Title: Effective Utilization of Data Mining Techniques for Digital Security

Author(s): *Farhad Alam **Vishal Shukla

Title: A Novel Algorithm to Determine the Attacks Intention in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Authors : S V Athawale1, M A Pund2

Title: A Survey of Load Balencing Technique in Cloud Computing Environment

Author(s): Manisha Verma, Somesh Kumar

Title: Adaptive Energy-Efficient SSL/TLS Method Using Fuzzy Logic for the MQTT-Based Internet of Things

Author(s): Jin Hee Chung1, Tae Ho Cho2

Title: Smart Wi-Fi Traffic Assister

Author(s): K. Sujitha#1, B. Kanna Vijay*2, R. Gopi Krishna#3  

Title: Prospect of Elecrto Commerce In Present Indian Market

Author(s): Dr. P. Devraju

Title: A Hypothesis on Assorted E-Commerce Performances in Online Market

Author(s): Dr. P. Devaraj

Title: Eeg Based Person Identification And Authentication Using Bci

Author(s): Shashank N, Mrs.Rashmi C R

Title: Analysis of Speed controller for three phase induction motor in 125/60 TPH Aggregate crushing Sand Plant

Author(s): H.Sathishkumar #1 and Dr.S.S.Parthasarathy *2

Title: Improving Image Compression Using DWT

Author(s): Rajani Verma#, Permendar Kumar verma*

Title: A Review:  To Detect and Identify Cotton leaf disease based on pattern recognition technique.

Author(s): Mr.Chandrakant D.Kokane1, Prof.N.LBhale2

Title: Ordered Dither Block Truncation Coding For Content Based Image Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback

Author(s): Simantinee S Joshi

Title: Design and implementation of Smart Agriculture using Embedded System

Author(s): Ankit Yadav1, Pranav Pandhare 2, Saleel Kulkarni3, Shubham Kale4, Soniya Zope5

Title: Improving Quality Of The Services In Manet Usign The Hierarchical Fair Service Curve And Fisheye State Routing Protocol

Author(s): Anand R, Jitendranth Mungara

Title: Word Recognition System Using ANN

Author(s): Dr. J.Kejiya Rani,

Title: Deist: Dynamic Detection Of Sinkhole Attack For Internet Of Things

Author(s): R. Stephen, A. Dalvin Vinoth Kumar, Dr. L. Arockiam

Title: Software Reliability Model when multiple errors occur at a time including a fault correction process

Author(s): K. Harishchandra1, K. M. Manjunatha2 and Balakrishna3

Title: A Gamified Kenyan K-12 Learning System

Author(s): B.K Chemwotie1 and Z. Fengnian1

Title: Guided Filter for Grayscale, RGB and HSV color space

Author(s): Prajakta Mukund Waghmare, Swati Shankar Shetkar

Title: Obtaining Good Heuristics for Big Data Broadcasting Problem Using Novel Pipeline Approach.

Author(s): Prof. Priyadarshani Kalokhe, Abhishek  Kumbhar, Jyoti Shelke, Rinkal Bari, Snehal  Shewale

Title: Power Quality Control of Nonlinear Load using Custom Power Devices

Author(s): 1Mr.Praful A.Desale, 2MS.Bhagyshri S. Patil

Title: An Innovative Accession To Mobile License Plate Reader System (MLPR)

Author(s): Dolly Sharma1, Dr. Pankaj Sharma2, Vyom Kulshreshtha3

Title: A survey on different PAPR reduction techniques in OFDM systems

Author(s): Manjula A V #1 Dr.K.N.Muralidhara#2

Title: A Conceptual Study To Make Research About Contribution Of Innovation And Competition Relation Over New Economy

Author(s): Tülin Durukan, Cihat Kartal

Title: DC Motor Speed Control Using LDR Sensor and Atmega89s52

Author(s): Arpita Srivatava1, Anil Kumar Chaudhary2

Title: Behavior Analysis of OSPF and ISIS Routing Protocol with Service Provider Network

Author(s): Vikasdeep Kaur1, Jaspreet Kaur2, Harpreet Kaur3

Title: Enhanced Security Protocol for Spontaneous Wireless ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Firoj*, Ravi Antil, Ankur Jain

Title: Smart Tourist System

Author(s): Deanne Charan1, Apoorva Chouhan2, Avelon Pereira3

Title: Text Summarization using topic modeling and cluster based MapReduce framework

Author(s): N.Prameela

Title: Gasification-Contributing to the Energy Production Demands

Author(s): Adil Wazeer1, Bhaskar Chaturvedi1, Shriyash Mohril2, Mahipal Singh Sankhla3, Dr. Rajeev Kumar4

Title: Comparision Between Dct & Dwt Image Compression Technique

Author(s): Yashi tiwari#, Amit Kumar*

Title: Prop up the Farming Community with E-Services: Web Based Services for Agriculture

Author(s): K.Kiruthika1, R.Parimala2

Title: An energy efficiency of cloud based services using EaaS transcoding of the multimedia data.

