Published: 2017-10-01

Data Mining and its Techniques

Hardik Uppal

Pages No. 22537-22544

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Abstract 683  | PDF 120 

ETL Data conversion: Extraction, transformation and loading Data conversion

Gajare Harikishan Prakash, Prof. S. P. Rangdale

Pages No. 22545-22550

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Abstract 643  | PDF 650 

An Affricative Finger Print Feature Extraction Using Diagnostic Approach

Ekatha D, Khaja Moinuddin

Pages No. 22559-22566

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Abstract 800  | PDF 83 

Sentiment Ontology Analysis in Pharmacovigilance – A Review

P. Rajalakshmi, Dr.S.P. Rajagopalan

Pages No. 22567-22579

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Abstract 659  | PDF 172 

Secure Data Storage over Cloud Using Content Features Processing

Shaikh Sufiya, Prof.Asmita Deshmukh, Prof.Ankit Sanghvi, Prof.Ashwini Sagar

Pages No. 22580-22589

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Abstract 689  | PDF 205 

A Comparative Analysis of Various Images in Bio Medical Using Artificial Neural Networks

S. Sandhiya, Dr.Y. Kalpana

Pages No. 22590-22601

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Abstract 538  | PDF 168 

Analytical Approach on Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks under Security Attacks

IR Saidu, MZ Haruna, MM Isa

Pages No. 22602-22611

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Abstract 448  | PDF 78 

Allocation of Resources Dynamically in Cloud Computing Environment Using Virtual Machines

Mr. Ligade Sunil Subhash,, Dr. K.P. Thooyamani

Pages No. 22612-22616

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Abstract 697  | PDF 84 

Hop Onset Network: Adequate Stationing Schema for Large Scale CloudApplications

Nagalakshmi Batchu, Nagi Setty A

Pages No. 22616-22626

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Abstract 292  | PDF 79 

Data Mining in Bigdata using RCDC Clustering Algorithm

B NagaLakshmi, Nagi Setty A

Pages No. 22797-22801

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Abstract 267  | PDF 79 

Digi-Med plus System Using Internet of Things (IoT)

Nagalakshmi Batchu, Nagi Setty A

Pages No. 22802-22805

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Abstract 339  | PDF

Optimizing Processing of Multiple Queries

Shilpa M. Hanchinal, Rashmi R. Rachh

Pages No. 22806-22812

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Abstract 267  | PDF 158 

Mobile Digi Health Service System Using IOT

Nagalakshmi Batchu, Nagi Setty A

Pages No. 22813-22816

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Abstract 268  | PDF 173 

A Novel Method for Data Hosting and Load Balancing in Multi Cloud Environment

S. Jyoti Reddy, Sk. Sofia

Pages No. 22817-22822

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Abstract 408  | PDF 99 

Scripting Languages for Research in Data Mining

T Sandeep, G.Dhana Laxmi, Dr. A Kanaka Durga

Pages No. 22823-22829

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Abstract 432  | PDF 343 

Real Time Product Feedback Review and Analysis Using Apache Technologies and NOSQL Database

BiswaRanjan Samal, Mrutyunjaya Panda

Pages No. 22551-22558

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Abstract 551  | PDF 209