Published: 2017-12-30

A Review on Various Techniques of Image Compression

aManju Devi, bUma Mehta
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Abstract 129  | PDF 206 

Approach on Face Recognition & Detection Techniques

aParveen kumar , bDoulat singh
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Abstract 485  | PDF 385 

LTE Network Structure, QoS Considerations, Bearers and Interfaces

Husham Ibadi, R. S. Kawitkar
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Abstract 384  | PDF 744 

A Review on RSA Encryption Algorithm

Shaina Garg1, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Rana2
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Abstract 700  | PDF 145 

Design of Tunable Method for PID Controller for Higher Order System

G. Umamaheshwari1, M. Nivedha2 J. Prisci Dorritt3
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Abstract 143  | PDF 92 

Explicit Parallel Instruction Computing

Pranjal Mathur .
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Abstract 674  | PDF 87 

Brain Computer Interface applications and classification techniques

T. Shashibala, Bharti W. Gawali
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Abstract 327  | PDF 67 

A study on least square fit for outlier detection

T.Jagadeeswari1, Dr.H.Venkateswara Reddy
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Abstract 241  | PDF 131 

Mining Educational Data To Analyze The Performance Of Infrastructure Facilities Of Gujarat State

Divya R. Jariwala1, Heta Desai2 , Samiksha H. Zaveri3
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Abstract 924  | PDF 80 

Clustered Key Management Scheme to Maximize Life of Wireless Sensor Networks

K Vimal Kumar Stephen1¬ , Mathivanan V2
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Abstract 720  | PDF 45 

Review on Various Data Mining Approaches on Smart Phone

Rajbir Singh, Divya Garg
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Abstract 815  | PDF 33 

A Personalized Ontology Model For Web Mining Using Instance Matching

Madhuri S. Pawar1, K. V. Metre2
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Abstract 676  | PDF 29