Published: 2018-09-15

NFC communication protocol

LN Harnaningrum

Pages No. 24197-24205

Abstract 1074  | PDF 1343 

Software effort prediction with algorithm based frameworks

Shrikant Pawar, Aditya Stanam

Pages No. 24206-24213

Abstract 796  | PDF 163 

A New Approach to Automesh Generation of all β graded triangular and quadrilateral Finite Elements over Analytical Surfaces by using the Parabolic Arcs passing through four points on the Boundary Curve

H.T. Rathod, Bharath Rathod

Pages No. 24214-24310

Abstract 675  | PDF 123 

Analysis of Encryption Techniques to Enhance Secure Data Transmission

Rajesh Kannan, Dr. R. Mala

Pages No. 24311-24318

Abstract 886  | PDF 220