Title: Biometric Authentication using Software as a Service in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Shreya Gawade1, Anand Bharti2, Ashish Raj3,Shweta Madane4

Title: Review on Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Technique

Author(s): Prof. Vikram M Kakade1, Ishwar A. Keche2

Title: Stega Image a Technique to Hide Data within Image File, Using Image Steganography and Encryption

Author(s): Abdullah Hamid

Title: Design & Simulation of Turbo Decoder for BER Calculation

Author(s): Wazir

Title: Fiber Optic Network Applications

Author(s): Mr. Prem Ravi Kumar

Title: Enhanced Public Auditing System

Author(s): Anpu Ann John1, Feba G. Joseph2, Mr. Pradeep P. Mathew3

Title: E-Shopping Community Structure Analysis Using Data Clustering

Author(s): Sreeja B P 1, Saratha Devi G2

Title: Modified AODV Techniques for Detection and Prevention of Gray Hole Attack in MANET

Author(s): Nutan*, Punit Kaushik**

Title: A Survey on Question –Answering System

Author(s): Anjali Saini1, P.K.Yadav2

Title: RFID Technology Based Attendance Management System

Author(s): Priyanka Sahare, Pranali Gaikwad, Snehal Narule, Nutan Thakre, Puja Chandekar

Title: Multi-Key Searchable Encryption for Group Sharing Via Cloud Storage

Author(s): V.Amudha1, A.Ashwini2, G.KaviBharathi3, P.Ranjitha4

Title: Enhancement of Slotted Circular Patch Antenna ith Different Substrate

Author(s): Ayushi Aggarwal1, Bindia2

Title: Digital Image Watermarking Using 3-Level DWT-SVD And Median Filter

Author(s): Pooja Jain, Ravi Malik

Title: Implementation of PV - Based Boost Converter Using PI Controller with PSO Algorithm

Author(s): R.Nagarajan 1, R.Yuvaraj2, V.Hemalatha3, S.Logapriya4, A.Mekala5, S.Priyanga6

Title: Review of Techniques Used For Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images

Author(s): Ankita khullar, Chetan Marwaha

Title: A Review on the Artificial Bee Colony & Clahe Based Hybrid Hough Transform For Efficient Lane Detection

Author(s): Er. Rajni Multani, Er. Chetan Marwaha

Title: Image Contrast Enhancment Using Feed Forward Network

Author(s): Manish Bhamu, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Rathi

Title: Robust Performance-Based Resource Provisioning

Author(s): Ms.Sreeja B P1, Ms.SarathaDevi2,Ms.Narmatha K3

Title: Cluster Based DDoS Detection Method in Data Mining

Author(s): Ms.R.Keerthika1, Dr.C.Nalini,Ms.P.Suganthi3 ,Ms.S.Abinaya4

Title: Qos Multicast Routing Algorithm For MANET

Author(s): 1P.Sathya, 2N.R.Sathiskumar, 3Dr.K.Ramasamy

Title: A Survey on Semantic Image Retrieval for Bigdata

Author(s): Ms.N.N.Deepika 1, Dr. R. Madhumitha 2

Title: Android Arduino Interface with Smart Farming System

Author(s): Ms. G. Rekha M.E1, S. Muthu Selvi 2

Title: Energy Aware Compressive Sensing Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): 1K.Vaishnu Sankareshwari, 2R.Saranya, 3Dr.K.Ramasamy

Title: Perceptual Quality Measure of Screen Content Images

Author(s): Ms.S.Chinmaya 1, Mr. R. Balaji 2

Title: ECG with Temperature Sensing and Sudden Informer

Author(s): Haseena.P.A1, R.Dharmalingam2

Title: A Framework for Natural Disaster Management System Using Twitter Data

Author(s): M.V.Sangameswar1, Dr. M.Nagabhushana Rao2, M.Shiva Kumar3

Title: Qualitative Significant Image Reports in Image Reclamation Structure for Ontology

