A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of a huge number of sensor nodes that are inadequate in energy, storage and processing power. One of the major tasks of the sensor nodes is the collection of data and forwarding the gathered data to the Base Station (BS). Hence, the network lifetime becomes the major criteria for effective design of the data gathering schemes in WSN .In this paper , every sensor nodes can converse straight with every other or with the base station. This develops into impracticable when the size of the region of interest enlarge. The anticipated protocol uses a multi-hop communication among the cluster-heads to preserve energy and cover up a huge area of interest. To diminish the quantity of information to be sent to the base station, we incorporated data aggregation. Furthermore, the rotation of cluster-heads and the utilize of the low-power sleep mode by the sensor nodes that do not contribute in routing permit to balance the load and reduce energy utilization considerably. Apply the MAT LAB Simulation software Tool to confirm the proposed design, comprehensive simulation has been approved. The NARRATIVE-LEACH schemes recommend reliable wider experience area and longer life span of WSN. To compare the other modules N-LEACH is the best enhanced in terms of stability period while compromise on lifetime.