Title: Reconfiguration of 25 kW Solar PV Power Plant

Author(s): P. Marimuthu1, B. Praveen Kumar2

Title: Slope Stability Prediction using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Author(s): Arunav Chakraborty1 and Dr. Diganta Goswami2

Title: A Survey on Energy Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Karanpreet Kaur1, Dr. manpreet Singh2, Er. Gurdeep Singh3

Title: An efficient method for web page classification based on text

Author(s): Dr.Tamer Anwar Ahmed Alzohairy, Dr. Mohamed Taha Abu-Kresha,Ahmed Nagy Ramadan Bakry

Title: Design and Implementation of UPFC Using Ten Switch Converter With Switch Reduction

Author(s): D.Aarthi, R.Manivasagam

Title: A Design of AMBA AXI4-Lite ACE Interconnect Protocol for Transaction-based SoC Design Techniques Integration

Author(s): Chiranjeet Kumar1 Dr. M. Gurunadha Babu2

Title: An overview on Cloud Security and Proposed Solutions

Author(s): Jamuna K M

Title: Dynamic Analysis for Simulating the Effect of Power Quality on Sensitive Electronic Equipment

Author(s): D.Srinivasulu1, V.Sharath Babu2, R N V L H Madhuri3

Title: Open Source Dashboard Technology and IEDSS for Higher Education Institutions

Author(s): Hemant Sharma1

Title: Digital Predistortion of Power Amplifier using Quadratic Rotation Method

Author(s): Er. Sanjeev Goyal1, Er. Harpreet Kaur2, C Er. Harisharan Aggarwal3

Title: The Comparison of Various Decision Tree Algorithms for Data Analysis

Author(s): Kiran Singh*, Raunak Sulekh**

Title: Watermark Image Enhancement from various Attacks by SWT Using Hybrid Meta-heuristics

Author(s): Vikas Sharma, P.S Mann

Title: Housing Society Management, Authentication and Security App

Author(s): 1Durga Bhavani.A, 2Aparna Cleetus, 3Jennifer V Xavier, 4Chaitra B.S, 5Priyanka.R

Title: Spectrum Calculations for an Orthogonalized Non Linear System

Author(s): Er. Sukhwinder Partap Rana1, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal2

Title: Efficient Energy Management System for Smart Grid Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Technique

Author(s): Dr.R.Vijay1, M.Nithya2

Title: Performance Analysis of Free Space Communication System for Gamma–Gamma Turbulence

Author(s): Er. Darshan Singh Dhillon1, Er. Harisharan Aggarwal2

Title: Simulation and Analysis of Power Spectral Density for Digital Pulse Interval Modulation

Author(s): Er. Manjit Singh Bhullar1, Er. Harpreet Kaur2,, C Er. Harisharan Aggarwal3

Title: Design, Materials, Production, FEM and Experimental Analysis of an I.C. Engine Crankshaft – A Review

Author(s): Ketan V. Karandikar1*a and Dr. Subim N. Khan2*b

Title: Cloud Load Balancing: A Perspective Study

Author(s): Suman Pandey

Title: Anti-Swing Control of an Overhead Crane by Using Genetic Algorithm Based LQR

Author(s): Ümit Önen 1, Abdullah Çakan 2

Title: Segmentation of brain MRI –A tri level PSO based approach

Author(s): Dhanya G S#1, Dr. R. Joshua Samuel Raj#2, Sam Silva A#3

Title: Predicting and Diagnosing of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Sen

Title: Image Denoising Technique Using Trimmed Based Median Bilateral Filtering Method

Author(s): Dr.Sandeep Kumar, Divya Kapil

Title: Cooks Distance and Mahanabolis Distance Outlier Detection Methods to identify Review Spam

Author(s): Siddu P. Algur1, Jyoti G. Biradar2

Title: Symmetric Stream Cipher Based On Chebyshev Polynomial

Author(s): D. Sravana Kumar1, P. Sirisha2, CH.Suneetha3

Title: Optimization of Image Compression algorithms using DWT- DCT method

Author(s): Nikhilesh Joshi1, Dr.Tanuja K Sarode2

Title: Mining High Utility Patterns in One Phase without Generating Candidates

Author(s): Rashmi Reddy M, Kavitha Juilet

Title: Using predictive modelling for forecasting blood donor response

Author(s): Tejaswa Chaudhary, Gulzar Ahmad, Vikramjeet Mallick, Thirunavukkarasu K.

