Published: 2017-12-30

Innovations By Internet Of Things

Manvendra Yadav, Sonia Kumari

Abstract 226  | PDF 79 

A Review On Efficient Privacy Preserving And Secure Data Integrity Protection In Regenerating Coding Based Multi-Cloud Storage

Supriya Sahare, Prof. Fazeel I. Z. Qur

Abstract 613  | PDF 49 

I2mapreduce: Fine-Grain Incremental Processing In Big Data Mining

Miss Mugdha A. Kulkarni , Prof I.R.Shai

Abstract 627  | PDF 53 

Enhanced Security In Data Transmission In Wireless Sensor Network Using Randomized Path

M Uma, M Uma, Dr. A Senthil Kumar

Abstract 217  | PDF 76 

Analysis Of Genetic Crossover Techniques Based On Roulette Wheel Selection Algorithm And Steady State Selection Algorithm

G.S.Geethamani¹, Dr M.Mayilvaganan

Abstract 257  | PDF 93 


P.Vanitha¹, Dr M.Mayilvaganan

Abstract 263  | PDF 709 

Survey Paper On Bandwidth Estimation For Video Streaming

Sumant Deo, Parth Fotedar2, Deven Ramani3 Ranjan Khadilkar4 ,Mrs. Nilam S. Patil5

Abstract 303  | PDF 149 

Review On An Approach To Infer User Search Goals

Manjushree V. Manwatkar 1, Mrs. Arti Wag

Abstract 223  | PDF 46 

A Survey On Outlier Detection Technique In Streaming Data Using Data Clustering Approach

Mr. Mukesh K. Deshmukh Prof. A. S. Kapse

Abstract 226  | PDF 166 

Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval Using Combination Of Dominant-Color, Shape And Texture Features And K-Means Clustering

Bhagyashri Amrutkar Lokesh Singh

Abstract 502  | PDF 137 

An Implementation Of IPC Using Direct Thread Switching

Dongha Shin, Sunghoon Son, Eunyoung Kim

Abstract 255  | PDF 138 

Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior

Divya makkar , Mohinder Malhotra

Abstract 323  | PDF 201 

Evaluate The Asphalt Pavement Performance Of Rut Depth Based On Intelligent Method

Raed Ibraheem Hamed , Zana Azeez Kakara

Abstract 845  | PDF 53 

Object Tracking In Images And Videos

Prof. Shweta K. Talmale, Prof. Nitin J. Janwe

Abstract 736  | PDF 103 

Design And Analysis Of High Speed, Low Power And Area Efficientdct Architecture For Multimedia Applicationsimplemented Oncadence 180nm

Aman kumar, K Ravi kiran, Dr ASrinivasula Reddy M. Sarojini

Abstract 251  | PDF 70 

Wireless Sensor Network

Rabiya hanfi , Yogesh rai

Abstract 243  | PDF 1330 


George Rowland Otoko Morris Imaitor Isima Joshua Oyebode

Abstract 281  | PDF 35 

Some High Degree Gauss Legendre Quadrature Formulas for Triangles

H.T. Rathod a* , K. Sugantha Devi

Abstract 262  | PDF 313 

Video Surveillance And Monitoring System For Examination Malpractice In Tertiary Institutions

Amanze B.C , Ononiwu C.C , Nwoke B.C , A

Abstract 610  | PDF 968 

A Paradigm for Active Database Management Systems

Manvendra Yadav , Manvendra Yadav , Sonia Kumari

Abstract 255  | PDF 77 

To Find the Comparison of Non-Split Domination Number, The Average Distance and The Diameter of Circular-Arc Graphs

Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah*, B. Radhamma, K. Ramakrishna2 ,M.Reddappa

Abstract 575  | PDF 54 

A Survey on Covert photo Classification.

Vrushali C Bhadane, N.K.Zalte

Abstract 286  | PDF 48 

Emerging Technologies For Big Data Processing: NOSQL And NEWSQL Data Stores

Deepika Aggarwal, Roopam, Sonika

Abstract 245  | PDF 261 

Urban road network analysis of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Using GIS Idhoko K.E, Ndiwari, E. L., Ogeh, V. C., & Ikegbulam, S. C.

Idhoko K.E, Ndiwari, E. L., Ogeh, V. C., & Ikegbulam, S. C.

Abstract 276  | PDF 685 

Sequential Implementation of Web Content Mining Using Data Analysis in Online Sales Domain

Dr.S.P.Victor*, Mr. M. Xavier Rex

Abstract 290  | PDF 70 

Predicting Risk for Evaluating Eligible Students using Multi-Dimensional

Dr. K. Kavitha

Abstract 260  | PDF 35 

Modular Implementation of Neural network Structures in Marketing Domain Using Data Mining Technique

Dr.S.P.Victor* C.RajKumar

Abstract 252  | PDF 34 

Comparison and Analysis of Document Stored Databases

Shriram Sharma, Atul Chaudhary

Abstract 334  | PDF 57 

Off-Line English Character Recognition with Geometric Discretization

Bayan Omar Muhammed , Zana Azeez Kakara

Abstract 188  | PDF 79 

An efficient “3 phase 4 channel AC energy meter” with automatic load control and automated billing using GSM

Nikhilesh Chauhan , Prof. Mahesh Navale

Abstract 203  | PDF 61