Title: Analysis of handwriting patterns of Dyslexic Children vis-à-vis the non-dyslexics using Hamming Distance

Author(s): Dr. Jyotsna Dongardive, Malhar Margaj

Dept. of Computer Science  University of Mumbai

Mumbai 400098, India

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Analytics Sutherland Global Services

Mumbai 400708, India

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Learning disabilities can affect a person's ability to speak, listen, read, write, spell, reason, recall, organize information, and do mathematics. Researcher has tried to study what could be the percentage of children having writing difficulties among all types of Learning Disability. In this paper, the researcher has focused particularly on Dysgraphia. The survey conducted with a group of Learning Disabled children and the researcher wanted each of them to identify certain words. This study is to investigate in which pattern of the text Dysgraphia child finds difficulty to understand and by how much error factor a Dysgraphia child is distinctly identifiable from non-Dysgraphia one.

License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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