Published: 2018-01-06

Fire Fighting Robot

Kirti Kadam, Aayushi Bidkar, Vaishnavi Pimpale, Dhanashree Doke, Rachana Patil

Pages No. 23383-23485

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Review On: Detection of Spam Comments Using NLP Algorithm

Miss Rohini D.Warkar, Mr.I.R. Shaikh

Pages No. 23386-23489

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Abstract 638  | PDF 724 

Review on EM-CURE Algorithm for Detection DDOS Attack

Miss Priyanka P. Narode, Prof I.R. Shaikh

Pages No. 23386-23489

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A Constructive System Forgetting as part of Case-Based Reasoning

Abdulmajid H. Mohamed, Ilham Salem Ben-salem, Hanan Ettaher Dagez

Pages No. 23399-23504

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Abstract 521  | PDF 149 

The Odd Generalized Exponential Type-I Generalised Half Logistic Distribution: Properties and Application

M. Vijaya Lakshmi, G.V. S. R. Anjaneyulu

Pages No. 23505-23516

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Abstract 509  | PDF 238 

Data Mining techniques for prediction of Type-2 Diabetes

Shital Chattar, Varsha Deshmukh, Smita Khade, Deepa Abin, Dr. Rajeswari

Pages No. 23517-23520

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