Title : Design Pattern Detection by Sub Graph Isomorphism Technique 

Authors : Rajwant Singh Rao1, Manjari Gupta2

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Title : NFC Technology and Social Networking

Authors : Sukeshini S. Tabhane

Image description

Title : Non Blind Watermarking Scheme for Image and Video using DWT-SVD

Authors : T.Naga JyothiK.Hari Babu


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Title : A New Approach to Minimise Network Blocking In 4g for Better Accessibility

Authors : Ms.P.Leela, Ms.M.V.S Ambika, Ms.K.Manichandana, Ms.P.Mounika, Mr. K.YashodharYadav

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Title :Secure Communication for Multiparty OSN

Authors : Jaheer Ahmed Syed Shaik.Abdul


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Title : “Review on Redundancy in Electronics

Author :Mr. Gurudatt Kulkarni1, Prof. Mrs. Lalita Wani2

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Title : Remote Method Invocation – Usage & Implementation 

Authors : 1Nivedita Joshi,2Pooja Singh

Image description

Title : Tremplin C# Database Application Development Compressed

Authors : Prasanta Kumar Paul


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Title : A new routing approach in P2P Networks

Authors : Samira kalantary

Image description

Title : Survey on Methods for Enhancing Web Navigation 

Authors :  Adhokshaj Haridas 1, Prof. Vinod Nayyar 2

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Title : Convergence of pv system with Buck-Boost Converter using MPPT Techniques.

Authors : Lipika Nanda1, Sushree Sibani Das2

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Title : A study on inverted Tshaped micro strip antenna at different frequencies

Authors : Deepak1,DhaynendraParashar2,  Dr.Vinod  K.Singh3,  Rajeev S. Pathak4


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Title : A Study on Scalable Internet Traffic Measurement and Analysis with Hadoop

Authors : Yogesh V. Kadam1, Prof. Vaibhav Dhore2



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Title: A Hamming Distance Based Dynamic Key Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Ramu Kuchipudi1, K.Vaishnavi Prapujitha2, Y.G Shantha Reddy3

Image description

Title : Overview of Fifth Generation Mobile Communications

Authors : Kavita Sogale, Dr.D.J.Pete

Image description

Title : Analysis Tool for Radar Data Using C’ Oriented Approach

Authors :S.Manasseh1, G.Prashanth2, D. Sai krishna3, M. Sai Bhargav4

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Title :Recognizing Spam Zombies by Monitoring leaving Messages
Authors : R.Vasantha kumar1,Mr.K.Ravi Kumar2
Image description

Title : A Realistic Approach to Systematic Reuse

Authors : Sampath Korra1, Dr S.Viswanadha Raju2, Dr A.Vinaya Babu3

Image description

Title : Low Quality Image Information Enhancement Using SVD Fusion Technique

Authors : Gagandeep Kour, Sharad P. Singh

Image description

Title : Control of power flow in grid by using distribution facts controller

Authors : Madhu varkol, Manoja varkol, L.V.Ramana , K.Sandhya Rani

Image description

Title : Cryptography Implementation in IP Datagram

Authors : C.Sajeev, C.Suyambulingom

Image description

Title : Strength of Evolving Agent Population in MAS

Authors :  M.Eniya, M.Vinothkumar

Image description

Title : DC/DC Boost Converter Functionality in a Three-Phase IMC

Authors : Sree Vardhan, S.V. Panidhar

Image description

Title : Adaptation in Neural Networks: A Review


Authors : Shobhna Yadav1, Apoorvi Sood2


Image description

Title : Applications of Video Data Base Management System (Vdbms) For Video Query Processing


Authors : 1Dr. D.S.Kushwaha & 2Ayushi Kushwaha


Image description

Title : Numerical Integration over Curved Domains Using Convex Quadrangulations And Gauss Legendre Quadrature Rules

Authors : H.T. Rathoda1*, A. S. Hariprasadb1, K.V.Vijayakumarb2, Bharath Ratho, C.S.Nagabhushanac

Image description

Title : Effect of PWM Vibrations on Microfluidic Flow Across a Cu-Mica Microchannel

Authors : Harneet Kour Khajuria1, Simranjit Kaur2, Parveen Lehana3

Image description

Title : Efficient Methods to Secure Web Application From Major Threats

Authors :  Sanaz Jafari, Prof.Dr.Suhas H. Patil

Image description

Title : Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques & Emergence of Intrusion Detection System

Authors : Ch. Raju, Thirupathi Marupaka, Arvind Tudigani

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