Title: Classification and Analysis of Web Multimedia Data using Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): Siddu P. Algur1, Basavaraj A. Goudannavar2*, Prashant Bhat3

Title: Weighted Energy Efficient Cluster Based Algorithm in MANET

Author(s): Sanehi Sirohi1, Manoj Yadav2

Title: Training Feed forward Neural Network With Backpropogation Algorithm

Author(s): RashmiAmardeep1 and Dr.K ThippeSwamy2

Title: Comparative Study of RSA and Probabilistic Encryption/Decryption Algorithms

Author(s): N. Priya1 And Dr. M. Kannan2

Title: Identification of Human using Palm-Vein Images: A new trend in biometrics

Author(s): Miss. Swapnali  N. Dere, Dr. A. A. Gurjar

Title: An Efficient Fair Resource Allocation in Multicast Networks

Author(s): M.Sangeetha

Title: Prediction of Breast Cancer using Random Forest, Support Vector Machines and Naïve Bayes

Author(s): Madeeh Nayer Elgedawy1

Title: A Novelistic Querying procedure for clustering the Legal Precedents

Author(s): 1B.Basaveswar Rao, 2B.V.RamaKrishna, 3K.Gangadhara Rao, 4K.Chandan

Title: Analytical Solutions For Security Issues In Cloud Environment

Author(s): Smaranika Mohapatra1 and Dr. Kusum Lata Jain2

Title: Ionic Liquids – A New Era in Green Chemistry

Author(s): T.Vedavathi, T.Srinivas

Title: Development of Students Results Monitoring System Model

Author(s): Sulis Sandiwarno

Title: Constant amplitude fatigue crack growth life prediction of 8090 Al-alloy by ANFIS 

Author(s): J. R. Mohanty

Title: Hybrid Technique Based Blind Digital Image Watermarking

Author(s): Shubhangi Pande1, Santosh Varshney2

Title: A Review on Dynamic Clustering: Using Density Metrics

Author(s): Megha S.Mane1, Prof.N.R.Wankhade2

Title: Energy consumption of High Power MANET Using LVC

Author(s): K.Santhya, Dr.N. Sasirekha

Title: Implementation of OFDM wireless communication model for achieving the improved BER using DWT-OFDM

Author(s): M. Praveen 1, E. Adinarayana 2 , Dr .V.S.R.Kumari 3

Title: Review of protocols used in Multicasting Communication

Author(s): Ashish, Jyotsana pandey

Title: Specific Trait Identification in Margins Using Hand Written Cursive

Author(s): Syeda Asra1, Dr.Shubhangi DC2

Title: Sentiment Analysis of Reviews for E-Shopping Websites

Author(s): Dr. U Ravi Babu1

Title: Ashirwad: An extremely cost efficient Swabbing Robot

Author(s): Rupinder Kaur

Title: DNA Computing

Author(s): Rajni

Title: Approaches for Camera Source Identification: A Review

Author(s): Mr. Amol P. Khapare 1, Mrs. D. A. Phalke 2

Title: Analysis of handwriting patterns of Dyslexic Children vis-à-vis the non-dyslexics using Hamming Distance

Author(s): Dr. Jyotsna Dongardive, Malhar Margaj

Title: Double-Faced Data Hiding Techniques in Images using RIT: A Survey

Author(s): Mr. Santosh Kale

Title: Balancing Load in Smartphone’s

Author(s): Rakesh Podaralla, Dr., V.Hanuman Kumar

Title: Optimizing Information Rate in Polynomial Based Image Secret Sharing Scheme Using Huffman Coding

Author(s): Nehal Markandeya, Prof.Dr.Sonali Patil

Title: Image Compression Using Huffman Coding

Author(s): Nehal Markandeya, Prof.Dr.Sonali Patil

Title: A Study on Web Content Mining

Author(s): Anurag kumar1, Ravi Kumar Singh2

Title: Finding the Routing Table by Dynamic Processing Method in Distance Vector Routing

Author(s): Jyotsana Pandey1, Ashish2

Title: Usage of Data Mining Techniques for combating cyber security

Author(s): Farhad Alam1, Sanjay Pachauri2

Title: Evaluating Prediction of Customer Churn Behavior Based On Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Author(s): Riddhima Rikhi Sharma, Rajan Sachdeva

Title: Data Hiding System with Mosaic Image for Protected Communication

Author(s): Manjunatha N and Mrs. Reshma M

Title: Recursive Formulation Based Parallel Self Timed Adder Design Based Architectural Design and CMOS Implementation Approach

Author(s): Badavath Ravikumar, Fouziya Yasmeen

Title: Behaviour analysis of STREE, SABR and SARDS under different simulation enviornements:A Case Study

Author(s): Roopashree H.R., Dr. Anita Kanavalli

Title: Research for Cipher Chip for the Encryption of Sensor data: A Survey

Author(s): Shali Sara Abraham , Supriya L.P.

