Title : Face Recognition and Emotion Classification

Authors : Ruby Kamboj 1 Sarita Choudhary2

Title : OTP Generation For Atm Theft Protection

Authors : D.Priya#1,R.Suganya#2, Dr.R.Nedunchelian#3

Title : 6LoWPAN Routing Issues

Authors : Vishalakshi R, Chaithra P, Srikanth N S

Title : Comprehensive Review of Space Wave Optical Link

Authors :  Amolpreet Kaur1, Gagangeet Singh Aujla2, Sahil Vashist3

Title : Music Recommendation System Using Association Rule Mining And Clustering Technique To Address Coldstart Problem

Authors : V.Manvitha1, M.Sunitha Reddy2

Title : Survey on Recent trends in Computational & Experimental Technique to Evaluate Performance of Air Flow in Defrost/Demist System for Automobile

Authors : Saiprasad N. Patil, Prof. P. D. Sonawane

Title : Novel Use of Single Phase Electromechanical Energy Meter for Standardized Testing of Digital Energy Meters

Authors : Mr.S.B.Parmar1, Mr.B.S.Shah2, Mr.J.N.Rathod3, Dr.A.S.Pandya4

Title : A Review of Cloud Based Schedulers on Cloud Computing Environment

Authors :  Renu Bala1, Gagandeep Singh2,Sahil Vashist3

Title : A Modified K-Medoid Method to Cluster Uncertain Data Based on Probability Distribution Similarity 

Authors : Aliya Edathadathil1, Syed Farook 2, Balachandran KP3

Title : Mobile Application Protection System: A Secured Architecture

Authors : B Meenakumari1 ,Sandeep Karnam2

Title : Requirement Elicitation Of Large Web Projects

Authors : Surabhi Sachdeva Monika Malhotra

Title : A light weight PLGP based method for mitigating vampire attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Farzana T1, Mrs.Aswathy Babu 2

Title : Performance Evaluation Of Fuzzy Based DWT Approach To Enhance CT Image Using Image Fusion

Authors : Sarabdeep singh1 , Shikha khera2

Title : Detection of Crash Transient Failure during Job Scheduling using Replication Technique

Authors : Inderpreet Kaur1, Sarpreet Singh2

Title : Optimal Implementation of Graph Kernel Matching in Matrimonial Database Using Graph Mining Technique

Authors : S. A. Amala Nirmal Doss1  , Dr.S.P.Victor2,

Title : Novel Conversion of Graph Structures in Relational Database Management System Using Graph Mining Technique

Authors : Dr.S.P.Victor1  , S. Sivakumar2

Title : Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based On ARM 7

Authors : Mr. Rajendra B. Mohite1, Prof. Miss Rupali R. Jagtap2

Title : A New Technique Called Annotation Used To Categories The Content Of Web Pages

Authors : U. Madhavi, S. Hrushikesava Raju , P. Nirupama

Title : Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Mathematica

Authors : Adoh, A. C., Ojobor, S. A.

Title : An Efficient Job Scheduling Algorithm using Min-Min and Ant Colony Concept for Grid Computing

Authors : Davinder Kaur1, Sarpreet Singh2

Title : Multiple Quality Parameters for Image Quality assessment

Authors : Esha Meshram, Suyash Agrawal

Title : A combined approach of using DWT-DCT watermarking and AES encryption to improve the security of satellite images

Authors : Naida.H.Nazmudeen1, Jismi.K2

Title : A Review on Dealing Uncertainty, imprecision and Vagueness in Association Rule Mining Using Extended and Generalized Fuzzy

Authors : 1Vivek Badhe, 2Dr. R.S. Thakur, 3Dr. G.S. Thakur

Title : A Survey of various Routing Algorithms based on Shortest Path

Authors : Neha Rathod, Ms. Rupali Bhartiya

Title : Improved Gradients & Global Mean Based Switching Median Filter

Authors : Lovepreet Kaur, Dr. Arun Khosla

Title : Optimizing the Ad-hoc applications in Vehicular Network using Max-Min Ant system

Authors : Sumeet Sekhon1, Dinesh Kumar2

Title : A Reactive Hierarchical Trust Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Reshmi V1, Sajitha M2

Title : Security Assessment Automation Framework: Web Applications

Authors : Gopal R. Choudhari1, Prof Madhav V. Vaidya2

Title : Enhanced Page Rank Algorithm Using Time Factor

Authors : Monica Sehgal, Priya

Title : Energy-Efficient Attribute-Aware Data Aggregation Using Potential-Based Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors : Shini K1, Shijukumar P S2

Title : A Multiple Queue Management Scheme to Optimize the Job Sequencing in Cloud Computing

Authors : Navdeep Singh1, Ghanshyam Verma2,

Title : Comparison of Various Queuing Techniques to Select Best Solution for Eradicating Congestion in Networks

