Published: 2017-12-30

Understanding Captcha: with its types,for security

Sonali S. pawar, Prof. Pravin P. Kalyan
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Abstract 637  | PDF 226 

Impact of Marker Width to Optimize Fabric Cost of Garments

Md. Rafiqul Islam Manik , Ishrat Jahan
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Abstract 315  | PDF 361 

Blackhole Detection and Prevention Strategies in DTN

Rakhi Sharma and Dr D.V Gupta
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Abstract 243  | PDF 99 

Prevention of MANET from Co-Operative Black Hole Attacks

M.Dhipa , G. Kiruthika, K. Gayathiri N. Rajkumar
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Abstract 210  | PDF 40 

Compression of Medical Images by Integer Wavelet Transform

Anushree Srivastava ,Narendra Kumar Chaurasia
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Abstract 344  | PDF 36 

Healthcare Data Clustering with Summary Analysis under Multiple Databases

Dr. C. Kalaiselvi, Ph.D., Ms.Ramya.D
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Abstract 153  | PDF 69 

A Review on Clinical Data Mining

Taranath N.L,Dr. Shantakumar b Patil Dr. Premajyothi Patil Dr. C.K. Subbaraya
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Abstract 225  | PDF 188 

Performance Analysis of Non-uniform Filter Bank with Equi ripple Band pass Filter

K. Sumanth, S Nagakishore Bhavanam., B. Bhaskara Rao
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Abstract 204  | PDF 42 

Various Issues & Challenges of Load Balancing Over Cloud: A Survey

Palak Shrivastava Sudheer Kumar Arya , Dr. Priyanka Tripathi
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Abstract 629  | PDF 107 

Differentially Private Utility Item Mining

Ms. Chanchal Rathi, Mr. J. Ratnaraj Kumar
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Abstract 399  | PDF 61 

Image Compression - An Overview

Jagroop Singh .
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Abstract 190  | PDF 172 

Literature Survey on Wireless Sensor Network

Neha Singh, Kamakshi Rautela
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Abstract 472  | PDF 597 

A New Approximated To the Natural Intelligence Decision Tree

Olga Popova , Dmitry Romanov, Marina Evseeva
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Abstract 142  | PDF 139 

Green IT: A Key to a Better Future

Ramen Barman, Partha Pratim Bezbaruah
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Abstract 155  | PDF 40 

Grid Base Cluster Aproach for Detection Of Sinkhole Attack in WSN

Rupali Prajapati, Nitin Manjhi
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Abstract 140  | PDF 81 

A Comprehensive Survey of Content Based Image Retrieval Techniques

S.Banuchitra, Dr.K.Kungumaraj
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Abstract 347  | PDF 497 

Effect Of Combination Of Different Features On Speech Recognition For Abnormal Speech

Ms. Yogita A. More Mrs. S. S. Munot(Bhabad)
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Abstract 127  | PDF 117 

Retina Recognition Using Support Vector Machine

Bhargavi Singh, Binay Binod
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Abstract 156  | PDF 88 

Analysis of Web base applications testing using mutant

Solanke Vikas* Prof. Shyam Gupta
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Abstract 159  | PDF 42 

Simulation of Black Hole Attack in Manet

Chinky Jain * PardeepTyagi
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Abstract 564  | PDF 184 

A Review on Plant Leaf Classification and Segmentation

Lakhvir Kaur , Dr. Vijay Laxmi
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Abstract 439  | PDF 401 

Automatic Generation of Coverage tests for System Programs

Chaturvedula Pratyusha, Naveen Kumar, K. Rajasekhar
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Abstract 161  | PDF 69 

Shotcreting in Tunnels

Chandan Mehra 1, Dr. P. Saritha, Manoj KUMAR
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Abstract 476  | PDF 836 

Adaptive control for MIMO nonlinear systems based on PID neural networks

Tamer A. Al Zohairy , Khaled S. Salem
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Abstract 216  | PDF 52 

Survey and Comparison of Classification Algorithm for Medical Image

Sweety Maniar, Jagdish S. Shah
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Abstract 180  | PDF 50 

A Survey on Energy Efficient, Secure Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yogeesh A C, Dr. Shantakumar B Patil, Dr. Premajyothi Patil
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Abstract 558  | PDF 110 

Selection and Maintenance of Materialized View Using Genetic Algorithm

Ramesh s. Gawali , Prof. Mrunali Vaidya
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Abstract 92  | PDF 55 

Multi-Dimensional Student's Result Analytical Processing For Tertiary Institutions

Amanze B.C, Amaefue I.A, Etim I.O, Dennis M.C
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Abstract 138  | PDF 131 

Scheduling Algorithms in Big Data: A Survey

Nagina, Dr. Sunita Dhingra .
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Abstract 245  | PDF 74 

MM-Wave Planner Antenna For Wireless Communication

Vrishali M. Patil, Shubhangi N. Ghate
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Abstract 272  | PDF 94 

Wireless Communication Based High Speed Spy Bot

Shubhangi N. Ghate, Vrishali M. Patil, Monika Rajkumar, Surekha Dudhale , Pallavi Goswami, Kiran Mhaskar
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Abstract 199  | PDF 203