K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classification is one of the most fundamental and simple classification methods. It is among the most frequently used classification algorithm in the case when there is little or no prior knowledge about the distribution of the data. In this paper a modification is taken to improve the performance of KNN. The main idea of KNN is to use a set of robust neighbors in the training data. This modified KNN proposed in this paper is better from traditional KNN in both terms: robustness and performance. Inspired from the traditional KNN algorithm, the main idea is to classify an input query according to the most frequent tag in set of neighbor tags with the say of the tag closest to the new tuple being the highest. Proposed Modified KNN can be considered a kind of weighted KNN so that the query label is approximated by weighting the neighbors of the query. The procedure computes the frequencies of the same labeled neighbors to the total number of neighbors with value associated with each label multiplied by a factor which is inversely proportional to  the distance between new tuple and neighbours. The proposed method is evaluated on a variety of several standard UCI data sets. Experiments show the significant improvement in the performance of KNN method.