Title: Comparitive Study on Sentiment Analysis Techniques and User Behavior Prediction on Twitter Data

Author(s): Aarabhi Babu 1,  Dr.Vince Paul 2

Title: Identification and Removal of Interfernce in Aspectj Programs

Author(s): G. Barani1, V. Suganya2, S. Rajesh3

Title: Analysis and Evaluation of Techniques for Managing Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data in a MapReduce Platform

Author(s): Dina Darwish

Title: Analysis of Database Services for Cloud

Author(s): Ankita Kaushik1, Dr. Vikas Kumar2, Dr. Amit Chaturvedi3

Title: A Unified Framework for Both Graph and Pattern Matching Using IPaM-WAG

Author(s): Mrs. R.Hemalatha1, Ms.M.Aarthi2

Title: Survey on Emerging Security Mechanisms for Medical Cyber Physical Systems

Author(s): Anupama C V #1, Misha Ravi#2

Title: Mobile Web Based Android Application for College Management Sysytem

Author(s): A.J.Kadam1, Aradhana Singh2, Komal Jagtap3, Srujana Tankala4

Title: A Web Navigation Frame Work to Identify the Influence of Faculty on Students Using Datamining Tecniques

Author(s): Rekha Sundari.M1, Srininvas.Y2, Prasad Reddy.PVGD3

Title: Securing E-healthcare records on Cloud Using Relevant data classification and Encryption

Author(s): Rizwana Shaikh 1, Jagrutee Banda2, Pragna Bandi3

Title: Survey on Matching Of Users in Social Networks Using Friend Book

Author(s): Ms. D.Saral Jeeva Jothi1, Ms.R.Ramyadevi2

Title: Efficient Data Transmission with Barcode Modulation Based On DPSK-OFDM

Author(s): Neerudu Uma Maheshwari

Title: A Study on Prediction of User Behavior Based on Web Server Log Files in Web Usage Mining

Author(s): Anurag kumar1, Vaishali Ahirwar2, Ravi Kumar Singh3

Title: Online Traffic Light Control System

Author(s): G. Karthika1, S. Prabhu Ram2

Title: Detecting Spammers on Social Networks

Author(s): Mrs. A.Jesila Banu, Mr. N.Nasurudeen Ahamed, Mr.B.Manivannan, Mrs.K.Vanitha, Dr.M.Mohamed Musthafa

Title: Autonomous Car: The Future of Secured Transportation

Author(s): Ms.Jashwanthi A.

Title: Architecture for Internet of Things (IOT) for Home Automation

Author(s): Shaikh Amreen1, Londhe Nishigandha2, Birhade Apeksha3, Gaikwad Jayprakash4 ,Kodak Priyesh5

Title: Increase accuracy the recognition of objects using artificial neural network technology

Author(s): Mahmoud Mohamed Hamoud Kaid* Muawia Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud

Title: The Components that can build Flexible & Efficient Software Defined Network

Author(s): Deepak Kumar#1, Manu Sood*2

Title: RF Based Localization Antenna for Wireless Communication

Author(s): Vikas

Title: MMLSL: Modelling Mobile Learning for Sign Language

Author(s): Hebah H.O. Nasereddin

Title: Classifying sentiments of twitter data using Bay’s neural network

Author(s): Megha Saraswat1, Mr. Rahul Patel2

Title: Real Time College Bus Tracking Application for Android Smartphone

Author(s): Supriya Sinha1, Pooja Sahu2, Monika Zade3, Roshni Jambhulkar4, Prof. Shrikant V. Sonekar5

Title: An Improved Document Clustering with Multiview Point Similarity /Dissimilarity measures

Author(s): Monika Raghuvanshi1, Rahul Patel2

Title: Security protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): P. Udaya Sri1, S. Sravani2, G. Priyanka3

Title: Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Network on location basis

Author(s): K.Rajesh

Title: Implementation to Extract Text from Different Images by Using Tesseract Algorithm

Author(s): Akshay Parwar1, Akansha Goverdhan2, Apurva Gajbhiye3, Prajkta Deshbhratar4, Roshan Zamare5, Prasanna Lohe6

Title: Implementation of Personalized Web Search with Privacy Protection

Author(s): Dr. K. Sagar

Title: Review on 32-Bit IEEE 754 Complex Number Multiplier Based on FFT Architecture using BOOTH Algorithm

Author(s): Ms. Anuja  A. Bhat1 , Prof. Mangesh N.Thakare2

Title: An Efficient Method to Group In The Social Media Using Microblogging Information

Author(s): Gowtham.P*1, Nasrudeen Ahameed.N*2,B.Manivannan*3

Title: Spam Reviews Detection Using Hadoop

Author(s): Akshay Chavan1, Omkar Darekar2, Omkar Kulkarni3, Yash Jain4

Title: A Hybrid Multi Threaded Task Scheduling and Knapsack Load Balancing in Multiple Cloud Centers

Author(s): C.Antony1, C.Chandrasekar2

Title: Optimized Chemical Bond Pattern Search Using Tree Indexing Technique

Author(s): Sathya.S, Rajendran.N

Title: Data Mining With Big Data Using Clustering Based Collaborative Filtering

Author(s): Monali V. Mhaske1, Priyanka Namdev Ubale2, Dipika Nana Nagtilak3, Punam Mahadev Jamdade4

Title: An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topsis DSS Model with Weight Determining Methods

Author(s): V.Thiagarasu1, R.Dharmarajan2

Title: Mining Correlation Rules for Interval - Vague Sets

Author(s): P.Umasankar1, V. Thiagarasu2

Title: Efficiency Improvement in Data Detection

Author(s): Qadri Syeda Asra Arshia

Title: Data Mining Techniques for the Prediction of Kidney Diseases and Treatment: A Review

Author(s): Ms. Astha Ameta1, Ms. Kalpana Jain2

Title: A Unified Bigdata Analysis Platform Using Hadoop Technology

Author(s): Suma M.R, Sanjana P, Bharath Kumar S

Title: An Approach for Composing Web Services through OWL

Author(s): Kumudavalli.N

Title: Performance Analysis Of Data Mining Algorithms For Breast Cancer Cell Detection Using Naïve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Decision Tree

Author(s): Subrata Kumar Mandal

Title: A Novel Method for Determining Link Correlation and Candidate Key in VANETs

Author(s): A . Emmanuel Peo Mariadas1,  Dr. R . Madhanmohan2

Title: Genetic Approach on Descriptive Modeling of Data Mining

Author(s): Divya Uppal Sakhuja, Dr.V.K.Pathak

Title: Knowledge Discovery using Data Mining

Author(s): Divya Uppal  Sakhuja, Dr. V.K.Patha



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