Author(s): Harshal P. Ganvir1, Prof. Pravin Kulurkar2, Prof. Pranita Laddhad3

Title: Safety in Wireless Sensor Network: Types of Attacks and Solutions

Author(s): Kanika Sharma1, Dr. Nischay Bahl2

Title: An Approach of Speech Recognition System for Desktop Application

Author(s): Prof.Shivashankar M.Rampur, Miss.Kavita S.Rampur

Title: Automatic Retina Exudates Segmentation Algorithm For Early Detection With High Performance

Author(s): Kethavath Narender1,  Ananchu Sushma Rani2

Title: Autonomous Neuron Telematics Data Mining Architecture

Author(s): Bh.V.Rama Krishna, B. Sushma

Title: Improvement of Human Thinking Factors In Machine Using Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Prof Amar Nath Singh1 ,Er. Bhaskar Anand2 , Er. Ankit Kumar Singh2, Er. Chandan Marandi 2, ,Er. Anshu Kumar2

Title: Data Security System in Cloud by Using Fog Computing and Data Mining

Author(s): Parashar Sangle1, Romit Deshmukh2, Rohit Ghodake, Akash Yadav4 Prof. Jitendra Musale5

Title: A Comparative Study of Perceiving Intrusion Using Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): M.Deepa1, Dr.P. Sumitra2

Title: Image Segmentation Quality Assessment For "Truncated Compound Normal With Gamma Mixture Model"

Author(s): Viziananda Row Sanapala1, Sreenivasa Rao Kraleti2, and Srinivasa Rao Peri3

Title: DOID: A Lexical Analyzer for Understanding Mid-Level Compilation Processes

Author(s): Oyebode Idris1 and Adedoyin Olayinka Ajayi2

Title: Design of Electronically Commutated Motors for Motors for Hybrid Vechile for Braking

Author(s): Arun.R1, M.Balakrishnan2, M.Sethuraman3, P.Raghunayagan4

Title: A Survey on Smart Ration card system using RFID and Biometrics

Author(s): Smita Khot1, Diksha Kamble2, Bharti Lokhande3, Prachiti Sardar4, Tushar Khose5

Title: Imperfect Debugging Software Reliability Growth Model for the Rayleigh failure time distribution

Author(s): Balakrishna, K. Harishchandra

Title: Implementation of High speed and Low power 6T SRAM cell using FinFET at 22nm technology

Author(s): A.Sai Kumar, B.S. Priyanka Kumari

Title: Reduction in Infrastructure and operating costs using Server Virtualization

Author(s): Gitanjali

Title: Selfish Attack detection mechanism using COOPON in Cognitive Radio

Author(s): Shital.S.Patil1, A.N.Jadhav2, Vivek T. Patil3

Title: Correct Name Labelled For Search Based Face Annotation

Author(s): Bhawana Pise, Naziya Pathan, Shyam Dube

Title: Combination of Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing

Author(s): Mandeep Kumar

Title: Topic Digging Over Asynchronous Text Sequences

Author(s): Monali S Patil1, Sandip S Kankal2

Title: On a Software Reliability Growth Model with Log Logistic failure time distribution

Author(s): Balakrishna, K. Harishchandra

Title: A Low cost prototype for Vehicle to Infrastructure communication

Author(s): 1Badugu Samatha, 2Dr. K. Raja Kumar, 3Nagarjuna Karyemsetty

Title: Systematic Review of Mobile Operating Systems

Author(s): Rupesh Kumar Balasi1, Jaswinder Singh2

Title: Test Case Generation for Software Quality Assurance by Using PrT Nets

Author(s): 1M. Mahanandi Babu, 2G. Ramesh, 3G. Geetha

Title: A Review On Data Security in Cloud Environment

Author(s): Varsha Yaduvanshi, Asst.Prof. Manish Rai, Prof.(Dr.) Mohit Gangwar

Title: Comparative Study of Predicting Heart Disease By Means Of Data Mining

Author(s): C.Sowmiya1, Dr.P. Sumitra2

Title: Image Steganography Using LSB Along With IDEA Algorithm

Author(s): Priyanka Tirkey1, Dipika Kudiyam2, Neha Dhruw3, Deepshikha Markam4, Miss Rumi Ghosh5

