Published: 2017-09-01

Structural and Thermal Analysis of Honda CB Unicorn Disc Brake Using Solid Works and Ansys

Vishal Gupta , Krishna Damania , Mayank Dubey3, Kritharth Chaturvedi

Abstract 394  | PDF 512 

Cloud computing in the field of education

Manoj Chopra

Abstract 608  | PDF 198 

A Systematic Literature Review on Diabetes Diagnosis Management System (DDM-SYS)

F.M. Okikiola* , A.M. Mustapha, O.A. Akinade , E.O. Adeleye , C.Y. Alonge

Abstract 655  | PDF 858 

Design a Low Power Zigbee based smart energy Metering

Amrinder kaur, Manwinder Singh,

Abstract 687  | PDF 293 

Mining of Retail Transactional Data for Revealing Seasonal Facts

Darshna B. Rajput

Abstract 676  | PDF 441 

Predicting whether songs will be hit using Logistic Regression

Abhishek Chowdhury, Sidhyant Tejas, Thirunavukkarasu K

Abstract 840  | PDF 458 

Cloud Robotics: Its Industrial Automation Implementation And Challenges

Hitashu Kanjani

Abstract 841  | PDF 113 

West Indian Folk Music Analysis

Mrs. Gauri Chetan Deshpande

Abstract 943  | PDF 261 

Offline Signature Verification System for Bank Cheques Using Zernike Moments, Circularity Property and Fuzzy Logic

Ashok Kumar. D and Dhandapani. S *

Abstract 1034  | PDF 267 

Analysis and Modeling of a Five- Level Inverter

Smrati Singh , Arpit Varshnry

Abstract 711  | PDF 1013 

Review on various scheduler used by Hadoop framework

Usha Rani , Anurag Rana, Sahil Barjtya

Abstract 1076  | PDF 138 

Review Paper on Big Data Tools and Techniques

Gurvinder Singh , Anurag Rana, Joyti

Abstract 774  | PDF 145 

Parallelizing A* Path Finding Algorithm

Soha S. Zaghloul, Hadeel Al-Jami , Maha Bakalla , Latifa Al-Jebreen , Mariam Arshad, Arwa Al-Issa

Abstract 839  | PDF 2425 

Design and Analysis of Hybrid Solar Vehicle

Thombare Shreyash Shripad

Abstract 1040  | PDF 514 

A Secure Framework for Messaging on Android Devices with Honey Encryption

Rasmita Sahu , Shajid Ansari

Abstract 729  | PDF 250 

User Awareness of Privacy Concerns Posed by the Use of mHealth Apps

J.I. Apuru , D.R. Andembubtob , A.K Dodo

Abstract 710  | PDF 130 

Analysis of Dynamic Buffer Management Approaches in Mobile Ad hoc network

Surbhi Kushwah, Mr. Upendra Dwivedi

Abstract 713  | PDF 125 

Edge Detection using Average filter & Thresholding

Saloni Lamba , Paru Raj

Abstract 962  | PDF 290 

Measurement of Network Delay between Two Internet Hosts Using Mininet

Baby Praska K, K.Syama Sundara Rao , B.N.Swamy

Abstract 700  | PDF 242 

A survey on Number plate recognition systems

Trapti Bhadoriya, Mr. Lovenish Sharma

Abstract 858  | PDF 616