Title: Increasing network lifetime by energy-efficient routing scheme

Author(s): Reema D, J Nagesh Babu

Title: New Modified AODV for MANET

Author(s): Madhusudan G , Kumar TNR

Title: Climate induced variation in forest fire using Remote Sensing and GIS in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh

Author(s): Shruti Kanga*, Sumit Kumar$ and Suraj Kumar Singh&#

Title: A Study on Development of Online Marketing Information System for Agricultural Sector of KSA

Author(s): Dr. Syed Khizer

Title: Survey on Digital Image Watermarking & Techniques

Author(s): Yogesh Kumari

Title: Flexible Approach for Data Mining using Grid based Computing Concepts

Author(s): Abdul Ahad1, Dr.Y.Suresh Babu2

Title: Design and Manufacturing of Pneumatic Vehicle for Industrial Purpose

Author(s): Karan R. Jagtap1, Swapnil A. Patil2, Shripad P. Raje3, Sachin R. Pawar4, Prof. Vinay J. Raje5

Title: Secure Web Authentication Using OPASS to Prevent Secret Key Stealing

Author(s): R. Nithyanandhan1, Dr.G.Umarani Srikanth2, Mr.S.Muthukumarasamy3

Title: Web Content Management System (WCMS): A Need

Author(s): Neeraj Rohilla

Title: Usage of Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images Using Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm

Author(s): Parmeet Kaur1, Harish Kundra2

Title: A Proposed Method for Semantic Annotation on Social Media Images

Author(s): Mrs. Sayantani Ghosh, Prof. Samir K. Bandyopadhyay

Title: Exploring The Emerging Role Of Data Mining In Retail Forecasting : Need For The Retailers

Author(s): Gyaneshwar Mahto, Dr. Umesh Prasad, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Dwivedi, Santosh Kumar Srivastava

Title: A Survival Study on Pattern Recognition for Ischemic Stroke Detection on CT Images

Author(s): B. Sowmya1, Dr. P.R.Tamiselvi2

Title: Notice App: An android application to understand and identify students’ perspective

Author(s): Mr. Lucky P. Bajaj , Mr. Siddharth A. Kokalki, Mr. Abhilash.R.Ghagare

Title: Deterministic Routing Algorithm for Shared Memory Processing (SMP)

Author(s): Soha S.  Zaghloul, PhD1, Ashwag Homod Alotebi2, Noura Saleh AL MaghrabiAsma Abdurahman Almulifi4, Hend Ibrahim Alshaya5

Title: Analytical and Experimental Performance Evaluation of Parallel Merge sort on Multicore System

Author(s): Soha S. Zaghloul, PhD1, Laila M. AlShehri2, Maram F. AlJouie3, Nojood E. AlEissa4, Nourah A. AlMogheerah5

Title: Classification of Age variant CARPAL AREA BONES by Support vector machine with RBF Kernel

Author(s): Simerjeet Kaur1, Nirvair Neeru2

Title: Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks in OLSR Protocol Using Fictitious Nodes

Author(s): Nagaashwini Nayak V J ,  Nagaveni B Biradar

Title: A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Requirement Prioritization using Analytical Hierarchy Process

Author(s): Jogannagari Malla Reddy1, S.V.A.V. Prasad2, Kothuri Parashu Ramulu3

Title: On Multi-granulation Rough Sets

Author(s): Sheeja T. K.1, Sunny Kuriakose A.2

Title: A Survey on Secure Communication Protocols for IoT Systems

Author(s): Khaja Moinuddin1, Nalavadi Srikantha2, Lokesh K S3, Aswatha Narayana4

Title: Artificial Neural Network Model for predicting Maintainability Using MOOD and size metrics

Author(s): Rajbinder Kaur1, Mehak Aggarwal2

Title: Privacy Preserving Healthcare System using secured cloud environment

Author(s): Dr. M.Umashankar

Title: A Cost-Efficient Multi-Cloud Data Hosting Scheme with High Availability

Author(s): #1Mr. P Dayaker, #2Mr. Y Madan Reddy, #3Ms. K Ramya

Title: Paper on Searching and Indexing Using Elasticsearch

Author(s): Darshita Kalyani, Dr. Devarshi Mehta

Title: Selection of Appropriate Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Author(s): Neeraj Rohilla

Title: Dynamic Analysis of web system by using model-based testing and Process Crawler Model

Author(s): Mrs. Nayan Mulla1, Prof. Sachin B. Takmare2, Prof. Pramod A.Kharade3



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