Title : An ImmuneInspired Behavior-based Multi-AgentModel forDetectingNetworkClients’ Misbehavior

Author : Elnaz B. Noeparast1, Reza Ravanmehr2, Ramin Nasiri3

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Title : Network Security: Virtual Private Network

Authors : Sonika, Monika, Sonal

Image description

Title : An Adapted Group Method of Data Handling for Abrupt Data Analysis

Authors : Vikas Lamba, Sunita Lamba

Image description

Title : Efficient Data Mining For Mining Classification Using Neural Network

Authors : Mrs.Maruthaveni.R, Mrs.Renuka Devi.S.V

Image description

Title : Physical Security: A Biometric Approach

Authors : Preeti, Rajni

Image description

Title : Computer Viruses and Challenges for Anti-virus Industry

Authors : Deepak Kumar1, Narender Kumar2, Aditya Kumar3

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Title : Review On: Object Detection And Tracking To Implement Human- Machine Interaction.

Author : Neha Nirantar , Prajakta Panse , Omkar Rahane , Saurabh Satralkar , Prof.Payal Kulkarni

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Title : Security issues in Voice over IP: A Review

Authors : Rajni, Preeti, Ritu Baniwal

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Authors : S. Mahalakshmi, Dr. M. Kamarajan

Image description

Title : A Survey on Visible Light Communication

 Authors : Jacqueline J.George1, Mohammed Hayder Mustafa2, Nada Mahjoub Osman3, Nuha Hashim Ahmed4,Da’ad Mohammed Hamed5

Image description

Title : A New BBBC based LEACH Algorithm for Energy Efficient Routing in WSN

Authors : Archana#1  Sukhjinder kaur#2

Image description

Title : Authentication of System using Text, Image and Audio

Authors : Vikash Kumar Agarwal1, Bhaskra Nand2, Lalitendu khandagiri3

Image description

Title : A Review of Various Trust Management Models for Cloud Computing Storage Systems

Authors : Mr. Anup R. Nimje1, Prof. V.T.Gaikwad2, Prof. H.N.Datir3

Image description

Title : ATM Technology Prospects: A Review

Authors : Deepak Kumar1, Aditya Kumar2, Neha Choudhary3

Image description


Authors : Kanya Devi J, Kanimozhi S

Image description

Title : Flash Drive Communication Using Embedded System

Authors : Singh Harpreet 1 , Kaur Kamaldeep2

Image description

Title : Virtual Touch Screen Using Microsoft Kinect

Authors : Ekta Parwani1, Apeksha Pawar2, Chirag Ajwani3, Prof. Govind Pole4

Image description

Title : Improving Security Authentication of IEEE 802.16 WiMax with New Public key algorithm

Authors : Prakash Kuppuswamy1, Sikandhar Shah2

Image description

Title : Energy Efficient Routing in MANET: A Survey

Authors : Shruti Verma, Pushpa Singh

Image description

Title : An Ethernet Based Monitoring and Controlling Of Home Appliances Using Rabbit Processor

Authors : Patil Ketan C  , Patil Rohan A , Musale Shrikant K , Prof. D.B. Rane

Image description

Title : Cloud Computing Security using Federated Key Management

Authors : Dr. Atulbhai Patel, Kalpit Soni

Image description

Title : Enhancing Unsupervised Approach For Person Name Bipolarization

Authors : Sathya D#1, Kaladevi P*2

Image description

Title : A Efficient Approach Used for Identifying Distraction of statue Image

Authors : C.Kanimozhi1, Dr.A.Gnanabaskaran

Image description

Title : Virtual Network Computing- A Technique to Control Android Phones Remotely

Authors : Priyadarshani Raskar1, Sejal Patel2, Pragati Badhe1, Prof. Archana Lomte2

Image description

Title : Mobile Network Area Selection and Analysis of 3G GSM Network Site

Authors : Ms.Neetu Sharma#1, Ms. Neelkamal Chaudhary#2

Image description

Title : Zone Based Analysis Of Zrp Under Varying Mobility And Transmission Range In Manets

Authors : Anil Manohar  Dogra, Rajvir singh

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