Published: 2018-02-05

Soft-Computing: A Fundamental Approach in Analyzing Big Data

Ejiofor C. I, Mgbeafuluike .I .J

Pages No. 23521-23525

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Abstract 298  | PDF 171  DOI

Office Automation for Industrial Business (AUTO ME)

Priya Surana, Pooja Karbhari, Pooja Rathod, Smita Sawant, Madhura Vibhute

Pages No. 23531-23534

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Abstract 259  | PDF 275  DOI

Identification and Detection of Missing RFID Tags using RUN Protocol

Ankita Jade, Nikita Bhirud, Gauri Patwari, Ankita Vaste

Pages No. 23531-23534

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Abstract 222  | PDF 178  DOI

Internet of Things in Vehicle Safety – Obstacle Detection and Alert System

D. Umakirthika, P. Pushparani, M.Valan Rajkumar

Pages No. 23540-23551

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Abstract 655  | PDF 510  DOI

Building Software Component Architecture Directly from User Requirements

Badamasi Imam Ya’u, Muhammed Nura Yusuf

Pages No. 23557-23566

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Abstract 289  | PDF 86  DOI

Color Attenuation Prior (CAP) for Single Image Dehazing

Miss. Anjana Navale, Prof. Namdev Sawant, Prof. Umaji Bagal

Pages No. 23578-23584

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Abstract 297  | PDF 112  DOI

Design Technique of High-pass Filter using different window

Manira Khatun

Pages No. 23585-23589

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Abstract 228  | PDF 298 

An Android Mobile Application for Guide to Terrorism

Y. M. Malgwi, L. Mathias, L.J. Muhammad

Pages No. 23632-23638

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Abstract 334  | PDF 88  DOI