgar Shruti S. karakalmani
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Abstract 335  | PDF 297 

Acoustic Analysis of voice samples to differentiate Healthy and Asthmatic persons

Khushboo Batra , Swati Bhasin , Amandeep Singh
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Abstract 224  | PDF 40 

Pitch, Formant Frequencies, Intensities as Speech Cue to preceived age

Tarunam Chaudhary Sawati Bhasin, Saloni
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Abstract 102  | PDF 145 

Multidomain Optimised Hidden Web Crawler

Khushboo Gupta , Ankush Goyal
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Abstract 336  | PDF 24 

To Study the Nonlinear Effects Related To PAPR and PAS in Wireless System

Rajvansh Sehamby , Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra
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Abstract 544  | PDF 52 

Optimized Distributed Association Mining (ODAM) Algorithm for detecting Web Robots

Akshata Dilip Jagtap, Prof. Vijayalaxmi Kadroli
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Abstract 171  | PDF 36 

Classification of underwater objects using acoustic techniques

Pooja Gavande Dr. R.S. Kawitkar, , M. Selva Balan
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Abstract 346  | PDF 149 

A Survey of Military Application of Wireless Sensor Networks For Soldiers

Farkhonde Khakestani , Saeed balochian
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Abstract 181  | PDF 433 

Recognition Of Indian Currency Note Using Grid Technique

Sneha Talikoti1 , Prof S.S.Panchal
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Abstract 150  | PDF 55 

WSN Based Cluster Head Fault Tolerance Mechanism

J.Rajprabaharan .
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Abstract 279  | PDF 32 

Information Security with the help of MLMS and HLSB

Ms. Ekata S. Bele, Prof. Chetan Bawankar
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Abstract 344  | PDF 30 

Enhance Distribution of Load in Cloud

Rashi Saxena, Tarun Gupta
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Abstract 108  | PDF 49 

Bank Cheque Identification and Classification using ANN

Savita Biradar , S.S.Panchal
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Abstract 149  | PDF 641 

Survey of Routing Protocols in MANET

Tejeswara Raju V Vineeth V , Sneha R, Suhas Chadha
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Abstract 203  | PDF 33 

Design Of Embedded Virtual System By Using Human Machine Interaction (HMI)

Tiyyagura. Sneha , M. Kezia Aruna Jyoth
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Abstract 226  | PDF 57 

Optimization Of Cmos Circuits By Using Quaternary Logic LUT

V.Narasimhulu, K.V. Bhanu Prasanth, C.Md.Aslam
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Abstract 213  | PDF 27 

A Review on Annotation Process

Sabna N S, Jayalekshmi S
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Abstract 372  | PDF 27 

Assessing Version Consistency by Identifying systematic Code Changes during Runtime

P.Swapna Shankar , P.Niranjan, P.Shireesha
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Abstract 101  | PDF 40 

Cloud Database Storage Model by Using Key-as-a-Service (KaaS)

J.Sivaiah , Dr.K.Venkataramana
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Abstract 188  | PDF 61 

Smart Home System Control Using GSM

A.C.Kaveri, T.Jyothi
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Abstract 109  | PDF 62 

Investigation of The Effect Of Water-Cement Ratio On The Modulus Of Rupture Of Concrete

Onwuka. D. Oa, Awodiji C.T.Gb and Onwuka, S.U
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Abstract 539  | PDF 243 

Improving Classification Accuracy Using Weighted Multiple Regression

Sonali S. Salunke, Swati Deshpande
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Abstract 402  | PDF 104 

Probabilistic Determination of Class for an Unbalanced Dataset

Samadhan B. Patil, Vaishali Ghate Dhanashree Tarodmalle
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Abstract 186  | PDF 68 

A Review on image compression technique

Er. Sonia Er. Jujhar Singh
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Abstract 569  | PDF 59 

Efficient Design Of Binary Adders Using Cellular Automata

G.Divya, Mr. S.Venkata Kiran
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Abstract 93  | PDF 68 

An Efficient FPGA Implementation Of Multifunction Residue Architectures

Chembeti silpa, G.Mukesh,, M.Tech
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Abstract 110  | PDF 54 

Evaluation of Energy Efficient Low Power Listening MAC Protocols in WSN

Komaldeep Kaur, Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra
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Abstract 117  | PDF 33 

Review on Security Issues of SaaS Clouds

Ritesh Mahendra Ahire Prof.Ganesh Kadam
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Abstract 151  | PDF 52 

A Survey on Techniques of Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Madhuri Unde, Borkar Bharat
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Abstract 396  | PDF 29 

Dealing With Concept Drifts In Process Mining Using Event Logs

Maddu. Uma Lavanya , Mr. Sunil Kumar Talluri
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Abstract 177  | PDF 62 

Challenges of Big Data: Current Analysis

Mr. A. Jamaludeen Mr. C. Senthil Kumaran Ms. R. Suriya
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Abstract 156  | PDF 73 

A Study on Weibull Distribution for Estimating the Reliability

Dr. P. K. Suri , Parul Raheja
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Abstract 993  | PDF 445 

Anonymous Routing Protocols in MANETs - A Survey

Sethulekshmi C G, Manoj Kumar G
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Abstract 381  | PDF 73 

Contrast Enhancement Detection on Digital Images - A Survey

Geethu N Nadh, Sreelatha S.H
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Abstract 180  | PDF 99 

Comparative Analysis of Different Technique for Detection of Noise in Restored Image

Puneet Kaushik Mridul Chawla * Gyanender Kumar
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Abstract 487  | PDF 91 

A Novel Human Opinion Dynamics Based Optimization for Software Cost Estimation

Kriti Changle, Nisha Singh Sumit Kumar Bola
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Abstract 199  | PDF 29 

M-Commerce: A Revolution in E-Business

Kumari Seema Rani Pratibha Yadav
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Abstract 571  | PDF 132 

Text Watermarking Approaches for Copyright Protection

Gagandeep kaur, Sukhwinderbir .
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Abstract 106  | PDF 23 

“Study of Performance Enhancement and Optimizing Various Parameters of Lateral IMOS”

Mr.Hira lal Dhruw Mr.Ravi Mohan , Mr.Divyanshu Rao
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Abstract 353  | PDF 44