Author(s): Sonia Jenifer Rayen 1, T.GraceWinsolin 2

Title: Benami Identification Using Mining with Bigdata Analytics

Author(s): Sonia Jenifer Rayen1, Divya M2, Farheen Tasneem Z3, Nivetha M4

Title: Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption: Secure Data Sharing In Cloud

Author(s): Sonia Jenifer Rayen1,Bharathi P2, Renuka V3, Saranya R4

Title: Development of IOT Based Secured Emission Test 

Author(s): Shama Kashyap, Pruthvi N, Mohammed Emad, Dr T H Sreenivas

Title: A Review on the Text Segmentation Techniques

Author(s): Harpreet mann, Chetan Marwaha

Title: A Review on the Performance of Object Detection Algorithm

Author(s): Rubaljot kaur, Chetan Marwaha

Title: Transformerless UPFC Using Multilevel Inverter

Author(s): R.Vishwa Priya1, Dr.S.K.Nandha Kumar2

Title: Potential Applications of Ultrasonic Sensor

Author(s): Mohit Rane1, Kalpan Mehta2

Title: Optimisation of Damping in Short Fiber Reinforced Aligned Composites: A Review of literature using Micromechanical Analysis

Author(s): Manish Pandeya*, Dr. Sanjay Shuklaa

Title: Security Based Deduplication with Efficient and Reliable Data Storage

Author(s): J.Sreejith, A. Jeno Kalaiselvi Sathya

Title: Adaptive Acknowledgement Techniques to Improving Security for MANETs Using MRA Scheme

Author(s): 1C.Muthupriya, 2G.Sivakumar, 3Dr.K.Ramasamy

Title: Information Security: A Saga of Security Measures

Author(s): Neha Tyagi1, Ashish Agarwal2, Anurag Katiyar2, Shubham Garg2, Shudhanshu Yadav2

Title: Automatic Toll Collection System Using QR Code

Author(s): Vinod Suryawanshi 1, Aditya Gosavi 2, Unmani Joshi 3, Sagar Suri 4

Title: Evaluation of Software Testing Techniques Using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): V.Sathyavathy

Title: Load Balancing of Intermediate Nodes to Extend Network Lifetime

Author(s): Tanuj Kumar Mishra1, Raj Kumar Paul2

Title: Implementation of Chopper Fed Speed Control of Separately Excited DC Motor Using PI Controller 

Author(s): R.Nagarajan1, S.Sathishkumar2 S.Deepika3, G.Keerthana4, J.K.Kiruthika5, R.Nandhini6

Title: Restricted Legal Dictionary generation for Legal Domain Specific Mining

Author(s): B.V. Rama Krishna1, B. Basaveswar Rao2, K.Gangadhar Rao3,K.Chandan4

Title: Detection of Traffic Sign using Feature Based Method

Author(s): Shweta Thakre1, Prof.N.P.Bhosale2

Title: Visual Authentication Protocol With QR Generation And Image Processing

Author(s): Prof. Archana Jadhav, Neemish Chavan, Ashish Chavan, Lokesh Bhoir, Balkrishna Naik

Title: A Practical Approach for Parallel k-means

Author(s): Sonal Sharma1, Preeti Gupta2, Pooja Parnami3

Title: Vehicle Communication System Using Li-Fi Technology

Author(s): G. Vidhya Krishnan1, R.Nagarajan2, T. Durka3, M.Kalaiselvi4, M.Pushpa5, S. Shanmuga priya6

Title: Motif Placement on Garment Pattern: Comparison and Development of a CAD Tool

Author(s): Shalini Singh1, Rajeev Singh2

Title: Survey of MapReduce on Big Data

Author(s): Mr.A.Antony Prakash1, Dr. A.Aloysius2

Title: Survey of Brain Abnormality using Gabor Wavelets

Author(s): Sanjay Shingade1, Pritesh Jain2

Title: Multimodal Biometric In Human Identification Of Finger Vein Patterns Using Score Level And GSA

