Visual cryptography (VC) schemes encrypt a secret image into two or more cover images, general access structures for grayscale called shares. The secret image can be reconstructed by stacking the shares together, In extended visual cryptography, the share images are constructed to contain meaningful cover images, thereby providing opportunities for integrating visual cryptography and biometric security techniques. Visual cryptography is a secret sharing scheme which uses images distributed as shares such that, when the shares are superimposed, a hidden secret image is revealed. Color visual cryptography (VC) encrypts a color secret message into n color halftone image shares. Previous methods in the literature show good results for black and white or gray scale VC schemes, however, they are not sufficient to be applied directly to color shares due to different color structures. This paper introduces the concept of visual information pixel (VIP) synchronization and error diffusion to attain a color visual cryptography encryption method that produces meaningful color shares with high visual quality.