Title: A Review: Fingernail Images for Disease Detection

Author(s): Rajivkumar Mente1, S. V. Marulkar2

Title: Magnetic Engine

Magnetic head to head collision repulsive piston engine (MHCRPE)

Author(s): Ravi kumar S N

Title: Location Values -Based Services Based On Geo-Document on User Search Recommendation

Author(s): 1K.VaraPrasad, 2Dr Jammi Ashok

Title: Measurement of Colour Shade Variation & Colour Strength for Uniform Colour using LAB Space Model for Computer Generated Images

Author(s): Suhas R. Desai1, Vishal Patil2

Title: Review Paper on Text mining and Sentimental analysis

Author(s): Jyoti Sharma1, Gurvinder Singh2, Ankur Sharma3

Title: Parallelization of Least Significant Bit Algorithm for Image Steganography in GPU using CUDA

Author(s):  Sabareesh K, Divya M

Title: Microservices Maturity Model 

Author(s): Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara1, Tirumala Khandrika2

Title: Water Level Monitoring and Controlling Using Bluetooth in Agriculture

Author(s): S.Muthukumaran1, M.Dinesh kumar2, V.Panneer Selvam3

Title: Finite  element  solution of  Poisson  Equation  over  Polygonal  Domains  using a novel  auto mesh generation technique  and an  explicit  integration  scheme  for nine node  linear convex quadrilateral of Lagrange family

Author(s): H. T.  Rathod,  Md.Shafiqul Islam,  H. Y. Shrivalli , Bharath Rathod,  K. Sugantha Devi

Title: Database Management System Using Index efiltering In Information Retrival System

Author(s): B. Jhansi Rani1, B.Krishna2

Title: Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems Based Clustering Approach For Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Vishalatchi Selvara

Title: Research and implementation of Docker performance service in distributed platform

Author(s): Liu Lijuan

Title: A Customized Ranking Procedure for Selecting Federated Cloud Provider

Author(s): D. Maria Manuel Vianny, M. Aramudhan

Title: Big Data Analysis: A Review

Author(s): Chaitanya Singh* & Md. Arsh Saifi*

Title: Growth Rates in Algorithm Complexity: the Missing Link

Author(s): Dana Vrajitoru1

Title: A New Blind Equalization Algorithm for Improving the Channel Equalized Performance

Author(s): Mohammad .S. T. Badran

Title: Identifying Wastages and Calculating SMV through Work Sampling Study in Sewing Section

Author(s): Faruk Ahmed

Title: A Brief Review On  The Application Of Polynomial Splines To Quadrature In One And Two Dimensions

Author(s): H.T.Rathod, K.V.Vijayakumar, A.S.Hariprasad, H. Y. Shrivalli

Title: REAL: Multi-Label Learning with Relevant Feature for Each Label

Author(s): Jianjun Yan1, Rui Guo2

Title: Containerized Microservices architecture

Author(s): M.V.L.N.Venugopal

Title: Investigating The Relationship Linking Self Management Of Learning And M-Learning (SAAS Model) Adoption In Higher Learning Institutions: A Case Of Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi

Author(s): 1Zihisire Muke Patient, 2Dr. Collins Oduor Ondiek, 3Dr. Bonface Ngari Ireri

Title: Designing Ideal Task Partitioning Scheduling Model In Distributed Computing Scenario

Author(s): Maninderjit Singh Khanna, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani

Title: Data-Level Parallel Approaches for the H.264/AVC:  A Review from the Encoder and the Decoder Perspectives

Author(s): Mohammed Faiz Aboalmaaly

Title: A relationship between happiness and life expectancy in breast cancer

Author(s): Fatemeh Soudagary

Title: Wavelet Packet and Deep Forest based Objective Auscultation in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author(s): Jianjun Yan1, Rui Guo2, Yiqin Wang3

Title: IOT based control of DC traction motor

Author(s): Akanksha1, Shubham Kathuria2

Title: Buried Target Parameter Characterization for Handheld Ground Penetrating Radar

Author(s): Suki Dauda Sule1



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