Author(s): R. Mahalakshmi*, Mr.R.Purushothaman,ME,

Title: Policy Based Detection during Emergency and Sharing Secure Information

Author(s): K.Akshaya#1, S.Anu Priya#2, I.Ashwini#3, Mrs.Devi*4

Title: Intelligent Smart Home Automation and Security System Using Arduino and Wi-fi

Author(s): J.Chandramohan1, R.Nagarajan2, K.Satheeshkumar3, N.Ajithkumar4, P.A.Gopinath5, S.Ranjithkumar6

Title: Fraud Resilient Device Offline Micro-Payments using Bit-Exchange Algorithms

Author(s): R.Bargavi, Dr. L.Jaba Sheela

Title: Smart Environmental Monitoring System Using Labview

Author(s): V.Anupriya 1, A.Manimozhi2,D.Nivetha3,P.Nivethitha4

Title: Cognitive Weighted Polymorphism Factor: Empirical and Theoretical Validations

Author(s): T. Francis Thamburaj1, A. Aloysius2

Title: An Improved Run Length Encoding Scheme for Image Compression

Author(s): Ch.Samson1, VUK Sastry2

Title: Automatic Detection of Tuberculosis in Chest Radiography Using Fuzzy Classifier

Author(s): R.Krithika*, Mrs.K.Alice.,ME,(Ph.D)

Title: Improving Rating Predection Accuracy by Exploring Social User Sentiments

Author(s): 1T. Grace Winsolin ,2 R.Kowsalya ,3M. Santhakumari, 4S. Sowndarya

Title: Internet of Things for Business

Author(s): Nagaraju Kilari

Title: Ear Recognition by Feature Extraction Using Force Field Transformation

Author(s): K. Mohanapriya, Mr.M.Babu,Me,(Ph.D)

Title: Review Paper on Wireless Power Transmission for Charging Mobile Devices

Author(s): Suprabhat Das

Title: Landslide Monitoring Using Flux Sensor by Wireless Technique

Author(s): Benit Christy Jeba C.M, Harini.G, Harshinee.D, Mrs. Kalaiselvi. Me.

Title: Implementation of IoT In Smart Robotics: A Survey

Author(s): Libin M George1, Annu Mariam Abraham2, Ananthapadmanabhan J3 , Vineetha Anna Saji4 ,  Anil A R5

Title: A Comparative Study of SVM Kernel Functions Based on Polynomial Coefficients and V-Transform Coefficients

Author(s): D.Shanthini1, M.Shanthi2, Dr.M.C.Bhuvaneswari3

Title: Review on Content Based Medical Image Retrieval System and Techniques

Author(s): Ms. Neha Malviya1, Dr. Naveen Choudhary2, Ms. Kalpana Jain3

Title: Text Classification Using Centroid Technique

Author(s): Shalini1, Ubeeka Jain2

Title: Automatic Rule Detection and POS Tagging of Punjabi Text

Author(s): Er.Davinder Kaur1, Er.Ubeeka Jain2

Title: Empboard

Author(s): Dr. Diana moses1, Annu2, Monika chowdhary3, Obaid Ur Rehman Khan4

Title: Reliable and Intelligent Automated Networking Framework for Internet Networking

Author(s): #1A.P.V. Raghavendra,#2 T.Mohanapriya, #3 T.Brindha

Title: Multilevel Security Models in Real-Time Database Systems: Comparing and Analyzing

Author(s): Ebrahim Abduljalil, Dr.S.B.Thorat2

Title: Virtual Keyboard

Author(s): Shaicy P Shaji, Leo Pius, Maritta Simon P, Tressa Francis,Vishnu Babu K, Vineeth Francis

Title: Cluster Based Data Mining Technique for Identification of User Behavior

Author(s): J.Kumaran Kumar, E.Karunakaran2, K.M.Sabarivelan3



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