Title : Novel Cache Replacement Algorithm

Authors : Namrata Dafre1, Deepak Kapgate2

Title : Design and Analysis of Integrated Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps Featuring HPF

Authors : M Vijay Shanthi1, Dr M Sushama2

Title : review paper on securing th e PKI using the ECDS

Authors : Sheetal sharma, Harwant Singh Arri

Title : Data dissemination Issue and protocol in WSN a survey

Authors : Savita Saini1  Arvind Kumar2

Title : Generation Of A Scenic Image By Tacking Multiple Images

Authors : G R Suma 1,  Dr. V.Venkatesh2

Title : Enhancing Security In Palm Print Recognition Systems Using Encryption Algorithms

Authors : Shikha Wadhwa, Monika Malhotra

Title : Vibration Analysis of Smart Beam

Authors : J. R. Chaudhari1, Dr. C. R. Patil2

Title : Water Quality Prediction Using Data Mining techniques: A Survey

Authors : Shoba G, Dr. Shobha G.

Title : Design of 2.5 GHz Phase locked loop using 32nm CMOS technology.

Authors : Miss.A.V.Manwatkar1, Assistant Prof.V.B.Padole2

Title : Analysis and comparison of various edge detection technique

Authors : Ashish Chaudhary, Mr. Sahil Raheja, Mayank Pandey

Title : Assessment of the Effects of Surface And Subsurface Moisture On ADO-AFAO Road Pavement Failure In Ekiti-State, Nigeria.

Authors : Abe, O.E. and Olulope, O.R

Title : Friction Stir Welding – Process Parameters and its Variables: A Review

Authors : G.C.Jadhav1, R.S.Dalu2

Title : Comparative Evaluation of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Routing Approach

Authors : Singh Shalini , Rajpoot Jyoti

Title : Effective Resource Management Based on Flexible Workload Technique in Cloud

Author : V.RakeshDevi M.E.,

Title : E-Learning Training of Teachers

Authors : V. Krishnamurthy1, Nilima Bargal2, Kirti Bhakkad3

Title : Analysis of Three Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Fed Induction Motor Drive

Authors : Sadhana pandey, Sulochana Wadhwani, Praveen Bansal

Title : Tamper Detection in Database using Forensic Analysis

Authors : Suraj Dhanawe1,*, D.B Hanchate2

Title : A Combine Approach Of Compression And Encryption For Image Transmission

Authors : Suchitra Dubey

Title : DNA Samples Processing Using Dry Block Heating System

Authors : Pratima Bhalerao, Sharad Jogdand

Title : Importance of String Matching in Real World Problems

Authors : Kapil Soni, Rohit Vyas, Amit Sinhal

Title : A survey on Filtering Annoying Posts From OSN User Walls

Authors : Ms. Sonali M. Khairnar1, Prof. Sanchika Bajpai2, Shital Salve3 , Vijayshri Ingale4

Title : Enhancement of lifetime using different Protocols in wireless sensor network

Authors : Amandeep Kaur1, Jatinder Singh2

Title : Layer Based Secure Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Deepitha1, Manjunath C.R2

Title : Comparative Analysis of Various Fingerprint Image Enhancement Algorithms

Authors : Navjot Kaur1 ,  Gagandeep Singh2 , Sahil Vashist3

Title : Implementation of Neural Network based Hand Gesture Recognition System

Authors : Neha V. Tavari1, Prof. A. V. Deorankar2

Title : Proposed Algorithm for HCRUsing K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Authors : Meha Mathur1, Anil Saroliya2 Varun Sharma3

Title : Advance Encryption Standard implementation

Authors : Sher jung , Shikha Kumari, Gagan Thakral

Title : Intelligent Course Timetable Scheduling Using Memetics

Authors : Pooja Ghadiali1, Prachi Mehta1,Sachin Nagda1, Dharit Shah1, Prof. Purva Raut2, Prof. Anuja Nagare2


Authors : Baiju A S

Title : Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for Cbr Applications Over Udp Connections

Authors : Parul Gupta1 and Yogesh Chaba2

Title : Analysis of Performance for Data Center under for Private Cloud through Cloud Computing

Authors : Ankush Dhiman, Mauli Joshi

Title : Design and fabrication of low cost intelligent wheelchair

Authors : Pradeep Kumar Rattewal, Parteek Kumar

Title : Distributed Segment Tree Using MapReduce

Authors : Seyed Vahid Sanei Mehri1, Ehsan Akhtarkavan2, Saeed Erfanian3

Title : A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Clustering

Authors : Mamta Mor1, Poonam Gupta2, Priyanka Sharma3

Title : Enhancement of Blur Detection for Digital Images using Circular Averaging Filter

