The main objective of this project is to add mobility and automation to the process of managing student information in an institute. In a real world scenario, such as college campus, the information is in the form of notice, hand-written manual, verbal message, is being spread among the students. Today it is of the essence to not only use the predictable forms of statement, but also new forms such as cell phone technology, for faster and easier communication among the students. The approach of communication is Android. The core idea of this project is to implement android based Mobile Campus application for advancement of institution and educational system .The application will be used by students, teachers and parents. In the previous system, all the information has to view in a hard file, or in website. At the same time while searching any information it is too difficult to access and takes a lot of time to search the particular website. Hence, in order to overcome this problem a smart phone based application using Android can be used to make this process easier ,secure and less error prone. More efficient information’s will be achieved through this system. When sensitive data is stored on the device, apps can ensure that they are stored securely using encryption. Apps also exchange sensitive information with remote servers. The Android platform provides a number of algorithms for encrypting sensitive information.Some of these algorithms provide stronger cryptographic guarantees in protecting data than others. Cryptographic algorithms are harder to break when there is more unpredictability in the random numbers generated for use in encryption. A way of introducing unpredictability in Android is to use the Secure Random class. The need for encryption is twofold. Firstly, encryption makes it difficult to read and use any sensitive information that an app stores on a device. Secondly, encryption adds an additional layer of security to sensitive information that is exchanged between apps and remote server .