Published: 2018-07-04

Using CRIU with HPC Containers Field Experience

Alexey Vasyukov, Katerina Beklemysheva

Pages No. 24106-24108

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An An efficient adaptive neuro-fuzzy system based attack detection technique for VANETs

Manpriya Kaur, Dr. Tejpreet Singh

Pages No. 24109-24118

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The study on Data Warehousing

Sumita mukherjee, Maryanne Gichuhi

Pages No. 24130-24151

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Realization of 3D Electromagnetic and Thermal Analyzes of the Autotransformer by Finite Elements Method

Yıldırım ÖZÜPAK, Mehmet Salih MAMİŞ

Pages No. 24152-24157

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Abstract 117  | PDF 357