Title: Enhance multipath routing in topology transparent network for better QoS in MANET

Author(s): Surendra Ladiya

Title: A proposal for efficient 8 two way traffic signal system for pedestrian and ambulance along with violation detection

Author(s): Riya Paul1, Miss. Amrutha Benny2, Dr. Vince Paul 3

Title: Performance Study of Key Developer Data Encryption and Decryption Algorithm (KDDEDA) with AES, DES and BLOWFISH

Author(s): Miss. A.Usha,  Dr. A. Subramani

Title: An Improved Novel Energy Efficient Method for Resource Allocation in Clouds Based on Ant Theory

Author(s): Ashmita, Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Title: New Soft Computing Techniques in the Software Testing

Author(s): Suraj Indiver1, Mr. Vyom Kulshreshtha2

Title: A Study: Impact of Interactive Posting in Social Site

Author(s): Vivek Dubey1

Title: Secure Data Sharing and Privacy Preserving Authentication Protocol for Cloud Environment

Author(s): Rudresh N. Bagade1,  C.R.Barde2

Title: A Survey on Destination Prediction Using Trajectory Data Mining Technique

Author(s): Banupriya C S1, Dr.V.Vijaya Chamundeeswari2

Title: Analysis of Disease using Retinal Blood Vessels Detection

Author(s): Minal B. Wankhade1, Dr. A. A. Gurjar2

Title: Multi-threaded QoS Architecture for Multimedia Services over Software Defined Networks

Author(s): Ms. Pooja A. Baleghate1, Prof. Sachin B. Takmare2, Prof. Pramod A. Kharade3

Title: Cooling Techniques for a Spindle of Machine Tool

Author(s): Poonam S. Patil1, R. R. Mudholkar2

 DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijecs/v5i12.70

Title: A novel approach for temperature sensing and monitoring through wireless sensor using IoT

Author(s): Siddharth Anand Kokalki, Ritesh Haridas Sontakke, Pawan Anand Mundada, Akshay Rajendra Mali

Title: Design an Innovative Smart Control Scheme to Hybridize Conventional and Expert Controllers

Author(s): Mahmoud M Aboattia1

Title: On theory and Performance of high throughput parallel block and S-random interleavers for Turbo Codes

Author(s): Rutuja A. Deshmukh, Dr. Ashish R. Panat

Title: The Probabilistic Approach for Identifying Hotel Appraise Passing Through Intrinsic & Extrinsic Domain Relevance

Author(s): Miss. Rutu A Ostwal1, Prof. G.P. Chakote2

Title: An All Quadrilateral Automesh Generation Technique and Explicit Integration Scheme for Finite Elements to Solve Some Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Two Space

Author(s): H.T Rathoda*, K. Sugantha Devi b

Title: A Study of Digital Image Segmentation Techniques

Author(s): Rajvardhan Oak1

Title: A Review of Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): Ms.P.Shivaranjani1, Dr.K.Karthikeyan2

Title: An Efficient Usage of APIs in Software Code Reuse

Author(s): Dr. Madhavi Karanam

Title: Energy Efficient Communication for WSNs using Grey-Wolf Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Pranjali Diwan 1 ,M.R . Khan 2

Title: Monitoring Lan User Wirelessly By Android Mobile Based On Client/Server Mode."

Author(s): Soniya Zope1, Shrutika Pandit2, Shweta Wakale3, Farin Tamboli4, Jay Bedekar 5

Title: A Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Copper Slag In Concrete

Author(s): Naveed A Shaikh1, Pradeep P Tapkire2

Title: A New Resource Allocation Policy in Virtualized Environment for IAAS Clouds

Author(s): Richa Vats * Geetika Jain* Gyanender Kumar**

Title: Towards an Inclusive India with eAccessibility

Author(s): Sanjeev Sharma

Title: Social Engineering Attacks Detection Techniques: Survey Study

Author(s): Mohamed H. Haggag, Ensaf H. Mohammed, Mariam S. El-Rahmany



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