Published: 2018-12-03

Real world learning ideas for effectively tutoring the basic concepts of data structure.

Arun Padmanabhan

Pages No. 24419-24421

Abstract 647  | PDF 196 

Design and Implementation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse

Arshad Gulzar

Pages No. 24422-24429

Abstract 500  | PDF 176 

Network Security Enhancement using CTI and Log Analysis

Ravi Kumar, Parvesh Kumar Chaudhary

Pages No. 24430-24432

Abstract 448  | PDF 211 

An Efficient power utilization approach with secure data transmission to maximize the life time of wireless sensor network with the help of duty cycle mechanism

Bhagyashree A V, Khaja Moinuddin

Pages No. 24433-24438

Abstract 472  | PDF 160 

Lung Cancer Feature Selection using Minimum Spanning Tree Based Clustering.

Kadam Pallavi R., Dr. Satish Kumar Varma

Pages No. 24439-24447

Abstract 524  | PDF 139 

Analysis of Different Data Analytics Tools

suhani Jain

Pages No. 24448-24450

Abstract 302  | PDF 133