Authors :  Landge Rupali Yashwant1, Rakesh Sharma2

Title : Role of Fault Current Limiter in Power System Network

Authors : Poornima G P.1, Yashaswini T2 Kavitha K.M, .T.R.Narasimhegowd3

Title : An Effective Algorithm For Image Compression Using SCWP

Authors : Mrs. Malashree G, Mrs.Rehna V J

Title : Study of Perfect Difference Network: Review

Authors : Ms. Jyotsana Nandagaoli, Dr.Jagdish W.Bakal

Title : Image compression using Thresholding Techniques

Authors : Meenakshi Sharma, Priyanka Mangla

Title : Consortium based Biosurfactant development for degradation and emulsification of oils and Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Authors : Jyotsna Kiran Peter1*, Abhishek Kumar Rao1 and Ritu Kumari1

Title : Design and simulation of dual stacked microstrip patch antenna used in wireless communication

Authors : Ayushi Aggarwal1,Sarika Khurana1, Wazir2


Authors : Pavithrra.S* ,Regina.B#

Title : Islanding Detection Analysis in Wind Turbine Units Based On Voltage, Frequency and Negative Sequence Components

Author : Shwetha C 1, kavitha K. M 2, Satyanarayan rao R.D3

Title : Implementation of Unsupervised Clustering Using Geometric Approach

Authors : Ms. Ayushi Laud1 and Prof. Ritesh Shah2

Title : Near Field Communication for Transferring Files between Pair of Supported Devices

Authors : Mr. Pritesh Upadhyaya1, Ms. Foram Gandhi2

Title : Novel Technique to Detect and Isolate Black hole Attack in MANET

Authors : Barleen Shinh

Title : Rushing attack prevention algorithm for manet using random route selection to make DSR and AODV more efficient

Authors : 1Aakanksha Jain, 2Dr. Samidha Dwivedi Sharma

Title : Determining K-most demanding products using data mining technique

Authors : Sonal K. Bang1, Prof. P. N. Kalavadekar2

Title : Issues and Challenges in Simulation and Modeling

Authors : Miss.M.V.Mawale1, Dr. Vinay Chavan2

Title : Spiht Algorithm Based Color Image Compression

Authors : Mrs. Pimpalshende A.N.

Title : Development of Image Processing Algorithm for Array processor

Authors : Sangeeta C. Vetal 1, Prof. A.S. Shirsat 2.

Title : A Review on Multiband OFDM Based UWB System

Authors : Jaspreet kaur1 P.S. Sharma2

Title : Analysis of Load Flow Study Using Pso And Compensate The System Using Facts Device

Authors : Sushil Kumar1 Seraj Ahmad2 Aziz Ahmad3

Title : To Enhance the Biometric Image using Binarization

Authors : Harpreet Kaur1, Aashima Bansal2

Title : A Smart Energy Efficient Scheme for Dynamic Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network using Neural Networks

Authors : Sandeep Dhillon, Amandeep Singh

Title : Analysis on Emotional Intelligence Among Telecom Employees

Authors : *Dr. Vikas Sharma, Rakesh Chib

Title : Design and implementation of High performance Bus Architecture using FPGA

Authors : Muhammed Asharaf.T.P1, Manu Ramesh2, Sankarnarayana Bhat.M3

Title : Soft Computing Techniques ABC, IABC and SFL Optimization Algorithms for 15 Unit Thermal Generating Systems

Authors : Mr. Ram Kumar Denjare¹, Mr. Amit goswami²

Title : Performance Analysis of Mesh, Torus and Folded Torus under Broadcasting, using Distance Vector Algorithm

Authors : Pradeep Kumar Keshwani1, Ravi Sankar Shukla2, Apurva Agarwal3

Title : Constraint Satisfaction Algorithm to Improve Energy Loss & Ber for Indoor Mobile Network

Authors : Monika Rani, Mrs. Tulika Das

Title : Wavelet-Based Image Compression and its Application

Authors : Prerna Maheshwari, Pooja Chaturvedi

Title : Tracking Algorithm for Augmented Reality System

Authors : Mayank Pandey ,Dr. Manoj Wadhwa, Ms. Prabha Nair

Title : Critical Analysis of Various Parallel Scheduling Algorithms

Author : Shreya Sharma

Title : A Pattern Recognition System To Improve Quality Assurance For Manufacturing Industries Using Image Processing

Authors : Madhu Thapa

Title : A Review paper on compressive modulation in digital communication using OFDM

Authors : Lokendra Singh1, Anuj Sharma2

Title : Android Based Patient Critical Health Monitoring and Notification System

Authors : Yashashwini Mathad1 ,Sandeep Karnam2

Title : PID-Controllers Tuning Optimization with PSO Algorithm for Nonlinear Gantry Crane System

