Medical image fusion is the procedure of enlisting and joining various images from single or different imaging modalities to enhance the imaging quality and lessen irregularity and repetition with a specific end goal to expand the clinical appropriateness of medicinal images for analysis and appraisal of restorative issues. Multi-modular medical image fusion calculations and gadgets have demonstrated remarkable accomplishments in enhancing clinical exactness of choices in view of restorative images. This audit article gives an accurate posting of techniques and compresses the wide experimental difficulties confronted in the field of restorative image fusion. We describe the medical image fusion exploration in light of (1) the generally utilized image fusion routines, (2) imaging modalities, and (3) imaging of organs that are under study. This survey reasons that despite the fact that there exists a few open finished mechanical and experimental difficulties, the fusion of restorative images has ended up being valuable for propelling the clinical dependability of utilizing medical imaging for medicinal diagnostics and investigation, and is an exploratory order that can possibly fundamentally develop in the impending years.