We are creating a web Application Sentiment analysis.There are number of social networking services available on the internet such as facebook, twitter,whatsupetc. In this websites we can send and receives the messages, comments, tag the images. but we cannot analysis or classified this comments on different form like positive, negative and neutral. But in our web application (product review by sentiment analysis) we can classified incoming comment or messages into positive, negative and neutral.A basic task in sentiment analysis is classifying the polarity of the text at the  sentence, or character/nature level at the expressed opinion in  a sentence or an entity opinion is positive, negative, or neutral.  The purpose of this project is to build an algorithm that can accurately classify our messages with respect to a query term and according to average of message to generate a graph. In this web application message can converted in actual text.

In sentiment analysis there are several classifier are used. A Naive Bayes is a simple model which is used in our web application to classify the messages and comments in positive or negative form.