Authors : Sahil Kochher1,Gurnam Singh2


Authors : Anjali Vats, R.K Bhatnagar, Shikha Vats,Antara Sarkar and Ankit  

Title : A Generosity Model to Study Data Center Performance and QoS in IaaS Cloud Computing Systems

Authors : D.S.Selvi, A.Balasubramani, P.Nirupama

Title : Design and Development of Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Rural Application

Authors : Nilesh N Sorte1, S M Shiekh2

Title : Computer Surveillance System

Authors : Ruchi Jain1, Dr Mohd Amjad2

Title : Target Recognition using Improved SIFT Algorithm

Authors : Darshana Vispute1, Sachin Pable2, Devidas Dighe3

Title : A New Color Image Compression Based on Fractal and Discrete Cosine Transform

Authors : K. Sharmila 1, K. Kuppusamy2

Title : Healthcare Measurement Analysis Using Data mining Techniques

Authors : 1 Dr.A.Shaik Abdul Khadir 2 S.Menaka

Title : Human Iris Processing Using Matlab

Authors : Pooja chaturvedi1, Upasana Mehta2

Title : Implementation of Database Synchronization Technique between Client and Server

Authors : Naveen Malhotra1, Anjali Chaudhary2

Title : Controlling Luminare Illumination without Sensors

Authors : Sita Madhuri  Bondila1, B.Maheswara Rao2

Title : Survey: Digital Image Watermarking Technique

Authors : Aditya Bhagat,  Shikha Singh

Title : Content Based Video Retrieval by Genre Recognition Using Tree Pruning Technique

Authors : Amit Fegade1, Vipul Dalal2

Title : Enhanced Authentication by Virtual World

Authors : Pradeep Yadav

Title : Design and Implementation of a Backtracking Wormhole Switch using MARX units for Mesh Topology

Authors : 1Sharon A.,2Mrs.Yogeshwary B.H.

Title : Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for Elevated Dimensional Data By using Fast Cluster

Authors : B.Swarna Kumari, M.Doorvasulu Naidu

Title : Analysis of Reactive Attacks on Mobile Communication Protocol Network

Authors : Praveen Kumar Maurya1, Akhilesh Panday2

Title : BMM Filtering Approach for Image Enhancement of Indian High Security Registration Number Plate

Authors : Reena Gupta1, R. K. Somani2, Manju Mandot3

Title : Universal Data Management through Web Base Configurable System

Authors : 1Vrishali Patil, 2Biradar M. S

Title : HPBDMS: High Performance Big Data Management System on Massive & Complex Data

Authors : Manoj Kumar Singh

Title : Vehicle Theft Intimation Using GSM Modem

Authors : Minakshi Kumari, Prof. Manoj Singh

Title : Dimension and Complexity Study for Alzheimer’s disease Feature Extraction

Authors : Mohamed M. Dessouky1, Mohamed A. Elrashidy1, Taha E. Taha2, and Hatem M. Abdelkader3

Title : How virtualisation helps smart phones in cloud computing: A survey

Authors : Joshi Rakhi#1, Prof. V.B. Maral*2

Title : QArt - new Generation of Visual Appearing QR Code

Authors : Amit Kr Tiwari, Apurv Gupta

Title : Structural properties of NSC and HSC beams bonded by GFRP wraps

Authors : Vivek Singh1, Nandini2, Sanjith J3

Title : Smart Travel Alarm – An Android app on Sencha2.2

Authors : Dr. Abhilasha Mishra#1, Ankit Jain*2, Neha Pamecha*3

Title : An Advanced Approach for Ranking in Query Recommendation

Authors : Rinki Khanna1, Asha Mishra2

Title : Enumeration Sort on OTIS k-Ary n-Cube Architecture

Authors : Abdul Hannan Akhtar1, Keny T. Lucas2

Title : Efficient Load Balancing in Clusters in Hierarchical Structure

Authors : Viney Rana, Sunil Kumar Nandal

Title : A Comparision on Text-Based and Graphical Browser

Authors : Shweta Bhatia1, Sweety Patel2

Title : Protecting Sensitive Information in Relational Databases By Using Null Value Theory

Authors : Prashant Gumgaonkar1, Dr.M.B.Chandak2, Manisha Kamble3

Title : Context Aware Driver’s Behavior Detection System: A Survey

Authors : 1Priyanka B. Shinde, 2Vikram A. Mane

Title : Mining Frequent Patterns from Uncertain Databases

Authors : A.  Chandrakanth1, R. Sateesh Kumar2, Yella Anitha3

Title : Human Action Recognition Using Kinect

Authors : Niranjan Deokule1, Geetanjali Kale2

Title : Complexity & Performance Analysis of Parallel Algorithms of Numerical Quadrature Formulas on Multi Core system Using Open MP