Authors : Diep D.V.1, Khoa V.V2

Title : Gauss Legendre Quadrature Formulas for Polygons Using an All Quadrilateral Finite Element Mesh of Triangular Surfaces

Authors : H. T. Rathoda,*, K.V.Vijayakumarb1, A. S. Hariprasadb2

Title : Fuzzy Based Efficient Routing Protocol For Route Recovery In MANET

Authors : Ritu Dahiya1, Ajay Dureja2

Title : Performance Analysis of RSA Algorithm Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Diffie Hellman And OAEP

Authors : Neha Garg, Partibha Yadav

Title : Remote Client Administration

Authors : Vinay R1, Sandeep Karanam2

Title : Hosting Files Using Android Web Server

Authors : K.Siva Kumar 1, M.Srikanth 2, T.Anusha 3

Title : Reducing Routing Overhead In MANET Using NCPR

Authors : Mattapati RenukaDevi1, Stevenraj.N2

Title : Trust Decision Making Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Veena A1, Kavyashree S C2  

Title : A Reduced Switch Count Dual Output Single Phase Inverter

Authors : Parikshit Bajpai, Amita mahor, Rahul Arora,

Title : Reduction Of Ground Current In A Transformerless Photo Voltic Inverter Connected To Grid

Authors : Arvind Jain, Amita Mahor, Rahul Arora,

Title : Application of Data Mining Techniques on Software Engineering Data for Software Quality

Authors : Pooja Arora

Title : Avoid personal data presumption attacks on social networks

Authors : T. Swetha, V. Balaji, P.Nirupama

Title : Fault Removal Effectiveness On Software Requirements Specification Using Non-Preemptive Relocation Technique

Authors : R.Saranya

Title : Black Hole Attack Prevention Techniques in MANET: A Review

Authors : Deepak Mishra, Mr. Srinivas Arukonda

Title : Web Usage Behavior and Navigational Structure mining

Authors : 1Mr.Sujeet Kumar Tiwari, 2Mrs. Neelu Tiwari

Title : Review on Software Testing Metrics

Authors : 1Ms. Neha Thapar , 2Mr. Anil K Mishra

Title : Effect of Voltage on Metallic Particle Movement in 3φ Pahse Gas Insulated Busduct Using Analytical Method, Fem & Csm

Authors : A. Giriprasad1, J.Amarnath2, PoonamUpadhyay3,

Title : Research Work on Network Intrusion Detection Using Artificial Immune System

Authors : Vijeta1, Mr. Vivek Sharma2

Title : Effectiveness of Power flow by Shunt Compensation on Power Transmission

Authors : Mr.Arvind A.Agane1, Prof. Sunil K. Patil2

Title : Image Segmentation Using Modified K- Means Algorithm and JSEG Method

Authors : Amritpal Kaura Dr.Yogeshwar Randhawab

Title : Brief overview of VANET routing protocols and their security attacks

Authors : S.I.S.Jaffarvalli, D.Ganesh’

Title : Data Hiding using difference between adjacent pixels and bit plane swapping

Authors : Shalini Singh,  Satakshi Sharma

Title : A Dual Sink Based Bubbling Mechanism for Clusters

Authors : Indu1, Sunita Bhardwaj2

Title : Energy Adaptive Approach for Node Inclusion and Exclusion in Dynamic Clustered WSN

Authors : Ranjita joon, Dr. MD Yusuf Mulge

Title : Human Gait Identification using Depth Gradient Histogram Energy Image

Authors : Sonal N. Kharecha1, C. Nandini2

Title : Mobile Tourism Application BasedOn Situation Awareness

Authors : Ms. Komal M. Dhule #1, Prof. R. V. Shahabade #2

Title : Adaptive Energy Optimized Minimum Hop Routing In Sensor Network

Authors : Neha gupta, Dr. Md. Yusuf Mulge

Title : An Improved Approach of Digital Watermarking in Frequency Domain

Authors : Kirti1, Vikram Nandal2

Title : Route Trace Reduction Based Leader Election Approach to Improve Communication in Mobile WSN

Authors : Seema Balhara1, Kavita Khanna2

Title : Distinctive Multipath Based Data Chunk Sequencing Scheme

Authors : Jyoti Chhikara1, Sunita Dixit2

Title : A Review of Reliable Multipath Routing Techniques

Authors : Arjun Solanki,  Ms. Pooja Jain

Title : Study of Web log Mining

Authors : 1Mr.Sujeet Kumar Tiwari  2Mrs. Neelu Tiwari





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