Published: 2019-12-04

Design and Analysis Sensor Deployment Scheme for Underwater Communication

Taranath N L, Shwetha S Y, Chethan B.R., Mr. Darshan L M

Pages No. 24883-24889

Abstract 42  | PDF 39  DOI

Comparative performance analysis of optimized round robin scheduling(ORR) using dynamic time quantum with round robin scheduling using static time quantum in Real Time System

Pallab Banerjee, Biresh kumar, Amarnath Singh, Rahul Kumar, Ritik kumar

Pages No. 24890-24893

Abstract 27  | PDF 21  DOI

Implementation of database using python flask framework

Nidhi Chauhan, Mandeep Singh, Ayushi Verma, Aashwaath Parasher, Gaurav Budhiraja

Pages No. 24894-24899

Abstract 42  | PDF 20  DOI

The trend of software cost estimation in Ethiopia Case study : Addis Ababa

Asebe Teka Nega

Pages No. 24901-24906

Abstract 25  | PDF 18  DOI