Published: 2019-06-03

Profit Analysis of a System having a sub-system in Fuzzy Environment

Seema Sahu

Pages No. 24661-24678

Abstract 572  | PDF 129  DOI

Improving the Intelligent Control of Magnetic Levitiation Ball Using Artificial Neural Network

Asogwa Tochukwu Chijindu, Ugwu Edith Angela

Pages No. 24679-24685

Abstract 433  | PDF 158  DOI

Digital Signature Verification System to Enhance Customer Services in the Banking Industry

Asogwa Tochukwu Chijindu, Ugwu Edith Angela, Aniekwe Steven

Pages No. 24686-24692

Abstract 460  | PDF 116  DOI

Mobile Cloud Computing as Competence Intensifier

Neeta P. Sarode, Dr. J.W. Bakal

Pages No. 24693-24697

Abstract 414  | PDF 101  DOI

An Implementation of Selected Image Processing for Single and Multiple Processors

Wafaa Ahmad Bazzi

Pages No. 24697-24768

Abstract 683  | PDF 154  DOI

Design and Analysis of Erp Integration for Pari Fish Leather Smes in Yogyakarta Using Web Service Technology

Reinhard Komansilan, Ade Iriani

Pages No. 24668-24779

Abstract 466  | PDF 131  DOI