Published: 2018-02-05

Soft-Computing: A Fundamental Approach in Analyzing Big Data

Ejiofor C. I, Mgbeafuluike .I .J

Pages No. 23521-23525

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Abstract 567  | PDF 200 

CONDENZA:A System for Extracting Abstract from a Given Source Document

Mgbeafulike .I .J, Ejiofor C. I

Pages No. 23526-23530

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Abstract 578  | PDF 170 

Office Automation for Industrial Business (AUTO ME)

Priya Surana, Pooja Karbhari, Pooja Rathod, Smita Sawant, Madhura Vibhute

Pages No. 23531-23534

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Abstract 393  | PDF 397 

Identification and Detection of Missing RFID Tags using RUN Protocol

Ankita Jade, Nikita Bhirud, Gauri Patwari, Ankita Vaste

Pages No. 23531-23534

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Abstract 528  | PDF 234 

Internet of Things in Vehicle Safety – Obstacle Detection and Alert System

D. Umakirthika, P. Pushparani, M.Valan Rajkumar

Pages No. 23540-23551

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Abstract 974  | PDF 636 

A Survey for Analyzing & Preventing of Gray-hole Attack Minimization for OLSR Based Network

Bobby K Simon, Anjana P Nair

Pages No. 23551-23556

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Abstract 289  | PDF 189 

Building Software Component Architecture Directly from User Requirements

Badamasi Imam Ya’u, Muhammed Nura Yusuf

Pages No. 23557-23566

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Abstract 766  | PDF 127 

A Fault Tolerant Scheme for Detecting Overflow in Residue Number Microprocessors

Agbedemnab P. A., Agebure M. A., Akobre S.

Pages No. 23578-23587

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Abstract 323  | PDF 136 

Color Attenuation Prior (CAP) for Single Image Dehazing

Miss. Anjana Navale, Prof. Namdev Sawant, Prof. Umaji Bagal

Pages No. 23578-23584

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Abstract 581  | PDF 169 

Design Technique of High-pass Filter using different window

Manira Khatun

Pages No. 23585-23589

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Abstract 565  | PDF 562 

Survey on Multi-Hop Communication To Enhance The Efficiency Of Sensor Node in WSN

Piyush Mahajan, Navjeet Saini, Deepak Kumar

Pages No. 23590-23595

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Abstract 350  | PDF 156 

Attitude towards Computers among Primary School Teachers in Kenya: A Case of Siongiroi Divison, Bomet County

Paul K. Rotich, Richard K Ronoh, Joseph M Mubichakani

Pages No. 23596-23605

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Abstract 574  | PDF 129 

Using Semi-Supervised Learning in Cellular Automata for Edge Detection of Image Segmentation

Draiya A. Alaswad, Yasser F. Hassan

Pages No. 23613-23619

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Abstract 600  | PDF 146 

Performance Analysis of KNN on Different Types of Attributes

R.Nancy Beaulah

Pages No. 23628-23631

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Abstract 690  | PDF 112 

An Android Mobile Application for Guide to Terrorism

Y. M. Malgwi, L. Mathias, L.J. Muhammad

Pages No. 23632-23638

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Abstract 464  | PDF 115 

Prediction of Indian petroleum product prices by using Kalman Filter based Neural Networks

Kiran Zaidi, Ahsan Z Rizvi, Prof. Gaurav Khanna

Pages No. 23639-23641

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Abstract 336  | PDF 199 

Reducing Fragmentation via Exploiting Backup History and Cache Knowledge Granting Security

Anushka Padyal, Kshitija Kank, Anuja Kale

Pages No. 23642-23647

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Abstract 356  | PDF 70 

A Performance Evaluation of Attribute Extraction Technique for the Analysis of Sentiment

G. Divyaprathi, Prof.S. Kuppuswami

Pages No. 23653-23655

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Abstract 277  | PDF 75 

Feature Selection for Opinion Mining Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

S.M. Hemalatha, C.S. Kanimozhi Selvi

Pages No. 23656-23662

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Abstract 711  | PDF 157 

Real Time DC Motor Speed/Position Control with Bluetooth Communication

Seda Postalcıoğlu, Yasin Çağlar Alişiroğlu

Pages No. 23663-23668

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Abstract 420  | PDF 356