Published: 2018-06-04

Simulation of Health Care Monitoring System in Internet of Things By Using RFID

M.Valan Rajkumar, D. Aravind, R. Rubasri

Pages No. 23952-23970

Abstract 1070  | PDF 877 

"Design and Implementation of cloud services by using Python "

Priyanka Hariom singh

Pages No. 23971-23981

Abstract 973  | PDF 1963 

Review of Bandwidth Enhancement of a Microstrip patch antenna with a different shape for WLAN communication

Ravi Kumar, Prashant Yadav

Pages No. 23971-23981

Abstract 582  | PDF 211 

Survey on On-Road Air Quality Analysis and Path Recommendation

Anaswara R, Sruthy S

Pages No. 23987-23989

Abstract 699  | PDF 257 

Semantic Access of Relational Databases by mapping Ontology to Relational tables

k sangeeta

Pages No. 23990-23996

Abstract 872  | PDF 122 


Vikas Adidam

Pages No. 23997-24002

Abstract 1531  | PDF 1792 

A New Approach to Automatic Generation of All Graded Triangular and Quadrilateral Finite Element Mesh Over Polygonal Domains

Hanamanthappa Rathod, Bharath Rathod

Pages No. 24003-24065

Abstract 680  | PDF 139 

Multiple Attribute Authorities for Public Cloud Storge using a Robust Auditable Access Control

Nikhil Kumar Singh, Prateek Kumar, Vishvendra Singh, Chandrakala B.M

Pages No. 24066-24070

Abstract 677  | PDF 420 

NTRU based Security in Cloud Computing

Arshpreet Kaur Bajwa, Miss Lofty Sahi

Pages No. 24071-24075

Abstract 395  | PDF 193 

A geometrical investigation the effect of volumetric chip expansion factor in orthogonal turning processes

Zülküf Demir

Pages No. 24093-24098

Abstract 515  | PDF 164 

Algorithms on Rough-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Classification with a Threshold and Implementations

Ganesan G

Pages No. 24093-24098

Abstract 481  | PDF 106 

A Review on RFID Technology and Applications

M. Rajanarayana, B. Sasikala, Dr. B. Geethavani

Pages No. 24099-24105

Abstract 550  | PDF 181