Published: 2017-08-01

Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier Based on Floating-Gate MOSFET and its Filter Applications

Akanksha Ninawe , Richa Srivastava Himani Kanwar Devesh Singh
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A New Approach to Automatic Generation of All Triangular Mesh For Finite Element Analysis

H.T. Rathoda*, Bharath Rathod K. Sugantha Devic
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Abstract 113  | PDF 49 

Routing With Reliability in Mobile WSNs

Vani B, SaiMadhavi D
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Abstract 128  | PDF 112 

Data Mining For Breast Cancer Classification

Akinsola Adeniyi F , Sokunbi M.A , Okikiola F.M Onadokun I.O
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Abstract 250  | PDF 318 

Explain the ‘Explain’

Dr SP Rahmesh, Uthresh Kumar Thamilselvi , Abila Jacqulin Aarthi Rekha , Buvaneshwari
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Abstract 60  | PDF 117 

High Dimensional Graphical Data Reduction

Smita J. Khelukar
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A Review on Rare Sequential Topic Patterns

Bhakti Patil, Sachin Takmare Pramod Kharade Rahul Mirajkar
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An Effective Thresholding Technique for Otsu’s Method using Contrast Enhancement

A Sankar Reddy, C Usha Rani, M. Sudhakar
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Abstract 152  | PDF 531 

Reconfigurable Fir Filter Architecture for EEG Application

Swati Bhat, Mrs. Usharani S
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