Title : Single Image Super Resolution Using Sparse Representation with Image Fusion Principle

Authors : Eman A. Sultan 1 , Said E. El-Khamy 2, EL-Sayed El-Rabie1, Nawal A. El-Fishawy1, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie

Title :  Data Encryption and Decryption Algorithms using Key Rotations for Data Security in Cloud System

Author : Prakash G L1 ,Dr. Manish Prateek2 and Dr. Inder Singh3

Title : A New Approach to an All Quadrilateral Mesh Generation over Arbitrary Linear Polygonal Domains for Finite Element Analysis

Authors : H.T. Rathoda*, Bharath Rathodb, K. T. Shivaramc ,A. S. Hariprasad d,  K.V.Vijayakumar d,K. Sugantha Devie

Title : Use of NFC Technology In Electronic Ticket System For Public Transport

Authors : M.R.Waghe, P.A.Pawar, Prof S.N. Bhadane

Title : The Proposal of an Efficient Cyber forensics tool using Neural Networks and Image Mining concepts

Authors : P Ramesh Babu1 Hunde Merga Dugassa2Abebe Gemeda3

Title : A Smart Home Security System Based On Arm7 Processor

Authors : Kharik Abhishek R, Chaudhari Archana, Prof.R.R.Bhambare

Title : A Review of Research Work in Software Engineering

Authors : Madhu Kumari1, Meera Sharma2, Ajay Kumar3

Title : A Review of Research Work in Software Engineering

Authors : Madhu Kumari1, Meera Sharma2, Ajay Kumar3

Title : The Case study of Energy Conservation & Audit in Industry Sector

Authors : Mehulkumar J Panchal1, Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi2, Rajendra Aparnathi3

Title : Clustering Approach To Test Case Prioritization Using Code Coverage Metric

Authors : Medhun Hashini D.R1

Title : PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems

Author : Gondge Sagar S1, Jawalkoti Chaitanya B2,Raut Pranoti N3, Ms.N.K. Bhandari4

Title : An Effective Classification and Novel Class Detection of Data Streams

Authors : G.Divya1, MR.D.BrightAnand2


Authors : Nirupama.Sheelwant, Sandeep.Sheelwant

Title : Review on Software Ecosystem: An Emerging Area

Authors : Rohit Deshmukh

Title : Atm Transaction Security System Using Biometric Palm Print Recognition And Transaction Confirmation System

Authors : Asst. Prof. Sanjay S. Ghodke, Harshad Kolhe, Saurabh Chaudhari, Kedar Deshpande, Mahendrakumar Dantarao, Somesh Athavle

Title : Mining Hashtags: The Tweet Suggestion System

Authors : Anuraag Vikram Kate 1  Nikilav P V2 Kasthuri Rengan3


Authors : V.Senthilvel¹, A.Arjun²

Title : Optimal Sizing And Placement Of Capacitor In A Radial Distribution System Using LossSensitivity Factor And Firefly Algorithm.

Authors : Priyanka Das1, S Banerjee2

Title : Evaluation Of The Reduction In Switching Time And Stress In Constant Electric Power Dependent Public Utilities By Automatic Mains And Phase Changer

Authors : Lasisi Hammed, Oladokun Ajibola Samson,

Title : iMobile: Remote Access for Android Phones

Authors : Prof. Jayvant H. Devare, Sonali D.Kotkar, DipaliN.Nilakh, Priyanka S.Solat, Shradha S.Wabale

Title : Providing Information Security Using ArcSight SIEM in an Organization.

Authors : Aamir Sohail

Title : Identification of diseases of Soybean Using Cluster Analysis

Authors : Mamta Tiwari, Dr. Bharat Mishra

Title : Agile Development Methodology with cloud computing

Authors : Neha Jain1 And Shipra Dubey2

Title : Twitance -Twitter Recommendation and Analytic Tool

Authors : Ashish Singh, Rohit Khatana, Jitendra Kumar, Aravind S, Gautam Rege, Geeta Patil

