Published: 2014-01-28

A Prototype of a Wirelessly Controlled Nuclear Centrifuge

Jacqueline J.George, Managib N. Abdelgader

Pages No. 3584-3587

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Abstract 162  | PDF 50 

Graphical User Interface for Capacity Planning in Long Term Evolution

Jacqueline J.George, Sheemaa Ali Mohamed Hashim

Pages No. 3588-3592

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Abstract 175  | PDF 201 

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Improved Support Vector Machine And Neural Networks

Anureet Kaur Johal, Prof. Rajbir Singh

Pages No. 3593-3597

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Abstract 186  | PDF 53 

A survey on Software as a service (SaaS) using quality model in cloud computing

Sarbojit Banerjee, Shivam Jain

Pages No. 3598-3602

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Abstract 279  | PDF 373 

Denoising of Gaussian and Speckle Noise from XRay Scans using Haar Wavelet Transform

Satish Kumar Banal, Randhir Singh

Pages No. 3603-3606

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Abstract 188  | PDF 112 

Influence of Fine Glass Aggregate On Cement Mortar

Mrs. Bhandari P.S., Mr. Dhale S.A., Mr. Ghutke V.S , Mrs. Pathan V.G.

Pages No. 3607-3610

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Abstract 168  | PDF 262 

Oblique Decision Tree Learning Approaches : A survey

Ms.Sonal Patil, Ms. Sonal V. Badhe, Ms.Sonal Patil, Ms. Sonal V. Badhe

Pages No. 3611-3616

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Abstract 168  | PDF 28 

New Technology for Mobility Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. S Anitha, Mr. Veerbushana Belkeri
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Abstract 271  | PDF 38 

Network Security: Security in Cloud Computing

Mr. Vikas Malik, Srishti Gupta, Jyoti Kaushik
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Abstract 333  | PDF 2574 


Dr.K.Sathiyasekar, S.Karthick Swathy Krishna K S
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Abstract 203  | PDF 1108 

Network Security: Li-Fi: Data Onlight Instead of Online

Mr. Vinod Saroha, Ritu Mehta
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Abstract 300  | PDF 119 

Review & Proposal for a Cloud based Framework for Indian Higher Education

Sreevidya Subramanian, Dr.Ananthi Seshasaayee
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Abstract 196  | PDF 297 

An Approach to Detect and Prevent Tautology Type SQL Injection in Web Service Based on XSchema validation

R. Joseph Manoj, Dr.A.Chandrasekhar, M.D.Anto Praveena
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Abstract 294  | PDF 231 

A Novel Approach to Construct Deterministic Finite State Automata

Amrita Bhattacharjee, Bipul Syam Purkayastha
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Abstract 306  | PDF 24 

Graphical Interpreter

Prof. A.Nagesh,A.Chiranjeevi, jayanth vangari, Malyala.Madhu shyam
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Abstract 294  | PDF 37 

Fraud Detection in credit Card Transaction Using Hybrid Model

Ashish Gupta , Jagdish Raikwal
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Abstract 415  | PDF 0 

Assessment of Service Composition Plan using Colored Petri Nets

Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari, S.Uma, S.Sakthitharan, G.Srinivasan
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Abstract 295  | PDF 46 

SOA enabled e-administration for institutes providing higher education

Mr. Ajit R Pandey, Dr V M Thakare
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Abstract 206  | PDF 38 

On some Security aspect of HPC Environment

Subrata Paul, Anirban Mitra, Ramanuja Nayak
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Abstract 221  | PDF 40 

Defect Forecasting In Software System - Mining Approach

Priyank Dineshkumar Patel
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Abstract 235  | PDF 104 

Hybridization Of Web Page Recommender Systems

Mr. S. R. Patil, Prof. S.K. Shirgave
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Abstract 122  | PDF 77 

Pattern Recognition and Their Different Approach

Ajit Kumar, Rajeev Ranjan, Dr. B.Mishra
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Abstract 227  | PDF 56 


Meghna Kucheria, ijendra Maurya, Parikshit Vasisht Taruna Sharma, Dr. Neela Chattoraj
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Abstract 130  | PDF 32 

Energy Efficient Data Gathering Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Collectors

K.Revanth Kumar Reddy, H.Usha Rani, K.Rubesh Kumar
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Abstract 183  | PDF 35 


D. Rama Krishna Reddy, D. Hema Latha, K. Sudha
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Abstract 167  | PDF 40 

Literature Survey On Fingerprint Recognition Using Level 3 Feature Extraction Method

Chandra Prakash Singh, Susheel Jain, Anurag Jain
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Abstract 329  | PDF 320