Title: Optimization of Migration Time affected storage overheads during VM Live Migration using Network Attached Storage device

Author(s): Preeti P. Thakre1, Vaishali N. Sahare2

Title: Color Scheme Authentication for Session Password

Author(s): Indhu D, Surya G, Abirami A

Title: Learning of RBF network by using Teaching-Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) Algorithm

Author(s): Mr. Shinju Chacko1, Mr.  Sesham Anand2

Title: Face Recognition Using PCA

Author(s): K.V.Bhuvaneshwari, A.Abirami, N.Sripriya

Title: Social Uni-Books Web Service

Author(s): Abhinav Mohite1 ,Avadhoot Khadake2, Preetam Kamat3, Akash Tawade4 , Omkar More5 , Mr. P.A.Patel6

Title: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol with Entities Authentication

Author(s): Om Pal1*, Bashir Alam2

Title: Recent Trends and Challenges in Development of Smart Systems

Author(s): Amrita Yadav

Title: Transient Stability Analysis of IEEE-9 Bus Electrical Power System

Author(s): Mr. SaurabhKamble**, SwarnaKanojiya*, Yogita Male*, Gaurav Ingale*, PranayManekar*, RohitPatrik*, RupeshShrikhande* and SurajKamdi*

Title: DeyPoS: Deduplicatable Dynamic Proof of Storage for Multi-User Environments

Author(s): Prof.Ashok Kalal, Mr. Piyush Kumar Jha, Mr. Kunal Jondhalekar, Mr. Pavan Pandey, Ms. Himanshu Thakur

Title: ECIES for Group Key Establishment in WSN for Secure Multicast Communication

Author(s): Miss.P.Prasanna Laxmi1, Mrs.  M.Anupama2

Title: Image Enhancement using Mathematical Morphology  

Author(s): Payal T. Gadare1, Prof. Nitin Raut2

Title: Traceback of DDoS attack using Entropy Variation

Author(s): Shubhankar Patra1, Shubham Bhirad 2, Pallavi Chaudhari3, Rajyapal Kshirsagar4

Title: Enhanced Public Auditing for Code-Based Multi-server Cloud

Author(s): Sonal N. Kotangale1, Pushpa  D. Chudhari2, Prof. Shraddha D. Agnihotri3

Title: Smart Agriculture System by using ZigBee Technology

Author(s): E. Esakki Madura1, V. Venkatesa Kumar2

Title: Progressive Localization using Mobile Anchor in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Suresh Rathod1 and Raj Kumar Paul2

Title: Sentiment Analysis in Today’s Trend: A Review

Author(s): Surendra Kumar1, Dr.Harsh Kumar2, Dhruba Jyoti Kalita3

Title: Analysis of Speech Disabled People with Dysarthria using TORGO Database

Author(s): Usha.M

Title: A Mobile Based Smart Healthcare System

Author(s): Sumed Khicha1, Prakshali Patil2, Prerana Roy3, Pooja Sinkar4, J P Rankhambe5

Title: A research Paper on Cryptography Encryption and Compression Techniques

Author(s): Sarita Kumari

Title: A Survey of Multilingual Document Clustering

Author(s): Mrs.Kavita Moholkar

Title: IoT Based Automated Smart Home

Author(s): Pranay Saha, Prashant Kumar, Rashmi K.A

Title: Enhancing A Medbox  for Health Precautions Using  IOT

Author(s): Mrs.D.Jennifer1, Sreenidhi R2, Vinitha S3,  Thilakavathy B4

Title: Improving performance of Virtual Machines by Virtio bridge Bypass for PCI devices

Author(s): 1Shirley Kotian, 2Kirti Menon, 3Kirti Menon, 4Utsav Mundada, 5Neeraj Vilas Auti

Title: Error-based Adaptive Update Rate in multi-function Phased-array Radar Using IMM Target-Tracking Algorithm

Author(s): Ali zamani#1, Mohamadreza Moniri Hamadani#2, and Reza fatemi Mofrad*3

Title: Implementation of Multiqueue Interlacing Peak Scheduling based on Task Classification in Cloud Computing

Author(s): B.Nandan1, A,Nikhil2, A.Rahul3 B.Sai Kiran Reddy4

Title: Bus Ticket Granting Service in MTC Buses using Android Application with the help of QR code

Author(s): 1T. GraceWinsolin, 2A. Thanigaivel, 3J. Hariprasath, 4S. Mahesh

Title: Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multi Level  Clustering Energy Efficient  Protocol

Author(s): Muruganandam. K, Dr.Sibaram Khara

Title: An Overview of Theoretical Models of Exchange Bias Mechanism

Author(s): Taskeya Haider1

Title: Implementation of 3D Campus View

Author(s): 1V. A. Dhotre, 2S. J. Mulani, 3R. A. Takalikar, 4P. P. Keskar, 5S. D. Shinde, 6K. S. Nagtilak

Title: pGate: An Introduction to A Novel Universal Gate and Power Drop Calculation of QCA circuits

Author(s): Soudip Sinha Roy

Title: Study of machine learning based recommendation techniques used by E-commerce

Author(s): 1Dr. Geetanjali Amarawat, 2Awanit Kumar, 3Abdul Hamid Qureshi

Title: Hierarchical Messaging Application for Android Using Salesforce

Author(s): Mr. Swapnil Manekar, Prof. Prashant Borkar, Mr. Vedprakash Hirwani

Title: Survey on Various Retrieval Strategies and Utilities for effective Information Retrieval