Title : Local Route Repair Mechanism for AODV 

Authors : Arpit Dhingra1, Anil Kumar2

Title : Fabrication Of Thin Film Transistor Using High K Dielectric Materials

Authors : S.Arunprathap, 2A.Napolean, 3 Cyril Robinson Azariah J  

Title : DDOS Attack And Detection For Secured Cloud Computing Resources

Authors : 1.Danveer Singh, 2.Basant Kumar Gupta 3.Harshit Gupta

Title : Disease Identification in Iris Using Gabor Filter

Authors : G.DurgaDevi1 D.M.D Preethi2

Title :An explicit   finite   element integration scheme using   automatic mesh generation technique for linear   convex quadrilaterals over plane regions  

Authors : H.T. Rathoda*, Bharath Rathodb,  Shivaram K.T c  , H. Y. Shrivallid  , Tara Rathode,K. Sugantha Devi f

Title : Twilight in the Wireless Web: Light Fidelity

Authors : Pankaj Mehendiratta1, Surbhi Gupta2, Rohit Sharma3

Title : Netflow Traffic Analyzer For worm detection- A   Survey

Authors : Manish Khule1, Megha Singh2, Deepak Kulhare3

Title : Customization Issues In Cloud Based Multi Tenant SaaS Applications

Authors : Mala Dutta1, Pritesh Gupta2

Title : Tracking A Dynamic Target in Wireless Sensor Network Using Enhanced Polygon Based Framework

Authors : Ramya A R1 ,  P Mangayarkarasi2


Authors : Ripandeep kaur1 and Manpreet kaur2

Title : Age Synthesis and Estimation From Face Image

Authors : Ms. Deepali R. gadbail1, Prof. S.S. Dhande2, Prof.Kanchan M. Pimple3

Title : Digital Image Watermarking For Bank Security Using Arm Processor

Authors : Purushottam Wadekar, Prakash S. Jadhav, Vishal Raj, Prof.N.K.Bhandari

Title : Prediction Of Elastic Modulus From Compessive  Modulus Of Lime Stabilized Lateritic Soil For Mechanistic Design Using The Split Cylinder

Authors : D.B.Eme, J.C.Agunwamba

Title : Power Quality Improvement Techniques In Hybrid Systems – A Review

Authors : V.Srikanth1, A. Naveen kumar2

Title : Cloud Storage, Issues and Solution

Authors : Jitendra Singh, Ashish Jha*

Title : Privacy Preservation Of Sensitive Attributes Using  Hybrid Approach

Authors : M. Geetha *1, V. Uma Rani 2

Title : Short Term Load Prediction of a Distribution Network based on an Artificial Intelligent Method

Authors : K.Aruna, Dr.N.Yadaiah 

Title : Design of a Power System Stabilizer for aSynchronous Generator Using HybridIntelligent Controller

Authors : V.Sanjeeva Rao, Dr.B.V.Shankarram 

Title : Satellite Image enhancement using Combination of Transform Techniques and Interpolation Methods

Authors : R.Swaminathan1, Dr.Manoj Wadhwa2

Title : River: A Reliable Inter-Vehicular Routing Protocol For Vehicular Adhoc Networks

Authors : R.Mallika Devi., Dr.B.Srinivasan.

Title : Network Security: Spoofing-The Online Attacks

Authors : Mr. Vinod Saroha, Ritu Mehta, Sonia,Asha

Title : IRCAR: Improved Reputation based Context-aware Routing Algorithm for Delay Tolerant Network

Authors : Aditya Pancholi, Sapna Grover

Title : Research on Android app Vs Apple app Market: Who is leading?

Authors : Shivam Jaiswal 1,Ajay Kumar 2

Title : Cloud computing: Beginning of a new technical era

Neha Jain1,Shipra Dubey2ander.Rajesh Kumar

Title : Comparative study of CPW-fed Bowtie antenna with ACS-fed Bowtie antenna for wireless applications

Authors : Bathala V. Sindooja, T. Anita Jones Mary

Title : Profit Maximization Using Prediction Model

Authors : Devare Jayvant1 ,Phalke Vrushali2,Ajabe Varsha3,Phalke Ashwini and Chaudhari Sheetal4

Title : Routing in Delay Tolerant Mobile Network: A Comparative Analysis

Authors : Sapna Grover, Aditya Pancholi          

Title : Survey of MARS: Spatial Link Quality and Node Positioning in Wireless Relay Network

Authors : Suganya.G, Mrs. A. Mary joycy 





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