Published: 2019-05-12

Design of a web – based online Contract Administrative System platform of an Engineering firm

Emmanuel Nwabueze Ekwonwune, Duru Ngozi A., Uka Kanayo K.

Pages No. 24612-24620

Abstract 450  | PDF 81  DOI

Extracting Business Rule from existing COBOL programs for Redevelopment

Emmanuel Nwabueze Ekwonwune, Egwuonwu Deborah I

Pages No. 24621-24628

Abstract 430  | PDF 145  DOI

Analytical Assessment of Poultry Feed Production in Animal Husbandry

Emmanuel Nwabueze Ekwonwune, Edebatu Dominic C..

Pages No. 24629-24644

Abstract 433  | PDF 567 

Analytical Assessment Of The Negative Impacts Of Marijuana Smoking On Human Population

Emmanuel Nwabueze Ekwonwune, Dennis Mary C.

Pages No. 24645-24654

Abstract 416  | PDF 66 

Data Mining on 5G Technology IOT

Kranthi K Lammatha

Pages No. 24655-24660

Abstract 610  | PDF 106  DOI