Title: Survey on Opportunistic Routing Protocol: JOKER

Author(s): Brejit Lilly Abraham, Anjana P.Nair

Title: Foundation of Ethics and Practice in Amitābha Cult: Modern Social Perspective

Author(s): Le Trong Nghia

Title: Maximization Influence Flow Using Modified Greedy Algorithm

Author(s): Jyoti Rani1, Prof. Ashwani Sethi2

Title: Mining Web Graphs for Large Scale Meta Search Engine Results

Author(s): Bandi Krishna1 and Dr.V.B.Narasimha2

Title: Graphical Password as an OTP

Author(s): Veena Rathanavel1, Swati Mali2

Title: A Survey on Smart Ration Card System

Author(s): Golden Bagul1, Brendon Desouza2, Tejaswini Gaikwad3, Ankush Panghanti4, Trupti Kumbhare5

Title: Development of Embedded Application for Receiver Processor Unit

Author(s): B Charan Singh1, Vandana Khare2

Title: Survey on Efficient Certificateless Access Control for Wireless Body Area Networks

Author(s): Jeena Sara Viju#1, Sruthy S#2

Title: A Literature Survey on Password Extraction via Reconstructed Wireless Mouse Trajectory

Author(s): Divya S, Anju J Prakash

Title: A Review in Statistical Aspects of Data Mining

Author(s): K.Samundeeswari, Dr.K.Srinivasan

Title: Survey on Face Recognition in the Scrambled Dataset by Using Many Kernels

Author(s): Sreehara .B, Lashma .K

Title: Survey on Integrated Design of Smartphone Interface with Multiple Image Processing Methods

Author(s): Lija John, Vani V Prakash

Title: Survey on Smartphone Enabled Intelligent Surveillance System

Author(s): Asha Murali, Amina Beevi A

Title: Survey on Monitoring Aquatic Debris Using Smartphone-Based Robots

Author(s): Sreelekshmi .B, Vidya .N

Title: Survey on a Lightweight Authenticated Communication Scheme for Smart Grid

Author(s): Sneha .U, Liji Samuel

Title: Adaptive Harmonic Elimination in a Grid-Connected Three-Phase PV Inverter

Author(s): G Chandra Sekhar *, P Rama Krishna**

Title: A Grid Connected Three Phase PV Quasi-Z-Source Inverter with Double Frequency Ripple Suppression Control

Author(s): SivaSiddhartha Chalasani*, Ch Chinna Veeraiah**

Title: Raspberry PI 3 Based Control and Monitor Remote Machine Automation

Author(s): Rekha Onkar Nehete1, Prof. A.S. Bhide2

Title: Detection of File Level and Block Level Deduplication and attacks in Cloud Computing Environment

Author(s): Ms. Samita Mokal. Prof. Nilima D. Nikam. Prof. Vaishali Londhe

Title: Brain MR Image Segmentation for Tumor Detection using Artificial Neural

Author(s): Prof. Vrushali Borase. Prof. Gayatri Naik. Prof. Vaishali Londhe

Title: An Overview of Distributed System for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Nalin Chaudhary1, Abhishek Choudhary2, Manoj Kumar3

Title: A Modified Approach on Security Analysis Using Probabilistic Order Preserving Encryption Based on Cloud Data Serach

Author(s): Ingale Ashwini Nagnath1, Kanherkar Harshali Balaso2,Kanse Sonali Dilip3, Naykinde Pallavi Babasaheb4 , Prof.Belsare P.P.5

Title: ADFC Robot: Ashirwad

A Low cost much efficient ADFC(Autonomous Dry Floor Clean-up) Robot

Author(s): Rupinder Kaur1, Kamalpreet Kaur2, Harpreet Kaur3



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