Published: 2017-12-29

Extraction of Electrical Power Transformer Parameters

Eisa Bashier M. Tayeb, , A. Taifour Ali, Albager Alkhir H. Ali,
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Abstract 225  | PDF 121 

Comparative study of C, Objective C, C++ programming language

aurav Jindal , Pooja Khurana, Tanu Goel,
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Abstract 335  | PDF 483 

An Explanatory Study of the Parameters to Be Measured From EMG Signal

Ruchika, Shalini Dhingr Shalini Dhingra
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Abstract 326  | PDF 72 

Iris Recognition based on Pupil using Canny edge detection and KMeans Algorithm

Chinni. Jayachandra, H.Venkateswara Reddy,
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Abstract 262  | PDF 201 

Malware Attacks on Smart Phone, Its Limitation & Evolution to Detect New Techniques

Miss Nita B. Thakkar Miss Dhara N. Darji,
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Abstract 274  | PDF 94 

A Survey on Cloud Database Management

Ms.V.Srimathi, Ms.N.Sathyabhama, Ms.D.Hemalatha,
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Abstract 323  | PDF 60 

By Dynamic Voltage Restorerfor Power Quality Improvement

Subhro Paul, * SujaySarkar SurojitSarkar, Pradip Kumar Saha Gautam Kumar Panda
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Abstract 297  | PDF 148 

Similarity Analysis Of Images Using Content Based Image Retrieval System

S.Pavani , T.Venkat Narayana Rao, Deva Shekar,
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Abstract 342  | PDF 71 

N-Nodeset Importance Representative based Outlier Detection for Categorical Data

H.Venkateswara Reddy, S.Viswanadha Raju,
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Abstract 358  | PDF 36 

Secure Visual Cryptography

R Yadagiri Rao
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Abstract 196  | PDF 39 

A Secure Address Allocation Scheme for Wireless Area Distributed Communication Network

*Er. Ravi Verma, Er. Manoj Kumar Khinchi, **Rajesh Saini,
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Abstract 287  | PDF 42 

Emerging And Challenging Applications In Swarm Robotics

Prof.N.Rama Devi Dr.G.Uma, T.S.Pravena M.Naga Jyoth
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