Published: 2017-12-30

Personalized Web Search with Custom Privacy Preservation

Swapna Desale ,Jyothi Rao
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Abstract 410  | PDF 87 

An Efficient Approach for Secure Data Hiding Using Cryptography

Reetu, Ms.Mamta Mr. Satish Dhull
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Abstract 406  | PDF 82 

MATLAB/Simulink of a Solar Photovoltaic System through Cuk Converter

Prinkesh Soni, Ankush Yadav , Rakesh Singh Lodhi, Amit Solanki
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Abstract 686  | PDF 284 

Emotion Speech Recognition System For Isolated Words In Marathi Language

Asmita Gajarishi Shital Sukre, Dhanashri Rachetti Pratik Kurzekar
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Abstract 432  | PDF 134 

Filter Bubble: How to burst your filter bubble

Sneha Prakash .
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Abstract 494  | PDF 402 

Simulation of Steerable Gaussian Smoothers using VHDL

Sharanabasava, Syed Gilani Pasha
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Abstract 769  | PDF 50 

Study of Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement

Anupam Ojha , Amit Solanki, Rakesh Singh Lodhi
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Abstract 347  | PDF 176 

Loss Less Data Embedding In the Motion Predicted Vectors for Video Sequences

K.Sridhar Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar Dr. M.Chandra Mohan
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Abstract 376  | PDF 51 

Privacy Preserving in Data Mining to Protect Privileged information in Ad-hoc Network

Dillip Kumar Swain , Sarojananda Mishra , Sasmita Mishra
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Abstract 535  | PDF 62 

Characterization of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for Textual and Image data

S. Rehman *, S.Q. Hussain , W.Gul and Israr
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Abstract 490  | PDF 72 

Automated diagnosis of Lungs Tumor Using Segmentation Techniques

S.Piramu Kailasam ,Dr. M. Mohammed Sathik
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Abstract 311  | PDF 77 

Enhanced Way of Association Rule Mining With Ontology

T.Bharathi, Dr. A.Nithya .
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Abstract 685  | PDF 131 

Vein Pattern Recognition: A secured way of Authentication

Navjot Kaur , Paritosh Chopra
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Abstract 696  | PDF 483 

Modelling and Design Analysis for Nonlinear 3D Dynamic Simulation of Triangular Microspring for MEMS based SAM

Swati Rastogi, Surya Prakash , S.P.Duttagupta, H.Muthurajan
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Abstract 430  | PDF 69 

Speech Recognition using e-Speaking: A Review

Anju Bisen, Krishna Hirpara Madhu, Roshani Rathore
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Abstract 973  | PDF 169 

Visual Crypto-Steganography in Images

Pranav Swaminathan, Tejas Dani, Ronak Bhatia, Shubhankur Jain, Paulami shah
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Abstract 866  | PDF 68 

Enhancing the Security of Data Using DES Algorithm along with Substitution Technique

Yashwant kumar, Rajat joshi Tameshwar mandavi, Simran bharti Miss Roshni Rathour
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Abstract 479  | PDF 352 

An Efficient Method for Finding Closed Subspace Clusters for High Dimensional Data

S. Anuradha, K.B. Madhuri B. Jaya Lakshmi
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Abstract 599  | PDF 47 

Effect of Nano Fluids in Solar Flat Plate Collector Systems

S. Arockiaraj, P. Jidhesh
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Abstract 414  | PDF 266 

Finite Element Analysis Of Linear Elastic Torsion For Regular Polygons

H.T. Rathod*, K. Sugantha Devi , C.S.Nagabhushana , H.M.Chudamani
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Abstract 400  | PDF 98 

Cloud Key Bank: Privacy and Owner Approval Of Required Primary Management Scheme

Aarti Bhoi Ashwini Madan , Tejal Khandave
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Abstract 305  | PDF 106 

MongoDB for Read Intensive Cases Using YCSB

Adarsh Kumar , Anita Ganpati
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Abstract 697  | PDF 346 

Turbo Diesel Engine Exhaust: Advancement at the cost of health –A Review

Bhaskar Chaturvedi,Uttkarsh Rawat,, Tanish Aggarwal,Shriyash Mohril, Mahipal Singh Sankhla, Dr. Rajeev Kumar
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Abstract 371  | PDF 47 

Mobile Apps Fraud Detection Using Raking

D.Uma Maheswari, S.Jassica Saritha
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Abstract 436  | PDF 80 

Offline Handwriting Character Recognition (for use of medical purpose) Using Neural Network

Sanjay Kumar, Narendra Sahu Aakash Deep , Khushboo Gavel Miss Rumi Ghosh
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Abstract 518  | PDF 1334 

Blood group Detection and RBC, WBC Counting: An Image Processing Approach

Akshaya P. Sahastrabuddhe , Dr. Sayyad D. Ajij
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Abstract 336  | PDF 930 

Black Hole Attack Detection Using HlA with Optimized Link State Routing Protocol In Wanet

J.JenoMactaline Pears ,Dr.D.C.Joy Winnie Wise
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Abstract 350  | PDF 78 

Sentiment Analysis Through Text Mining-A Review

Anupriya Pandey Rakhi Verma, Deepika Bariha Varsha Dewangan
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Abstract 987  | PDF 149 

Analysis of Bigdata Using Visualizing Technique

Aalia Qureshi , Dr. Tripti Arjariya
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Abstract 267  | PDF 68 

Preventing Social Sites from Publishing Malicious Content

Deepak Ranjan , Dr. Tripti Arjariya
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Abstract 542  | PDF 111 

Fruit Recognition and its Calorie Measurement: An Image Processing Approach

Manpreetkour Basantsingh Sardar Dr. Sayyad D. Ajij
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Abstract 745  | PDF 673 

Mobile Application Testing: Tools & Challenges

PPallavi Bhuarya, Shruti Nupur Anuradha Chatterjee, Rajesh Singh Thakur
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Abstract 452  | PDF 612 

Various audio Steganography techniques for audio signals

Rubby Garg , Dr.Vijay Laxmi
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Abstract 427  | PDF 798 

Impact of Security Risk on Cloud Computing Adoption

Shashank Mishra, Manju. Pandey
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Abstract 424  | PDF 70