Published: 2018-01-01

Extraction of Ontological Information based on Semantic Analysis

Nataraj J, Mural Krishnan P, Praveen Godfrey, Arun S.N,
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P.Sundaramoorthy , S.P. Santhoshkumar, B. Santhoshkumar, Dr. M. Selvam,
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A Comprehensive Paper for Performance Evaluation Between DSDV & AODV Routing Protocol

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Khare, Mr. Raj Kumar Singh, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Khare, Mr. Raj Kumar Singh
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Clarifying the clouds - Discussing cloud Computing and assistance grid architectures

Er. Roma Soni, Er. Sahil Verma, Er. Kavita,
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Abstract 47  | PDF 33 

Cloud: Computing Services And Deployment Models

Ch Chakradhara Rao, Mogasala Leelarani Y Ramesh Kumar,
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Abstract 284  | PDF 3726 

SJRR CPU Scheduling Algorithm

rakesh Patel , Mrs. Mili. Patel
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Abstract 190  | PDF 938 

Machine Learning: An artificial intelligence methodology

Anish Talwar, Yogesh Kumar,
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Data Protection Using Digital Watermarking

Kapil Kumar Kaswan, Dr. Roshan Lal,
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Secure Data Sharing In Cloud by Using CIA

B. RamaKrishna, V.Tirupathi,
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9-Transistor Full Adder Design For Area Minimization

Shubha goswami, shruti dixit,
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Effect of Aspirated Consonants on EMG Signals Generated in Zygomaticus Muscles

Himanshu Raina Randhir Singh, Parveen Lehana,
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Color STIPs for the Live Feed

V. Lakshmi Chetana, D. Prasad, G.Krishna Chaitanya,
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Abstract 69  | PDF 16 

Image Decomposition Using Wavelet Transform

Gagandeep Kour, Sharad P. Singh
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Abstract 43  | PDF 176 

Image Compression Using SVD Technique and Measurement of Quality Parameters

Rahul Samnotra, Randhir Singh, Javid Khan,
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A New Approach to Automatic Generation of All Quadrilateral Mesh For Finite Element Analysis

H.T. Rathoda, Bharath Rathod,T. Shivaramc, K. Sugantha Devi,
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Abstract 52  | PDF 43 

E-Mail Abstraction Scheme Using Collaborative Spam Detection Scheme

Vinod.S , Insozhan.N, Vimal.V.R,
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Overcoming Cache Staleness Issue Using Dynamic Source Routing Protocol

Chaitali G. Taral, Dr.P.R.Deshmukh,
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Abstract 84  | PDF 30 

Semantically Driven Personalized Recommendations on Sparse Data

Kaushik, Tridev, Srivastava, Kavita,
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A Clinical Expert System For Positional Vertigo

Babikiranvelpula, Dr.S.Sai Satyanaraya,
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Abstract 36  | PDF 24 

Obstacle Locating Capabilities of Mobile Robot Using Various Navigational Aids

Avanish Shrivastava, Prof.Mohan Awasathy,
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Abstract 31  | PDF 15 

Comprehensive study of Handoff Strategy-A Survey

Rajneet Kaur, Roopali Sood,
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Abstract 68  | PDF 70 

Nano Scale Simulation of GaAs based Resonant Tunneling Diode

Vivek Sharma, Raminder Preetpal Singh,
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Abstract 44  | PDF 43