As, rise in the field of technology machine learning is widely used in various fields. Now it has various applications on the field of health industry. It works as a helping hand for the field of health industry. By the help of various machine learning algorithms, we can make various models for predicting the results through the large amount of dataset present in medical field. This paper comprises of efficient machine learning algorithms used in predicting disease through symptoms. As, the health industry has a huge amount of data for various fields so, we want to make a system where we can use various other applications of machine learning on health industry. This all had been done to make the better medical decisions and also for rise in the accuracy. As accurate analysis of the early prediction of disease helps in the patient care and the society services. These all challenges can be easier by the help of various tools, algorithms and framework provided by the machine learning. In addition to all these predictions we are making a chatbot for all that where patients can add the symptoms that are helpful to predict the disease and also check their diabetes status through the various information provided to system by the patients.