Published: 2018-03-03

Survey on Finding of Admissible Information and Influential Users

Sharik Ahmad, Dr. M. Mazhar Afzal, Dr. Umesh Chandra

Pages No. 23669-23673

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Abstract 406  | PDF 143 

Severity Analysis of Macular Edema using Random Tree Classifier

Deepthi K Prasad, Vibha L, Venugopal K R

Pages No. 23674-23679

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Abstract 405  | PDF 119 

Two-Wheeler Safety System for Accident Prevention, Detection and Reporting

Priyanka C, Priya Darshini C, Vinayak G Shavi, Sarvar Begum

Pages No. 23680-23682

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Abstract 882  | PDF 1126 

Agriculture Robotics

G. Tejaswani, Afroz. B, Shruthi. Y, Sunitha .S

Pages No. 23683-23685

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Abstract 1068  | PDF 346 

Pattern Identification and Predictions in Data Analysis

Mrs.M. Sasikala, Ms.D. Deepika, Mr.S.Shiva Shankar

Pages No. 23686-23691

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Abstract 688  | PDF 156 

Scope and Challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) in Kashmir

Pala, M. Maqbool

Pages No. 23692-23696

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Abstract 541  | PDF 106 

A Text Recognizing Device For Visually Impaired

G. Tejaswani, Afroz. B, Sunitha. S

Pages No. 23697-23700

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Abstract 769  | PDF 438 

Survey on Effect of Multimodal Interface on Senior Citizen

Aleena Susan Mathew, Vidya . N

Pages No. 23701-23704

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Abstract 266  | PDF 84 

Review on Logic Encryption Strategy Ensuring Key Interdependency

M. Padmaa, S. Divyadarshini, M. Keerthana, T.S. Mohana Parameswari, K. Mohana Priya

Pages No. 23705-23711

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Abstract 390  | PDF 90 

Survey on Cloud Based IP Traceback Authentication Framework

Aswathy T, Misha Ravi

Pages No. 23712-23715

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Abstract 513  | PDF 101 

Recommender Framework for Sentimental Analysis using l-injection

P. Deepa, D.Eva Roshini, V.Dhivya Bharathi, S. Bhuvaneswari

Pages No. 23716-23721

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Abstract 244  | PDF 80 

Military Based Security System Using Raspberry Pi

S. Kavitha, S.R.Kamali Varshini, Mrs.P. Vijayalakshmi
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Abstract 1399  | PDF 175 

Simulation of Quasi Cascaded H-Bridge Five-Level Boost Inverter

M. Devika, M. Sundaraperumal, M.Valan Rajkumar

Pages No. 23727-23736

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Abstract 525  | PDF 338 

Survey of Routing Protocols under Realistic Mobility and Traffic

Suman Kumar Shriramoju, Dr.N. Satyanarayana

Pages No. 23737-23741

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Abstract 131  | PDF 77 

Survey of new attack models on Cloud Infrastructure

Har Preet Singh

Pages No. 23742-23752

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Abstract 586  | PDF 133 

Accident Detection for Automobiles Switch and Buzzer

Sharath Kumar K, Kavitha Juliet

Pages No. 23753-23754

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Abstract 260  | PDF 296 

A Big Data Based Edge Detection Method for Image Pattern Recognition - A Survey

S. Dhivya, Dr.R. Shanmugavadivu

Pages No. 23755-23760

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Abstract 434  | PDF 87 

Neural Network based Handwritten Character Recognition system

Savitha Attigeri

Pages No. 23761-23768

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Abstract 5514  | PDF 406 

String Matching Algorithms

Mukku Bhagya Sri, Rachita Bhavsar, Preeti Narooka

Pages No. 23769-23772

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Abstract 663  | PDF 112 

Modeling and Simulation of 27- Level Hybrid H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for PV System

S. Priyanga, M.Valan Rajkumar

Pages No. 23773-23780

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Abstract 253  | PDF 176 

Homomorphic Encryption Using Enhanced BGV Encryption Scheme For Cloud Security

S.V.Suriya prasad, K. Kumanan

Pages No. 23785-23789

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Abstract 393  | PDF 272 

Design Of Wireless Sensor Networks For IOT Application : A Challenges and survey

Mr.K. Muruganandam, Dr.B. Balamurugan, Dr.Sibaram Khara

Pages No. 23790-23795

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Abstract 1163  | PDF 319 

Philosophy of dividing the Computer Science into Several fields

Wafaa Ahmad Bazzi

Pages No. 23796-23805

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Abstract 299  | PDF 61