Authors : D.S. Ruhela1 and R.N. Jat2

Title : Sequential clustering algorithms for anonymizing social

Authors : P.MohanaLakshmi, P.Balaji, P.Nirupama

Title : A Review on Evaluation Measures for Data Mining Tasks

Authors : B. Kiranmai1, Dr. A. Damodaram2

Title : PCA Based Classification of Relational and Identical Features of Remote Sensing Images

Authors : Balaji. T1, Sumathi. M2

Title : A Study of Quantum Cryptographic Architectures and It’s An Efficient Implementations

Authors : B.Sujatha1 ,S.Nagaprasad2 , G.Srinivasa Rao3

Title : Reducing Blocking Probability of 3G Mobile Communication System Using Time Multiplexing NOVSF Codes

Authors : Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Mr.  Pradeep Kumar

Title : Role of Data Mining in the Manufacturing and Service Application

Authors : Rajesh Kumar 

Title : A Multichannel Multimode RF Transceiver With DSM

Authors : Rehna A S1, Radha S2, Hazeena Hussain3 

Title : Mobile video streaming and sharing in social network using cloud by the utilization of wireless link capacity

Authors : 1Pradeep M, 2Anil Kumar

Title : Assessment of Sustainability Indicators for Off Grid Energy System

Authors : Rahul Lanjewar1, Subroto Dutt 2 

Title : A New Improved and Secure Version of MD5

Authors : Sumita Tyagi1, Seema Luthra2 


Authors : Prof. Ameenudin Ahmad1, Mukesh Kumar Tanwer2 

Title : A Review on Multiple Single Hop Clustering Based Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Pratistha Sharma1, Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Title : A Survey on Content Based Video Retrieval

Authors : Mr. Amit Fegade1, Prof. Vipul Dalal2 

Title : Wireless Equipment for Localization Using an Unmanned Mini-Helicopter-Based Airborne

Authors : N.Anusha, P. Ramesh Babu, P.Nirupama

Title : WIMAX

Authors : Pratistha Sharma 

Title : Chroma-Key Effect by Optimizing Coarse and Fine Filter

Authors : Pallavi P. Kotgire, Dr. S. K. Shah

Title : A Mobile Approach Applied To Public Safety In Cities

Authors : S.P.Maniraj1, R.Thamizhamuthu2

Title : Three-Port Full-Bridge Converters with Varied Voltage Input for Solar Power Systems

Authors : M.Priya1, K. Babu2

Title : Digital Image Watermarking Technique

Authors : Aditya Bhagat, Shikha Singh

Title : A Novel Approach for Data Hiding by integrating Steganography & Extended Visual Cryptography

Authors : Megha Goel1, Mr. M. Chaudhari2

Title : Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Edge Detection

Authors : Ms. Ghorpade, Dr. Shah S. K P. V

Title : Multilabel Associative Text Classification Using Summarization

Authors : Prof. P.A.Bailke1, Mrs. Sonal Raghvendra Kulkarni2 ,Dr.(Prof.)S.T.Patil3

Title : A Review of Voice over IP Mobile Telephony Using WIFI

Authors : Mr. Vishal  Kasat  Mr. Rakesh Pandit Mr. Sachin Patel

Title : Heuristic based optimization of users request in cloud computing

Authors : Loveneesh Singla1, Sahil Vashist2

Title : An Overview of Image Steganography Techniques

Authors : Amritpal Singh1 , Satinder Jeet Singh2

Title : A Study On Diffie-Hellman Algorithm in Network Security

Authors : Vinothini1, Saranya2, Vasumathi3

Title : A Comparative Study of Classification of Image Fusion Techniques

Authors : Sukhpreet Singh1, Rachna Rajput2

Title : Comparative Study of Automated Testing Tools: Selenium and Quick Test Professional

Authors : S.Rajeevan, B.Sathiyan

Title : Network Security: Cloud Computing

Authors : Jaya Chaudhary 

Title : Triple System Security in Cloud Computing

Authors : Parul Mukhi1, Bhawna Chauhan2

Title : A Comprehensive Comparison between WiMAX and Wi-Fi

Authors : Shally Sharma1, Navdeep Singh Randhawa2

Title : Distribution of cloud resources dynamically by using virtualization

Authors : D.Sireesha, M.Chiranjeevi, P.Nirupama

Title : Defense against Shoulder Surfing Attack for Recognition Based Graphical Password

Authors : Swati Kumari1, Ruhi Kaur Oberoi2

Title : Routing and Sorting on OTIS-Hyper Hexa-Cell

Authors : Abdul Hannan Akhtar1, Keny T. Lucas2

Title : Discover and Verifying Authentication of Nearest Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Authors : N.R.Anitha, E. Murali






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