Title: Obtaining Good Heuristics for Big Data Broadcasting Problem Using Novel Pipeline Approach

Author(s): Prof. Priyadarshani Kalokhe, Abhishek Kumbhar, Jyoti Shelke, Rinkal Bari, Snehal Shewale

Title: Fuzzy Based Contrast Enhancement Method for Lung Cancer CT Images

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Khare1, G. R. Sinha2, Sushil Kumar3

Title: Secured access using Cognitive Services on Raspberry PI

Author(s): Rosch Goes, Dr. Suchithra Nair

Title: Naive Tweet Analyser

Author(s): Abhinav Garg1, Kratika Gupta2, Abhijeet Singh3

Title: Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): M Manasa Ravali, Vemula K Harika, M Chaithanya Kishore Reddy

Title: Asymmetric key algorithms-A Proposed Method

Author(s): MS Tanusree ghorui, Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Title: Real-time location based service for tracing mobile using Android Application

Author(s): M.Prasanna Lakshmi1, E.Venkateswara Rao2 and B. Lakshmi3

Title: E-KYC Ticketing System

Author(s): Yogesh Suman1, Ms. G.Geetha2

Title: A Review on Trust and Security by using Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Rammurti Gupta, Raj Kumar Paul

Title: IOT Based Calorie Calculator For Healthcare System

Author(s): Kumar Harsh a,  Mayank Yadav a, Amit Kumar a,  B. Chandra Mohan b

Title: Intelligent Method for Cost Estimation during Software Maintenance

Author(s): Durga Puja, Raghav Mehra,  BD Mazumdar

Title: Literature Survey of Privacy Preserving Data Publishing (PPDP) Techniques

Author(s): Amita Sharma, N. Badal

Title: Analysis and Design Of Multistory Apartment Building Using ETABS

Author(s): Sayyed A.Ahad1, Hashmi S Afzal2, Pathan Tabrej3, Shaikh Ammar4, Shaikh Vikhar5, Shivaji Bidve6

Title: A Clustering Technique for Improving Marketing Strategy in Social Media using Data Mining Approach

Author(s): Shreyas S, Dr. Vidya Raj C

Title: Novel Preprocessing Techniques for NID3R

Author(s): Trilok Suthar1

Title: PSO-Based Support Vector Machine Technique with Cuckoo Search For Lungs Cancer Diagnosis

Author(s): Dr.K.Mahalakshmi1, Ms.R.Keerthika2,  Ramyadevi3

Title: Taxing the Cloud

Author(s): Vinay Kumar Singh

Title: Simulation of Water Level Control in a Tank Using Fuzzy Logic in Matlab

Author(s): Mohd Iqbal, Dr.K.A.Khan

Title: Effective Feature Selection for Feature Possessing Group Structure

Author(s): Yasmeen Sheikh, Prof. S. V. Sonekar

Title: Comparative Study of Energy Saving Grid-based heuristic approaches in dispersed computational environment

Author(s): Rupinder Kaur1, Rachna Rajput2

Title: Prospects of Crowd funding Education: A Conceptual Framework

Author(s): Annie Stephen, Anita Arul

Title: A New Approach to E-Learning (E-Web Class)

Author(s): Vardaan Mittal1,  Jatin Patwa2, Mukul Dabi3 , Rishi Raj Somani4

Title: Digital Video Watermarking Techniques: A Review

Author(s): Arti Bhardwaj1,2, Ajay Khuteta2,2

Title: Travel Information System

Author(s): Angad Sachdave, Monica Munnangi

Title: SVM classifier based CAD system for Lung Cancer Detection

Author(s): Apoorva Mahale1, Chetan Rawool2, Dinesh Tolani3, Deepesh Bathija4, Prof. Kajal Jewani5

Title: A review on Neural Network and Ant Colony Optimization for Vehicle Traffic Analysis and Routing

Author(s): Er.Manpreet Kaur1, Er.Gurpreet Singh2

Title: Survey of Intentional Enterprises Threats using Social Engineering Exploits and Prevention Techniques

Author(s): Swati Chauhan 

Title: Social Complaint Application

Author(s): Ritwit Singh, Srushti Koulage, Adarsh Pratap Singh, Prachi Chavan, Prof.S.S.Pawar 

Title: Location Based Social Network For Rating Procedure Geographical Location Using Extended Collaborative Algorithm

Author(s): M.Muralikrishnan1, G.Kalpana2, M.Karthikraj3 

Title: Secure Data Sharing In Cloud Computing By Implementing Amednded Attribute Based Data Sharing Scheme