Author(s): Mr. Ramesh Babu Pittala1, M.Nagabhushana Rao2

Title: Comparative Analysis of K-Means and Kohonen-SOM data mining algorithms based on student behaviors in sharing information on facebook

Author(s): Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Amandeep Kaur 

Title: Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications

Author(s): Nayana K N, Anjana Sharma

Title: Minimising the Execution Time of Selection Sort Algorithm

Author(s): Manish Kumar, Ms. Monika Malhotra, Ms. Deepali Ahuja

Title: Footstep Power Generation System

Author(s): G.Dhanalakshmi1,T.Manjulai2,M.Mirunalini3,S.Sangeetha Mary4

Title: IOT Based Waste Monitoring For Smart City   

Author(s): Shambala S Salunkhe1, Madhuri D Yadav2,Vrushali V Kulkarni3

Title: Algorithms for Recognition of Geometric and Parametric Features in prismatic parts using IGES

Author(s): Sunil I. Sangolli* , S.C. Pilli

Title: Survey on Educational Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): 1,2P V V Satya Eswara Rao,2,3S K Sankar

Title: Ethical Hacking and Hacking Attacks

Author(s): Aman Gupta, Abhineet Anand

Title: Internet Banking System & Security Analysis

Author(s): Rahul Kumar, Dr. Abhineet Anand

Title: A survey on IoT and Security issues of RFID

Author(s): Nidhi  Singh, Juhi Bhatt, Kamlesh C. Purohit

Title: Investigations on the Fabrication and Properties of Fibre Reinforced Composites with Natural Fibres of Banana and Coir with Epoxy and Polyester Polymers

Author(s): S.Vairavel, Prof.  B.Jose Ravindraraj, Prof.Dr.D.Sukumar

Title: Security Analysis with respect to Wireless Sensor Network – Review

Author(s): K.Sethu Selvam1, Dr.S.P.Rajagopalan2

Title: Privacy Preservation in Dynamic Bigdata for Verification and Correctness

Author(s): Guthula Anitha Rani, Prof P Suresh Varma

Title: PAPR Reduction in NC-OFDM Based Cognitive Radio System Using Signal Cancelation and Tone Reservation

Author(s): Revathy G Nair1, Aswathy Anilkumar2, Jismi Babu3

Title: Using kiosks as information-delivery channels to apply for Schemes and other government services for Rural India

Author(s): Tanishk Sharma, Abhineet Anand, Prabha Sreeraj Nair

Title: A Frequency Reconfigurable UWB Monopole Antenna with Slotted Ground Structure

Author(s): Karthika Rajan1, Sherin P Elias2

Title: Spectrum Monitoring In OFDM-Based Cr Networks By Window Based Energy Ratio Algorithm

Author(s): Aswathy Anilkumar, Revathy G Nair, Jismi Babu

Title: Sparse Signal Recovery in Compressive Sensing Using sparse Kalman Tress Search Algorithm

Author(s): Anjaly Krishnan1, Dhanya Narayan2, Rajalakshmi S3

Title: Customer Complaint Analysis Using Hadoop (Consumer Analysis)

Author(s): 1Y. Sudha Laxmi, 2A. Mahendar, 3Dr. Sheikh gouse

Title: Video Surveillance Using Adaptive-Rate Compressive Sensing

Author(s): Rajalakshmi S1, Dhanya Narayan2, Anjaly Krishnan3

Title: Survey of Various Face Liveness Detection Techniques for Biometric Antispoofing Applications

Author(s): Tazeen Anjum , Shrikant V Sonekar

Title: Event Finder a Perfect Partner for Event Marketing

Author(s): B. Lakshmi1 P.V.L.Parimala2 M. Prasanna Lakshmi3 B. Srinivas4

Title: Data Integration among Sensor Nodes Using Wireless Toolkit

Author(s): K. David Raju 1, Shreya Valluri2, V Harika Naidu3

Title: Anticipating Human Activities from Surveillance Videos

Author(s): Shanmughapriya Murugesan, Ranjith Balakrishnan

Title: Data Leakage Detection Using Cloud Computing

Author(s): Abhijeet Singh, Abhineet Anand

Title: Image Processing Based Student Attendance System using Raspberry PI

Author(s): P Prudhvi Kiran1, Ravi Kumar G2

Title: Personalized Book Recommendation System

Author(s): Jayanti Rathnavel1, Kavita Kelkar2

Title: Flexible Data Processing Using Apache PIG

Author(s): k. vikram 1, J. Sredevi2, J. Sindhu3, J. Shravya4, K. Akrutha5

Title: Research on the Study of Evolution of Websites

Author(s): Sonam1, Neha Mahajan2

Title: Review on the various Watermarking Techniques Based on Medical Images

Author(s): Neha Mahajan1, Chetan Marwaha2 , Sonam3

Title: Operation and Control of Converter Based Single Phase Distributed Generators in a Utility Connected Grid

Author(s): K Shalini1, Karthik K*2, Varthala Divya3

Title: Design and Implementation of Low Power ALU Design

Author(s): Mr. Arindam Baul1, Mrs. Akansha Awasthi2

Title: Secure Authentication using Image Processing through Visual Cryptography

Author(s): Mary Jolve. J

Title: Signature Verification for Banking Sector Based on SIFT

Author(s): Mary Jolve. J1,Jisna Joy2

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