Author(s): M.Karthikraj1, S.Arunkumar2, M.Muralikrishnan3

Title: A Machine Learning Approach for Early Prediction of Breast Cancer

Author(s): Younus Ahmad Malla, Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokari

Title: Behavioural Analysis of Android Malware using Machine Learning

Author(s): Lokesh Vaishanav1,Shanu Chauhan1, Hrithik Vaishanav 2, Mahipal Singh Sankhla3, Dr. Rajeev Kumar4

Title: Evolutionary Algorithm Using K-mean For Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Vanita Dandhwani 1, Dr.Vipul Vekariya 2

Title: A Survey on Image Compression Methods

Author(s): Akhilesh Kumar Singh and A. K. Malviya

Title: Improved Routing Metric In The Overlay Routing Delay Nodes

Author(s): Kalyani Wasnik, Prof. Shrikant v.Sonekar

Title: Novel Weighted Hybrid Approach in Recommendation Method

Author(s): Mr. Avadhut D. Wagavkar, Mrs. S.S.Vairagar

Title: Role of Internet of Things in Smart Passenger Cars

Author(s): G.Vidhya Krishnan1, M.Valan Rajkumar2, D.UmaKirthika3

Title: A Study of Various Bone Fracture Detection Techniques

Author(s): Irfan Khatik

Title: A Formation of Cloud Data Sharing With Integrity and User Revocation

Author(s): Prof. Butkar U D1 ,Ms. Sasane Minal 2, Ms. Sonali Salpure 3

Title: An Efficient Approach for Image Filtering by Directional Neighborhood with wavelets

Author(s): Dr. Smrity Prasad

Title: Internet of Things: A Survey on Security Issues Analysis and Countermeasures

Author(s): B.Sasikala1, M. Rajanarajana2, Dr. B. Geethavani3

Title: Review Paper on Image Enhancement and Its Techniques

Author(s): Amanjot Kaur Randhawa 1 , Alka Bamotra 2

Title: Staff Monitoring System Using Biometric

Author(s): Joseph Elijah1, Dr. Amit Mishra2, M. Usman Gana3, Engr. Mathew Chukwu Udo4,  Prof. Abiodun Musa Aibinu 5

Title: Experimental investigation of strength properties of concrete with partial replacement of cement with glass powder and fine aggregate with foundry sand

Author(s): Sunil Kumar .V.S1*, Lokesh.J.K2

Title: Efficient Defense Mechanism against Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Priyanka1

Title: Modeling and Performance Analysis of BLDC Motor under Different Operating Speed Conditions

Author(s): Karthik K1, R Kiran Kumar2, Panisetty Sreenivasulu3

Title: Implementation of Railway Track Crack Detection and Protection

Author(s): N.Karthick1, R.Nagarajan2, S.Suresh3, R.Prabhu4

Title: A Review of Fatigue Monitoring System

Author(s): Ms.Sushadevi Shamrao Adagale1, Sachin Jagannath Pukale2, Shubhangi Sagar Vairagar3

Title: A Review of Android Smart Security

Author(s): Ms.Sushadevi Shamrao Adagale1, Sachin Jagannath Pukale2, Shubhangi Sagar Vairagar3

Title: Survey on Android application for power efficiency in private cloud

Author(s): 1Vrushali Kadam, 2Snehal Mane, 3Balabai Waghmode, 4 , Ms.Soudamini Pawar5, Ms. Vidya Nikam6

Title: DeyPoS: Deduplicatable Dynamic Proof of Storage for Multi-User Environment

Author(s): Prof. Ashok Kumar Kalal, Kunal Jondhalekar ,  Piyush Kumar, Pavan Kumar Pandey, Himanshu Thakur

Title: Deployment of Data Base as a Service and connecting it with the local server

Author(s): 1Kaustubh Rai, 2Dr. Abhineet Anand

Title: Waste Management in IoT- Enabled Smart Cities: A Survey

Author(s): Nalavadi Srikantha1, Khaja Moinuddin2, Lokesh K S3, Aswatha Narayana4

Title: New Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Adhoc networks

Author(s): Harendra Kumar, Madan Kushwaha

Title: Secure Data Transfer: Based on Steganography and Visual Cryptography

Author(s): Rini K1, D.Rajapriya2

Title: Knowledge Management in E-Learning A Critical Analysis

Author(s): Jui Pattnayak1, Sabyasachi Pattnaik2, Priyaranjan Dash3

Title: Biomedical Named Entity Recognition - a swift review

Author(s): S.Vijaya1, Dr.R.Radha2

Title: Data Access Control with Revocable Multiauthority Cloud Storage

Author(s): P.Srilakshmi1, Dr.A.V.R.Mayuri2, K.Asha Rani3



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